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Jackalina B
can one eye be bigger then the other one?
not the pupil, but the whole eye itself?

Yes, thats literally what a astigmatism is.

don't need wings to fly
of course

malasia hbhxhyyhhxudjdhhu
yea but normally there would have to be some medical problem attached to it . Like when some people have down syndrome that can happen

It's possible, yup, nothing out of the ordinary.


it is completely normal because basically every part of the body isn't exactly equal

most people do have one eye bigger than the other, or one hand or foot. or well...........lots of things

i think so
your eyes arent perfectly symmetrical.

As much as you would like to believe it, the human body is not 100% symmetrical so one eye bigger than the other is very possible and probably not rare at all.

1.the human body isnt 100% symmetrical.
2. it could be that one eye is shown more becuase of the strenght in the muscle in the eye lid
3. i have that too - since i was born and its nothing (doctor has seen it)
nothing to worry about :)

Hear about the cross eyed teacher ?
She couldn't control her pupils .
Ask the same question to the elephant man you would get a lot of gargling words but the answer would be pwoberwely YES !

yes every part of your body is that way its perfectly normal

☁『TP of SAM』☁
Yeah but usually it's just a matter of your one of you're eye lids being more open than the other due to muscle weakness and strength.

Luv Soccer
My left eye is bigger because i got bitten by a dogon my right eye so its a bitsmaller lol long painful story.

Pooh Bear
Not the actual eyeball, but your eyeball on one side might be more exposed then your other.

Lucy L
Yes, no one's body is perfectly symmetrical (equal on both sides). A slight, but noticeable difference, is normal. If you were to take half of your face and make a mirror image of each side and put the mirrored images together, you get two slightly differently looking people.

If there is a drastic difference in size you've not noticed before, you could have swelling from an eye infection or a drooping eyelid. If this is the case, you might want to see an eye doctor.

everything on ur body that u have 2 of is bigger than the other just not that noticeable look it up on the internet if u dnt believe me

peace.love.happiness :]
i had that same question and i looked it up, i came across this:, you might want to check it out (:


Secret Agent X9


Jonny Dangerously
one of everything on your body is bigger than the other.

yeah the body in itself isnt all as symmetrical as it may look.

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