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Live Laugh Love
can being on the computer cause eye damage?

i think so

I don't know....

Well, my eyes are causing me some minor trauma. Ouch.

no and WTF!!! to turd cutters pic

If you use the computer for extended periods of time, you can get eye strain. If this is habitual, it's possible for it to affect your eyesight.

Blue Rose
yes, just like sitting too close to the tv.........

the animal
only if your on it for dayes


Yeah, if ur on every day, it can cause damege to your eyes

Denis Y
yes, if you stay on the computer really long then yes and every day

I dont think so.... its just too much pressure for the eye plus your straining it.... but being on the computer too long is not good though......


Smiling Coffee
yes it is electrical so it causes eye strain if you stay on too long . so does television, but not as easy as the computer.

hope this helpedd! :)

Yes. It is potentially possible and if you ask, most employers will pay for an eye test to determine if you need vision correction to use a workstation.

Not necessarily eye damage, but more so, it can weaken the eye.
With over excessive use, over time, you're more likely to get reading glasses.

Hope that helps. (:

Yeah, it can.
Well.. i think soo.. that's how my brother ended up with glasses (he's a computer-aholic

Yes it can, my eye doctor told me that it strains your eyes when you are on the computer too long or even watching tv. The best thing to do is minimize computer and tv time, and if you can't do that than take a minute to look somewhere else (such as outside, at an object in the house, etc.) after using the computer for a while.

yes it can its called eye strain

Depends what you mean by damage.. it does make you more short sighted though. It strains your eyes if youre on for too long. If you go on excessivley, yes it can damage your eyes.

Who, me?
yes. it causes eye strain

Maddi rawr
nope it mite hurt after awile cuz the light but if its hurts just take a little break

Dr. Bill
No, using a computer does not cause eye damage, but it can cause eye strain. To read more about the problem and what can be done go to:

Jake Williams
There have never been big studies where it has shown that looking into a screen can cause serious eye damage. Although it can stress your eyes and maybe cause a headache if you look at it long enough. I think that so many people spend hours on end looking into the computer that if it did cause eye dammage, we would all be blind. I mean think about it, sooo many people stare at computer screens all day.
So i would say it cant cause serious damage but maybe stress your eyes out a bit and maybe cause a headache here in there. I probably spend 6+ hours on the comp a day and my eyes are perfectly fine.

No, it can strain the eyes if you don't take breaks. But it won't damage the eyes.

If you are on the computer for an hour, take a 5 min break.

It was the belief of many that it did cause damage but it doesn't.

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