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 soo.. i...?
went to the eye doctor today.. and i don't need glasses rite now.. but i'm disappointed.. i kinda want them..

help me
Additional Details
where can i get ones with ...

 I'd like to have color contacts....?
I have perfect vision, but I'd like to change the color of my eyes. I have a light brown color, but I'd love for them to be a deep blue or a topaz, like Edward Cullen.

Does ...

 Eye color problem PLEASE HELP?!?!?
I have 2 colors in my left eye but I dont know how. I have had it since I was 1 and I am now still left wondering how its there.
Any help???...

 Why do we squint in an effort to see distant objects more clearly? And does it really work?

 Do you have better than 20/20 eyesight?

 Can someone who doesn't need glasses wear contacts?
I want to wear coloured contacts to make the colour of my eyes look more blue than it currently is (blue-green). I don't need glasses and there is nothing wrong with my eyesight. I'm pretty ...

 Do you get a headache if you don't wear your glasses?
I do but only in 1 eye!

What is your eye prescription? Mine is -1.50 & -3.00...

 How can i change my eye color?
For Halloween, i know its not for another four months but i wanna be prepared lol, i want a different eye color. Something like purple or red. My real eye color is brown. Does anyone know how i can ...

 Can I get contacts???
I have two questions here.
first is, how long do you have to wear glasses before you get contacts?
and, my vision is 20/40. is that too good to get contacts? or does your vison have to be ...

 Why do I see these black spots?
Oh, and the doctor told me I have low blood pressure...not sure if this is good or bad?
Additional Details
Whenever I lie down for fifteen minutes or more and then get back up very ...

 Ways to get better eye sight ?
I have pretty bad eye sight now that i have been on the computer a lot and when i go to school i have trouble reading the board sometimes .
But i dont want glasses or to tell my teacher to move ...

 Do you wear glasses or contacts?
And are you near or far sighted? Do you like wearing glasses or contacts better? Why or why not? The reason i'm asking is because my doc told me I need reading glasses.....and just wondering ...

 Why do I get red eye in photos but my friends don't?
I am white and my friends are black and when we take pictures my eyes are the only ones that get red eye. Also I get red eye more than most people in my family. What does this mean about the type ...

 eye trouble..help pleaseee.?
okay, so i need anyone's help..it doesnt matter who. I wear contacts every day, and today i woke up with my eye somewhat crusty [not as bad as pink eye though] and watering like crazy. it was ...

 Is it bad to wear glasses when you don't need them?
I am nearsighted, so I have glasses for the boards at school and stuff. Is it bad to leave them on for reading, because I can read with them on but I don't need them for reading? It's just ...

 I Just dipped my tongue in visine will anything happen?
I dipped my tongue to taste visine. I didn't swallow it , and i'm scares what should i ...

 help with contact lenses?
im getting contacts later this week, and im having trouble decideing on a brand.. i know theres lots out there so i was wondering what people with contacts like

is acuve, acuvue 2 or ...

 I'm like staring at the computer the whole day and my eyes feels very tired and blurry. Eye stress perhaps?
I sit and stare at the computer 6days a week as my job requires me to. My eyes are really tired and my visions do sometimes get blurry. This causes headache at times as well. What is the cause of ...

 Is it very risky to get LASIK at 18 years old?
Hi there,

My mother recently got LASIK and now I am actually considering it myself.

I've always hated glasses and contact lenses and have found that my eye sight has gotten ...

 How can I improve my eyesight?
I'm doing a Uniformed Public Services course at College and I really want to become a firefighter. I've read lots of books on becoming a firefighter and they all say that excellent vision ...

Why won't my contact lenses go in my eyes?
I don't even blink but it never goes in :( So frustrating.

Ask then answer ask then answer.
because they dont : P go ask ur eye doctor DUHHHH!!!

Because G. Bush teamed up with Fiedel Castro and built a giant wind machine off of the coast of Cuba in order for Bush to get revenge on Florida for not voting for him and making him rig the election. However, during the construction, Islamic terrorists sabotaged it, causing it to misfire and drastically altered the wind patterns over New Orleans instead of Florida, creating Hurricane Katrina four years latter. In retaliation to the attack (which happened September 10th 2001) G. Bush had the F.B.I. fly two planes into the world trade center as an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq without having to reveal his true motives and maybe you should try that in front of a mirror, that always helps me. Basically, just don't give up and you'll get it eventually, although it may take an hour or two.

make sure your fingers are dry and the lenses are wet. also make sure the edge isn't touching your finger, only the middle is.


may be the wrong way round try turning it inside out

it could be dry. or your eye could be dry
i have learned to look side ways then put it in then blink til it goes in place.

also your hands may be too dry. rinse them quickly with water =]

Ryan G
they don't like you?

Your not holding your eyes open wide enough.

it really is. ugh it took me SO long to get them in like about a month before i did it by myself. make sure there not inside out. look up and pull ur lower eyelid down and with the other hand place it on ur eye. then once its in there look in the mirror and just slowly move it up to your eye. works really well. it might take you a few trys but you will get it.

aunty ant
put some saline solution on them and then slide them in..keep your eye closed till you fill the lense settle into place..never use water on your lenses because tap water is too harsh on lenses..it hardens them..if you are still having trouble it could be that the shape of your lense is wrong for you..i had that problem and had to have mine remade...

lee F
might be the wrong size

How many times did you encounter this problem? It could happen that the lens or lenses are defective, and therefore will not go in properly. This is especially likely to be the case if previous lenses of the same type got in easily.

If that is the case, please consult the following link about what to do (even if you bought them at another retailer: http://www.smartbuyglasses.com/Guarantee ).

If you encounter the problem more often, it might be related to specifications of the contact lenses (like it's base curve). In that case, you should contact your optometrist as soon as possible, since wearing these contact lenses could cause short or longterm eye damage.

Hope this helps

well, this always happens to me.when a contact is very dry, it has nothing to stick to. Thus, if your contact is wet, it will attach very easy to your eye. i would suggest putting a lot of solution into your contact, so the eye will catch it when you put it in. this should help, if you are properly touching your eye correctly. or maybe you just need more practice with the contacts. good luck...

Ugh, that is frustrating and used to happen to me all the time! It might be dry. Try squiring a little solution into it (as long as it isn't clear care!!) or some saline solution/eyedrops, and then try again. Might help. Good luck!

Make sure they are the right way around and make sure you have really gently massaged the soloution into and around them so they absorb lots of liquid and are nice and clean.

Make sure your lashes dont get in the way and your eyes are open wide enough that they will go in, when on the eyeball just gently slide them around a little in a small circle to make sure they are on, and gently look down then up or vice versa (move eyeball not head) sometimes that helps seat them in.

Also ask your family member/friend who uses contacts and ask them to help you if further problems or obviousley see your optician or whoever prescribed you the contact lenses as they have experts in contact lenses and should have already made sure you are able to use them properly - perhaps you didn't get them from an optician but I think some opticians may help you even if not, perhaps a small free but it cannot hurt to ask (by phone perhaps first).

they might be inside out. the way to test that is to put your contact lens on the crease an inch below your pinky, and fold the crease. if the contact folds like a taco, it is not inside out, if it does not, then it is inside out.

Briana C
Im a bit confused, but if your asking why your contacts won't suction to your eyes, then heres a few tips:
Use two fingers to pry your eye open. Have the contact sitting on the pad of your finger, sitting up like a bowl. Make sure there is saline solution in the dip on the contact that will touch your eye, because it helps it suction better. Then when it is fully in, close your eyes and pat your eyelid to get rid of any air bubbles that may cause the contact to fall back out.

It look me a while to get the hang of it, keep trying.

Good luck, hope I helped. :)

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