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 What's your eye color?

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Why is there more than one type of colour for eyes?

I'm Just Me ♥
woah I don't know I never thought of that. That's a really cool question. you can probably google it though *star*


Mary T
it's cause of your genetics

Why is there more than one type of hair color? Weight? Height?

It's just how things work, I suppose.

why is there more than one type of colour for hair?

its genetics why else?

spike and spikey
different genes and combination of genes make different color eyes - do you not like variety?

foxxy lady
i hope this helps u.

What makes for different eye color?
The genes for eye color determine the amount of melanin, a dark brown pigment, produced in the iris of the eyes. Blue eyes are due to a lack of melanin, while brown eyes indicate melanin-rich irises. Thus, people with darker hair and skin have higher levels of melanin and tend to have brown eyes, while people with lighter hair and skin have lower levels of melanin and usually have lighter colored eyes.

All Caucasian babies seem to have blue eyes at birth. But their true eye color whether hazel, blue or green may not reveal itself till several weeks or months. On the other hand, African-American, Latino or Asian babies who have dark skin usually have dark gray or brown eyes at birth, which become their true brown or black after the first six months or a year.

Newborn babies all have blue eyes because at the time of birth they haven't begun to produce melanin in their irises. A baby's eyes may change to green, brown or other colors as melanin production begins. Also, in blue eyes, the melanin tends to be only in the deeper layers, so more light is reflected and the eyes are a lighter color as a result.

Over a few months' time, the baby's color may change to attain its permanent eye color depending on the genes she has inherited from both parents. The amount of pigment in the eye is determined by a number of genes controlling pigment production. Generally speaking, brown is dominant, meaning that if one parent has brown eyes and the other has blue eyes, the baby will most likely have brown eyes.

here's more info. also.

According to the experts at Scientific American.com, it was once believed that eye color was controlled by a single gene and inherited in a straightforward fashion (remember Mendel from high-school biology?). These days it's not quite that simple. We now believe that eye color is a polygenic trait.
Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin, a dark brown pigment, present in your irises. Blue eyes are due to a lack of melanin, while brown eyes indicate melanin-rich irises. Thus, people with darker hair and skin have higher levels of melanin and tend to have brown eyes, while people with lighter hair and skin have lower levels of melanin and usually have lighter colored eyes. This is also why many babies are born with blue eyes. Their eyes change color later as they begin to produce more melanin.

When an individual has different amounts of melanin in each of their irises, their eyes are different colors. Heterochromia iridium (the scientific name for two different color eyes in the same individual) is relatively rare in humans but common in some animals, such as horses, cats, and certain species of dogs. A variation on the condition is heterochromia iridis, in which an individual has a variety of colors within one iris.

Heterochromia iridium is thought to result from an alteration to one of the genes that controls eye color. This can be an inherited trait, although trauma and certain medications may result in increased or decreased pigmentation in one of the irises. Certain medical syndromes, such as Waardenburg syndrome, may also cause someone to have two different colored eyes.

Some people with this condition wear colored contact lenses so their irises match, while others take pride in their striking appearance

Different colors makes the world more pretty! IDK! I love colored contacts.. I hate my eye color. I have dark brown and I always wanted blue or green eyes, but I can't argue with what God gave me.. I just change it a little! LOL!

Seymour Nuts
same reason for skin color. it's genetics. people vary in appearances. it's just nature.

Because everyone's different and unique. It adds to our mystery :)

Bryan W
It all has to do with genetics.

It's all part of genetics. You should look it up. It's just like different hair colors. And different color skin. It's all genetics my friend.


yup... like everyone was saying its your genetics.. but i would ask the same question:
"Why should there be soooo many different shades of eyes?"
This only causes either bullying or teasing just like the ginger genetic thing.

But we cant stop this weird thing, so we are going to have to just face it...

great question though!! =]

The genetics in the family are altered to a different DNA code, causing the color of eyes.

Genetics.....Look it up


Aaron L
different genes

arent poptarts good!
because theres diff types of genes

Because mother nature thinks it's more fun that way. Seriously, eye color, contrary to popular belief, is not just a matter of strict dominant over recessive. There are many genes involved. This is called "polygenic inheritance," and it is why you can have two blue-eyed parents and a green-eyed child, or a blue- and a brown-eyed parent, and a hazel-eyed child. Cool, ha?

I can only be me
I have no idea. Would you want everybody having the same color eyes? I wouldn't.

Because of different adaptations defined in our genes. Brown eyes have pigment on the front and back of the iris, making them good for vision in harsh light. Blue eyes only have pigment on one layer and therefore admit more light, making them slightly better for seeing in low light conditions. look at the global distribution of brown/blue eyes and you might be able to guess why.

(Green eyes I'm not so sure about but they sure do look nice)

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