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 Toric Contacts or Accueview? I have astigmatism. how about you?
I just got contacts and i have astigmatism in both of my eyes, right now i'm using toric xr (i believe) for a 7 day trial period. however, sometimes they get blurry and i have to adjust, move or ...

 My distance vision is fine, my near (reading) prescription I think is +2.25.?
I am not getting on with varifocals for driving and am going to buy some half-eye readers that I can drive and look over the top. I only want them when I need to see the SatNav writing about 4 feet ...

Who has had Laser Eye Surgery?
I'm looking into it, but i've heard that it only lasts a few years until your vision goes back to how it was before the surgery.
Does it hurt?

a famous singer "lena katina" (famous russian singer who sang in MTV awards and makes alot of good songs) and she said its scarryer then she thought and she wasnt able to look out untill the next day and after that she said its better

I haven't but I know many people that have.

The surgeons put special eye drops in your eye that make you unable to feel any pain so the procedure is painless.

Some of my friends that got lasik done say that they actually ended up with better vision than they ever had with glasses or contacts. However the downside is that when you reach around age 40 you will most likely need reading glasses.

You must have a stable prescription of at least 2years before you do lasik otherwise your vision could get worse again.

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