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 Do you have glasses ? (This is a serious question)?
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What is wrong with my eye?? (PICS INCLUDED!)?
well a few days ago i discovered that part of my eye was pink. as the day went on it seemed that it was kind of hurting a little. then today i noticed that it had gotten red. and it hurts when i blink. it kinda hurts like when you touch a bruise... So what might be the problem??

A few days ago when I first noticed it: http://i26.tinypic.com/16bx6hg.jpg

Today: http://i27.tinypic.com/2zfk808.jpg
Additional Details
It's not pink eye. I know the symptoms to that, and it's not that.

Joe D
Whether you want to believe it or not, it probably is pink eye.

Its either pink eye or you watch or play to many video games O_O

Pink eye or not, you need to get to the optometrist. You'll probably need meds to clear that up.

if it waters at night and u wake up with crusty stuff its pink eye.

if it hurts and stuff im not sure but u could have popped a blood vessel or wateevr in ur eye.

if it hurts like a bruise you said it dsnt look like it in the picture but u culd hav a sty and thats kind of like a bump inside ur eye and that only matches wat u said about it hurts wen u poke it like a bruise.

Jonny with no H
that might be pink eye but i've never really seen one that bad...either way, you should get that checked out

it could be pink eye. but u should go to the eye doctor to check it out b/c idk if it really is pink eye. but you never know

I think that the best option would be to go to the doctor. None of us here are medical professionals. You should check it out with an eye doctor so you can stop guessing, and do something about it before it's too late, and the red part covers your entire eye.

Luna )O(
Looks like pink eye to me. See a doctor.

answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ai0fGIh7WIq798j0xOX1Dcnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090812064129AA83U9q

I had a similar problem last month. I thought it was pink eye, but finally decided that i had become allergic to the pollen of a flower which i had smelled, so i took a stronger version of ALLEGRA for a couple of days and my red itchy swollen and painful eyes became normal once again. So maybe you are just allergic to something, maybe CLARITIN could help too. Wash your eyes with ICE COLD WATER as often as possible and place cucumber slices on closed eyelids too. It could be allergy, but if it doesn't work, then you better see an eye doc. God Bless.... :)

Go Skippy
Coild be pink eye or maybe you are getting a stye. I would see my doc if it does not clear up in another day or two.

probably pink eye

this is why you dont share eye makeup

holy $h!t get that checked out

Emily A
pink eye maybe??

I think your viens in your eye are showing, stressed. Go to a eye doctor for proper dianoses. I can't see from the picture but possibly also, maybe pink eye.

♫ℓιττℓє Mσηร†??♫
You might be allergic to something, write down what you eat and see if it stops or gets worse, if it gets worse see a doctor.

Kevin ツ
pink eye?

i'm not sure but it really has gotten worse

It might be really irritated from allergens or something like that. You might have also popped a blood vessel in your eye. You should go get it checked out if it doesn't go away soon.

subconjunctival hemorrhage probabaly which is just a bleeding blood vessel. usually heals without problems, but it will be sore like a bruise. alot of times it happens when you are sleeping. no worries.

Barb M
I think you may have a corneal abrasion. Sounds worse than it is. Is the eye tearing a lot and kind of achy? Then it probably is. It should heal in a few days but you may want to have a doc look at it in case it could be infected. This can happen when you sleep from the pillow case or even rubbing your eye and getting a lash turned in on it. Used to happen to me all the time.

i dunno

it may be pink eye but ur eye would itch and u wouldnt really b able to open it when u wake up..u should go to the doctor.something could have gotten in your eye.i dont think it can be infected but idk go to teh docter if it doesnt get better in a few days

Joe P
popped blood vessels. could be from lack of sleep, stress or rubbing of the eye socet


you PROBABLY dont have pink eye, but is there a small bump in your eye near where the veins are going?

The best i can give you is what i know, and I had sort of what you're having..it would be more helpful if you said if you had a bump.

If you do, you probably have a pinguecula, it's build up of scar tissue and had some fluid that sticks out of the layer of your eye.

The ways you get it is by not protecting your eyes with good sunglasses when exposing your eyes to sun.

The sun can be very damaging, and what you have is harmless unless it grows.

I'm getting mine removed in a few days actually..but I have them in both eyes, and am into modeling.

Go to your eye doctor, and they will tell you if if your eye is just irritated and cut from contacts, or if you have one.

Surgery is optional, and if you can't afford it, they can give you steroid eyedrops that will help them go away.

But be warned that they have a very high reoccurance, even with surgery.

But just restating

It's basically just like a freckle!

Hope it helps
and that it's not what you have lol.

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