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hi mom
What happened to Eminems eyes?
If you watch any of his recent interviews or his new not afraid music video you can see that his eyes seem alot larger and more piercing, almost like he is trying to keep them really WIDE open. Maybe its just his new brown hair that makes the blue stand out more. Could it be from not taking drugs anymore?

i haven't seen any of his recent interviews. but i remember a while ago seeing him interviewed and i thought his eyes seemed odd. i thought he was on drugs of some kind. maybe he is now on some kind of opiate substitute, these can affect the way your eyes are. kind of staring. like a methadone stare.

Either a bad day (or stressful bad 'time') causing this 'look'.

But more than likely one of two things:

1) Drugs -- He's had problems before, and this is a possibility. Though opiates generally aren't going to cause what you describe. Yes, they can cause a general 'stare' or glazed over look -- but the eyes would be far from 'WIDE' .. So I think you can rule out opiates specifically. Now other types of drugs could contribute -- maybe stimulants of some sort -- (Anything from Methamphetamine, regular Amphetamine salts, etc..)

2) He isn't getting any younger. While he isn't *old* by any means.. he is aging just like everyone who is over the age of 18.. (Yeah we start to age about 18 yrs old.. ) -- So maybe , with his limelight lifestyle and money, etc -- he had a face lift (or maybe just the eyes, or brow done) -- When it looks like a constantly 'surprised' person.. deer caught in headlights.. etc -- This is usually the case. Also this usually happens when the 'patient' insists on a less than recommended *natural* look and go for a fairly abrupt change.

Who knows..

Could it be from not taking drugs -- mmm.. Technically, theoretically, yes. Though I really, really doubt it.

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