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I know this is crazy but I'm 100% asian and was born with blue shappire eyes. It's kinda weird, my whole entire family has brown or black eyes.

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and the other eye is completly blue. My whole family are ...

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What do blind people see?
I know it sounds rude, but when you close your eyes you see black. Do blind people see black? And please don't answer with some smart alike response.

Thanks to whomever answers and takes the question seriously!!
Additional Details
Wow! So many responses already! Thanks you guys!

Just please don't say black or guess it and or say nothing. Some people said nothing, but then what does "nothing" look like? Also, please list sources!!!

If you ask people who are blind ... some of them will tell you they can't say .. cause they've never seen colors...

But ... usually ... their world is completely BLACK .

some of them see black / some a mix of colors like when u stare into light to long

Umm i dont believe anyone is really qualified to answer this... For only blind people can truely tell you what they see and considering the fact that we can all ready and type a response we obviously cant answer with the 100% factual answer.. I suggest go ask a blind person yourself i would suspect that they just see Darkness but what do i know they could see red yellow blue who knows

it depends theres different types of blind mostly they just see pure black

мϊss löѵеly
not very much :

you see things in your imagination dont you, like when you close your eyes you can picture things in your mind, they wouldnt see things as we do cos they wont know what actual objects etc look like but they would have their own pictures and thoughts creating all kinds of images in their mind

infernate wisdom

Not at all... some people who are "Legally blind" can see well enough to function and take care of themselves. Depending on the severity , there would be "shadows", "blurry images", and ultimately no sight at all.It would be good to speak to someone who is blind for their opinion.
Check out some case studies of people who have lost their sight or look in the AMA journals for answers.
I have a gardner who is legally blind and he does a respectable job of keeping up the yard. He see's well enough to cut the grass and trim the hedges.

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thats like asking what an Anosmic (person who has no sense of smell) smells

or asking what does a deaf person hear

the answer to both those questions and yours is NOTHING

I've always wondered this myself. I've come to the conclusion that we probably are not able to describe what they see. The probably see just nothing. Sight does not exist for them. So it wouldn't be black or white or anything at all. Just nothing. That 5th sense does not exist, so how could anything be seen at all?

Thats just what i came up with when i thought about it myself. I might be wrong, but i thought i'd put in my 2 cents.

They perceive familiar objects that they know are in front of them. For example, if they hear a loved one speaking just in front of them, they can see that person's face based on the contours and textures they know it has from touching it previously.

quote: 'Even though I am totally blind I consider myself a visual person.I "see" objects. I can see my hands typing the keyboard now.'

My sister is blind

She was born with a little sight, but has lost all of it now

She said that its not necessarily black to her its just nothing.... she couldn't explain it me.... she said it really isnt a color its just nothing

I know this really doesnt help but its all that i know

sometimes black and white and sometimes a black dot or sometimes nothing

depends, if they were born blind chances are they can see like bats do using sonar. however, if they suddenly went blind then they might have difficulty seeing like natural born blind people. people can see like bats but we have not trained ourselves to do so.


no one could really know because if they dont know colour themselves they couldnt tell you what they see

Depends on the blind person... Many are learning to click to see... while making a clicking sound and practicing over time they actually learn to see objects in their mind by interpereting the reflections in the sound... down to the texture or hole in a fence... some legally blind people can see blurry shapes... some just see nothing and wouldnt know how to describe black. So it really just depends on whether they were born blind, have had training, or if it was devoloped over time or in an accident.

It's actually fascinating. My dad is an eye doctor. He told me some people see black all the time, some feel as if they were staring into something really bright (he said they describe it as sharp since they don't really know what bright would be like), and some just see random colors, red, blue, green. He says it has something to do with the eye color and the other pigments

Depends on how blind they are--

some blind people can see light (like how you can if you close your eyes and look in the general direction of a light)

But if theyre sevirely bilnd, everything is black. all the time.

Truth or Dare
I don't think that they think about "seeing", especially if they have been blind since birth or for a long time. I think that their brain concentrate more into "visualizing" what's around them as they hear sounds or speak to someone else.

Bottomline: Their brain does not know what color is supposed to be like and the other senses get magnified

My father is totally blind and I asked him to comment on this question so you would get an answer strait from someone who has lived their life with no sight. Here's what he has to say:

"I have for the most part been totally blind since birth. This is a question I am frequently asked. The only answer I could give is that a blind person’s world is not sight orientated. Our world consists of the other senses, and that is what we “see” or dream in. I know that may seem confusing to people who are sighted, but it's hard to explain it any other way. We do experience objects and shapes in what I would call somewhat of a sonar. When I visualize things it is using the senses I have, so if I refer to my office, in my mind, I might "see" a portion of a table or counter if I'm standing near it, but at the same time all the surrounding noises are still present. Such as the clicking of key boards, music from headphones, fans, printers, Braille embossers, chairs moving, conversations etc. If you really think about it, when sighted people look anywhere, they see all kinds of stuff at the same time. If you are talking to somebody, you may think you are only looking at them, but, I bet you are looking at much more. That is why movies and TV need to have multiple camera shots and change them frequently. If they didn’t your eyes would drift from the screen. Well, the same thing happens with hearing. The difference is hearing takes a back-seat to seeing for the sighted, but not with people who are blind. A person who had sight and then lost it later in life may be able to give you a better answer then this."

I hope this helps you out. Would you mind if I linked to your question from my blog page? I've left the link to it below so you can check it out sometime. Your question is very relevant to our blog page and I think our users would find it interesting to read. If it's okay with you, simply post a response to me here on this page. I don't want to leave my email address on here.

Thank You =)

you see thing because of light refractions, light bouncing off of things. like if you look at a white sidewalk on a cloudy day you won't squint but on a sunny day the sidewalk will be to bright to fully look at. blind people are not able to take in the light refractions so yes they do see only darkness. unless they imagine things, like with dreams, we are asleep with our eyes closed but we still clearly see pictures. so really, who knows? you would have to ask a blind person.

Alot of blind people actually have some vision but its very poor so they see some colours. People born blind is just darkness but they never used their eyes so theirs noting to compare it with.

Nothing obviously when i close my eyes i dont see black i see nothing at all.

Linda F
Well, how can a blind person describe what they're seeing? And anyway, when you close your eyes, what do you see? I don't exactly see black, because I've been in pitch black darkness, and that's not how I would describe closing my eyes.

well im color blind. and im pretty sure i can answer your question.
all we can see if GRAY AND BLACK! not white and black. Sometimes you can see colors depending on what level is. Like me i can see colors like once per 2 months. But you can look deep in their eye and our pupil is much larger than anyone else. And you can tell if they are color blind or not.

Before I moved to my new school, I had a friend that was born blind. He said that he saw colors as the light changed, and could vaguely make out shapes sometimes. Still, he didn't see much, and the blindness worsened.
My Aunt was in an accident and became blind. She says that all she sees is black. The kind of blackness where you raise your hand in front of your face and you can't see it. She said that she saw nothing at all but ongoing, endless, darkness.

Baby Doll
Not all blind people see black. I am blind in one eye, it used to be two. With that one eye I can only tell if it's dark or light in a room. It's a very dim glow of light. Other than that, can't see out of it. My point is, not all blind people see nothing but darkness. Some can see shadows, etc.

El Hombre de los Libros
It all depends on how blind they are. Some people are considered blind, and they can see vague shapes, lights, colors. Some can see light only and dark. Some can see things very close to their eyes, but nothing far away. But if you are totally blind, there is only black.

Interesting question though. If they have never seen anything, do they have that sense of blackness or not? Hmmmm? good question.

if blind from birth, how would a blind person know what "black" is? or any color for that matter?
if blinded by trauma, depending on the severity what a "blind" person may or may not see varies from one to the next. There is no "pat" answer to your question.

it depends on the extent of their blindness and the cause. some blind people cant faintly see black and whites while others have their area of vision limited to a pin hole

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