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 i want to wear glasses and i dont need them.... what are the side effects and will it matter that i got it ?
from the beauty supply????????
Additional Details
i just want them for a new look i wanted to know if that would hurt my vision at all in the long run but no prescription (DUH)...

 What color contacts should I get?
I want to get colored contacts and im not sure what kind of colors would look natural. I have medium-dark brown eyes and Very dark(a little lighter than black) hair. I was thinking something like ...

 Flashing lights in vision? Help ASAP- I'll lose my friend if i don't tell my mom by 10 PM!!!?
Ok my friend is very concerend about this sudden occurence of me seeing Flashing lights. And she said if i don't tell my mom by 10 she is going to block me and delete my number. But shes my best ...

 I have been prescibed with glasses will i need them for the rest of my life now?
Hi i had my eye test results back and i need glasses. So I think that means i have problems with distance?

I was just wondering will my eyes ever go back to the way they were (without ...

 Is there a such thing as having purple eyes?
Purple eyes on a ...

 is there anything wrong with my eye?
I can't tell, I have golden light brown/hazel but over the past few weeks it's been looking green.
thanks for ...

 What's wrong with my eyes?
This has never happened before so I'm a bit nervous and i want to have a slight idea what's going on before I go to the opthamologist. My eyes feel dry and they are very itchy and red in ...

 I have perfect eyesight but i want to have imperfect eyesight. How?
How to have imperfect eyesight so i can get an excuse to wear glasses and contact lens.

What is the fastest way to make them blurry ASAP?...

help? im getting a lazy eye, i wasnt born with it. its just lately one of my eyes seems to be lazy and isn't looking where it is supposed 2 b looking!
what do i do? anything tht i can do 2 ...

 My brown eyes are turning blue?
I always thought a kind of thin black circle surrounded the brown part of my eye. Now it's gotten bigger and blue. It looks as if my eyes are changing color? I've heard this happens to some ...

 If someone has a 'lazy' eye, which eye should you look at, when talking to them?

 What is this eye color?

This is one of my eyes...

My eyes are of this colour...

It's a strange color :S...

 Ok so im an idiot...?
I went to the walmart vision center to pick up my annual supply of prescription contact lenses & i got to pick out a pair of free eyeglasses. Well, i was talking to the lady who helped me out and ...

 Am I CRAZY! What are those clear falling things I see in my eyes that only I see?
Additional Details
I heard they're called floaters. It is clear circles I see when looking in a bright light or the sky. The ...

 first person to write either yes or no wins best vote which ever one I'm thinking of?
hurry your running out of ...

 is it bad to wear contacts while taking a shower?
my friend told me that you could get an infection, is that true?...

 Eye colour question? ?
Okay well one of my eyes is this colour


and the other eye is completly blue. My whole family are ...

 contacts at a young age?
do contacts at a young age mess up your eyes? im thinking about getting contacts and my mom told me that its better to get them at 16 but i dont wana wait. D:...

 Do I need glasses? Plz answer?
I have been fine up until the past few days. Suddenly when i watched tv for a while my eyes get tired. My vision in the right eye is blurred but the left is perfectly fine, i recently discovered ...

 any hits on how i can up all night?
any hints on how i can stay up all night ? or what i can ...

What color would you say my eyes are?
and these are my real natural eyes, nothing about them is artificial, no colored contacts or anything
Additional Details
the picture has been sharpened in case you wonder why it looks kinda squarey and fake, i sharpened it to contrast the colors better

wow!! your eyes are green, blue, and light brownish......your lucky!!! any eyeshadow would look okay on you

amber c
Hazel with a little extra green!!

Cherry Blossom
My husband has the same issue. His eyes are colored like yours. Depending on what he is wearing, some days his eyes look more gray than green, or vice versa. Sometimes they even look like a jean-blue color. So yea, I guess for military purposes, they call it hazel. I did notice that when he is upset, they seem very, very green. Maybe it's the slight redness around his eyes? Anyways, I don't know, but it's a beautiful blend of colors!

i love my boy
greeny blue.. a bit like mine :)

apart from mine change colour..

more greener in winter, more blue-er in summer and grey when i cry! lol

pure bright blue, but they can go a dull blue when im sad.

Light green

Nicole M

definitely green

Ahmed E
blue&green thats rarey

OMG! that was scary!

Just kidding, I would say green.


Jessica S
whoo.. theyre pretty! i wouldnt say theyre just one color.

they are green with streaks of brown in them. don't worry, it natural. my friends are like that

They are beautiful green and deep blue. Can i ask you to put a anfas picture?


BLuIsh gReENiSH bROwnIsh lol

Hazel. Your kinda lucky, it's like multicoloured eyes. Blue, green, brown.

My daughters eyes look just like yours. I always call hers hazel, but they change from blue to green to brown,,,,it depends on how the light hits them and what's shes wearing. You have very pretty eyes.

blue green

really pretty!

Jacqueline H
Blue, green, and hazel. You have the most rarest eyes I've seen!

Payal S
Pretty eyes! id say they are a blue with a tint of green

lovely irish
greenish blueish they look like me eyes

green blue

green/hazel. pretty, my xbf had eyes like that.

Horia C

☺Little Miss Happy☺
you are so lucky! ur eyes are sooo pretty! :-D

green and blueish kinda like my eyes :)

smolbren b
dominant blue



Pretty eyes.... I'd say greenish blue... probally changes color with what you wear right?

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