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 What frames should I get?
I really want some prescription sunglasses. I was looking into some Oakleys but they can be costly....

 Im getting contacts soon and am 13...can you tell me all about it please?
like what do i do at the exams, doctors wat do they do......

 Progressive lense manufacturers - which are best?
There are several manufacturers of progressive lenses: Essilor (Varilux), Zeiss, Sola, Nikon and others. Which are the best in terms of quality and what are some of the differences between them that ...

 Toric Contacts or Accueview? I have astigmatism. how about you?
I just got contacts and i have astigmatism in both of my eyes, right now i'm using toric xr (i believe) for a 7 day trial period. however, sometimes they get blurry and i have to adjust, move or ...

 My distance vision is fine, my near (reading) prescription I think is +2.25.?
I am not getting on with varifocals for driving and am going to buy some half-eye readers that I can drive and look over the top. I only want them when I need to see the SatNav writing about 4 feet ...

What are eye exams like?
I never had one and I'm getting my first one Friday. Anyone mind giving me some details as to what one is like.
Thankies in advance. ^.^

Well, there is the part where you read the eye chart. (You first hold something over one eye and read the chart with the other and vice versa).

Then there is the part where the eye doctor uses the machinery to look at your eyes, and again will ask you to read the eye chart while looking through the scope.

They might numb your eye and check eye pressure. This no longer uses the puff of air; it's just a painless "touch" (like I said, your eye has been numbed).

They might dilate so they can look in the back of your eye. This is painless, but will affect your vision for a little while and you might need to wear the disposable dark glasses to filter light.

It's the easiest type of dr appt, really : )

well i dont wanna scare you or anything, but i have really bad eyesight and they had to put in some special kinds of drops, and it kinda stung for a while. but its definatly better than getting a normal physical!! i hate shots!!!

Depends on what you get done.
When I go into the eye doctor, they do a glaucoma test. Which is like a puff in your eye and they get really close to your eye and look through the pupil.
Then they'll either put drops in your eyes and do the light thing again, or you might have the machine that just takes pictures of it.

If I were you, I would do the picture thing.
With the eye drops, it'll make your eyes blurry for like 2-3 hours.

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