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 People that wear glasses: Please answer these eye questions?
Could you please answer 3 questions :-) I am very curious after a recent visit to the opticians!

-What is your eye grade? Is one of your eyes worse than the other?

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 i see weird moving lines / dots whenever i look into the sky?
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And if YOU wear glasses what do they look like ?

 Am I an ****** just because I won't let my girlfriend get laser eye surgery, glasses or contacts?
She is as blind as a bat, and I am afraid that she will fly away just as fast as one once she figures out that I look like Quasimodo after a car wreck.
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 What is your eye color?
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Joey Crawford is love
What am I seeing?
When I blink, alot of the time I will se black dots and sometimes I see these like, see-through wormlike things, They look like worms and some are ssquiggly and have light lines in them. What in the world am I seeing?

try going to the eye doctor. he will tell you if its an illusion or if you have worms in your eyes (yes, its possible)

good luck

go to eye doctor///ASAP!!

this requires serious help from ur doctor!

It is where you have had a busted blood vessel in your eye.

those are called floaters, just get something to wash your eyes out... they are particles of dirt on your eye and on the inside of your eyelid

Katie M
you may be witnessing black from a light fixure, and lights with worm like shapes!? You may have ring worms growing inside your body, which may soon take over outside into you face. GO TO A DOCTOR ASAP! do you want worms sticking out of you face FOREVER!??

Everyone sees that if they focus on it. They kind of just float across your view? It's on your eyes.

Shannon G
Those are one of two things:

If they're followed with a head ache, nausea, etc, it's a migraine.

If you have no other symptoms, it's called an ophthalmic migraine.

Best thing to do is go into a dark quiet room and close your eyes, and they will go away.

Be careful, if you don't relax in the right atmosphere, you might pass out.

Matt H
It is totally normal, It has to do with your retinas, and the pressure of the blood in your eyes, nothing to be worried about

The black dots you are seeing are normal, they are called blind spots because that is the area of the optic nerve that has no visual pathway. The "worms" are just called floaters, what it is is the normal thick gelatenous material of the vitreous which is the back section of the eye, you are seeing the substance because it is before the retina so it's in your visual pathway.

spirits and demons.

I agree with HappyMom. They are both types of floaters and are normal. They are inside your eyes (not on your eyes), so you can't do anything about them. They are not actual worms, nor are they your blind spots.

I see that too.
Never new it was such a big thing..

That happens to me to sometimes its weird

i have the same thing!! idk what it is but its scary

have u asked an optcian?

i have no clue but u shoud get yer eyes checked!!

Little pieces of the retina in the back of your eye have come loose and are floating inside your eye. They are called floaters. You better go to the eye doctor, just to have it checked out in case it is serious. If it is, they have medication for it. Every once in awhile, people can get floaters. Most of the time, it is not serious. But if you have a lot of them,.... have it checked out.

you been on the acid

John M
I know that the black dots are known as floaters. They disrupt vision but your brain eventually learns to ignore them.

I don't know about the other problem, however, maybe you should see your optician.

They're called floaters. I have them. Sometimes they come about if you've been in a car accident or hit your head. Sometimes they come for no reason at all. And they come with age. Nothing to worry about, just annoying.
They are coming from the solid fluid in your eye that loosens by one of the things I stated. There's no way to get rid of them and unfortunately, they do stay with you.

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