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What's wrong with my eyes?
This has never happened before so I'm a bit nervous and i want to have a slight idea what's going on before I go to the opthamologist. My eyes feel dry and they are very itchy and red in the corners and I have a sticky discharge coming out of my eyes. What might this be and what should I do about it?

Have you been blow drying your eyes directly with a hot blow drier for the past 30 minutes? This would explain your symptoms

WhItEy BoI
you either should use eye drops or you might have cojunctervitas

You may have a condition called pink eye...
See a doctor , to get eye drops that will correct the problem..
Or,, Just put up with it ....
It will go way with time...

Pink eye. Its very contagious. See a doctor right away for medication

Anna A
eye infection..

You're having an eye infection and you need to go to see the doctor.

How did this occur were you rubbing them or did you hit them off something if your rubbing them just stop do something that will take your mind off it. If it's something that feels serious you should really go see a opthamologist

school freak
buy some moisture

eye infection.
or pink eye.
you should just go see a doctor

Nirav S
most likley just allergys but just incase see and eye specialist and take some cod liver oil and eat carrots, there good for your eyes!

I'm not an optamologist.

DONT WORRY its just pink eye but it can spread so stay away from people but just see a doctor they will give you something

Cosa N0stra
You definately have something going on in there.
And I advice you should see a doctor.
Untill then drink alot of water to eliminate dry eyes.

I have no clue but it sounds serious I'd go see the opt as soon as possible

it seems that you girl picked your nose and touched your ayes ...

pink eye?

sounds like pink eye...see a doctor.

ewwwwwwww this one time i open like my eye lids and a hold my breath and block my nose and then i blew air and then water starting squirting out of my eye and it was fun but i was scared i thought iono ahhaha

Judy B
Could be allergies or a virus.

You will have to see an eye doctor to find out what it is. Treatment depends on what is wrong.

I was about to say that you suffer from severe dry eye condition, however, I have no idea what the heck the sticky discharge means. You better go to your eye doctor.

might be pink eye use some eye drops and contact your doctor and rest your eyes

pink eye would be my guess, not a big deal but go to the eye doc and they'll fix it..

I :heart: Sabres Hockey!

It sounds like a case of pinkeye. If that is the case, they will prescribe you eye drops which will clear things up.

Pinkeye is like an eye infection that is very easy to catch and very common.

I think it is pink eye.

Stephanie S
You could have conjuctitis. I get that a lot. It's where it's like you have the crust in your eyes all the time like when you wake up. Also my eyes would be dry and itchy at the same time i hope this helped you a little. I hope everything will be alright for you good luck and i hope you get better.

Go see the eye doctor and find out.

Pink eye

I am not a doctor and the only person to see would be a qualified person. You don't say what age you are but it sounds like a minor allergy and nothing to worry about. Please get it checked out though and let me know how you got on. Good luck.

Sounds like pink eye to me. Easy cure. If you wake up with your eyes crusted shut....it's pink eye for sure

It sounds like...
Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is an inflammation or infection of the transparent membrane (conjunctiva) that lines your eyelid and part of your eyeball. Inflammation causes small blood vessels in the conjunctiva to become more prominent, which is what causes the pink or red cast to the whites of your eyes.

The cause of pink eye is commonly a bacterial or viral infection, an allergic reaction or — in newborns — an incompletely opened tear duct.

Though the inflammation of pink eye makes it an irritating condition, it rarely affects your sight. If you suspect pink eye, you can take steps to ease your discomfort. But because pink eye can be contagious, early diagnosis and treatment is best to help limit its spread.

it could be two things

1. your body is dehydrated
2. you have pink eye


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