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What's wrong with my eye!? (pics included)?
OK, so yesterday while I was watching TV, my eye started to hurt. Not my actual eye, but my lower eyelid and the area under it. Then it slowly began to swell and get all puffy. Now, almost 24 hours later, it hurts soooo much every time I blink, and my eyelid is so puffy, its almost in my line of vision! I am pretty sure its not a stye, because the stye should have appeared by now. My hurts soooo bad in the brusiy stingy kinda way. Please help!

My puffy eye: http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa212/Froggybear514/DSCN0886-1.jpg
My other eye: http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa212/Froggybear514/DSCN0889-1.jpg
See the difference?

pink eye or sty in eye

It could possibly be an allergy
to something you ate or got incontact
with... like pollen.

Could be inflamation of the tear duct.
Should be looked at by a doctor, as there may be something caught in your tear duct, like debris. The problem is not your eye per se.

You have nice eyes, btw.

Hmm it looks like a sty. If it is then it will eventually go away hope that helps xxx

a sty or hay fever, if its worrying you go to the doctors

its probably cause u were staring at the t.v. too long ur suppose to stare at it for 20 min then look away or u culdve kept scratching ur eye or just go see a doctor hope ur eye feels better

best thing to do is get some eye drops you can get them froom your pharmasist and you have to put them in twice a day for about 4 days, not forgetting too though. If this dosent help i would go see your doctor.

I would go to the doctor it could be an infection

dr zebi (Proud to be Pakistani)
use Rocip eye drops..
or an eye ointment..

Oh Please;
To me is sounds and looks like a Sty, its where bacteria gets into your poor’s need your eye, and makes it puffy and it can hurt really badly! You can get it from touching your eye with out washing your hands.

a good way to treat it is by taking a washcloth and socking it in warm water leave it on your eye for about five min every 2 hours or so.

Good luck!

may b sum insect has stung u....while u were sleepin or something...it wil b over soon

You need to do to the doctor and find out what's wrong. It could be serious.

Uhhhh go to a doctor hun

looks like you have pink eye or a stye. might be an eye infection from your eye make up make sure your washing your face and your eye make up off really good every night!

Bella Babe!
i would say an allergy that happens to me sometimes

It could be a make up allergy. If some of it got into your eye or something and it reacted badly.. I'm pretty sure its just an allergic reaction but if it continues to get worse go get it checked out by the doctor. Maybe a bee stung you and you didn't notice?

It looks like you might be getting a STYE. Go online and research this... I believe it goes away on its own eventually.

You can buy STYE pain medication at Walgreens.

Good luck!

Sarah M
I think you should go to a doctor sweetheart :)

Omg! Why you staring at me! omg omg omg omg. I gotta hide.

Looks like an allergy. What things in your household could you have that might make you feel this way?

Same thing happened to me and I went to the hospital. In my case it was caused by an abcessed tooth.

Make an appointment with your dentist,

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