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 what causes your eye to twitch?
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 Is There Such A Thing As Rainbow Contacts?
I want to know if they exist and where I can get some if they do exist(with a prescription). And if you find any websites direct link please!

P.S. Don't say it's stupid or weird, ...

 What do contacts feel like when they're in your eyes?
are you aware of them or can you not feel them at all? And does it feel weird once you put it in the first time? Are you supposed to get used to it before it feels comfortable? thanks....

 Why won't my contact lenses go in my eyes?
I don't even blink but it never goes in :( So frustrating....

 My eye has been itchy and hurting me all day, could it be pink eye?
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 I smoke weed and my eyes turn blue? I keep using visine....but it wont stop? Any help or advice would be great?

 Can you wear monthly disposable contacts for over a month (say two months)?
IS it bad for your eye if I do? Or can I really wear them for as long as they'll last?
Additional Details
will eventually if I wear monthly disposable contacts for like two months, ...

 How bad does your eyesight have to be to get contacts?
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 What can i eat to improve my eyesight?
I have a maths test tomorrow and i sit at the back of the class and i see the work on the board but i can make out what its saying its like everything is blurred/faded

i really need to knw ...

 Which color contacts? Freshlook Contacts question!?
ok i want to get some colored contacts for fun
the freshlook colorblends or just the freshlook color ones. i was thinking of the violet or grey. but i have dark brown eyes so i dont know if it�...

 Does this girl have a lazy eye?

Is that a lazy eye?...

 My 12 year old son would like a pair colored halloween contacts are they safe?
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 SHould I wear my glasses all the time?
Hi guys, I have 200/20 vision and I got new glasses in taiwan. THe doctor said that you shouldn't wear glasses all the time since they create bad habits, and I created it over the 2 years when ...

 soo.. i...?
went to the eye doctor today.. and i don't need glasses rite now.. but i'm disappointed.. i kinda want them..

help me
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where can i get ones with ...

 I'd like to have color contacts....?
I have perfect vision, but I'd like to change the color of my eyes. I have a light brown color, but I'd love for them to be a deep blue or a topaz, like Edward Cullen.

Does ...

 Eye color problem PLEASE HELP?!?!?
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 Why do we squint in an effort to see distant objects more clearly? And does it really work?

 Do you have better than 20/20 eyesight?

Starting to wear contacts?
I might be getting contacts soon and I had a few questions. Could contacts hurt my eyes if I start to wear them at a young age? Are there any contacts you could sleep with while they are on? Can you go from wearing contacts in the morning to glasses at night?

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Yes, contacts sometimes break in your eye and blind you.

Terra C
my pet poop in my purse says yes about the last one u asked because u cant c well wit contacts in the dark

Professional Peon
Contacts are awesome. I started wearing them when I was about 11. They won't hurt your eyes. You can sleep with some contacts in but I don't recommend it because your eyes will get dry. Getting used to touching your eye to put them in is usually the hardest part. Also, make sure you get a container the twists to close, some of them you press down to close, but they stink cause you can pop your lens out and on to the floor.

Good luck!!

Contacts if ordered to the right specifications (i.e. the shape of your cornea) will not hurt your eyes in any way, providing that you care for them properly, such as cleaning them often and not wearing them for any longer than they doctor tells you is okay. That way build up doesn't set in on the lenses, which could lead to an eye infection like conjunctivitis.

There are brands of contacts which doctors say are safe to wear while sleeping, but I never trusted any to do that. I always took mine out for bed.

As for switching between your contacts and your glasses, that is fine to do as long as the prescriptions are the same. It's actually good for your eyes if you switch periodically, to let air get to your cornea.

nope, i doubt it.
yeah there is ask your doctor!
I'm sure you can

Megan Monti
i have been wearing contacts since i was 10 years old and it will not hurt your eyes if u put them in the right way. at first u may feel some discompfert and if it doesnt go away that means u have put them in incorrectly. yes, there are contacts u can sleep with and i do not have those but i fall asleep sometimes and i have regualar contacts and in the morning i just putt a little contact soulution in my eyes and i am all set. and yes that is what most contact wearers do they wear ther contacts during the day and when they take them out they put on glasses so that they dont run into walls when going into ur bed (happened to me before=]) hoped i helped hun

Well, I started wearing contacts when I was in the 7th grade, I'm now going on my senior year. And they don't seem to have hurt my eyes any. It might be something you should ask you Eye Doctor about though, considering I'm no professional.

As for sleeping with any contacts in; I wouldn't try it. I've done it before and it irritates your eye horribly because the contact will get extremely dry.

And lastly: Yes, you can definitely alternate between Glasses and Contacts as much as you want.

A word of advice though: Carry Eye-Drops with you. If your contacts get really dry, they can really irritate your eye.

I just made the switch a couple days ago. I doubt they could hurt your eyes.

I was given Acuvue Oasys, I believe. There are many different brands and options, some are overnight. Ask your eye doctor.

Lastly, yes, it is no problem what-so-ever going from glasses->contacts->glasses.

Best of luck.

I started wearing contacts when I was 12, and didn't notice any adverse effects. Since you are young and will probably wear contacts for many years, make sure you try many different brands to make sure you are getting the right lenses for you.

There are brands that are designed to be slept in, but I do not recommend these! They are incredibly expensive (My husband wore these for years) and tended to hurt his eyes over time. I advise giving your eyes a rest at night. I also find that taking my lenses out puts me in "sleep mode," and helps me relax when I get into bed.

You can put on your glasses if you do not feel like putting your lenses in. I find I get a mild headache if I switch from one to the other, since my lenses correct my vision better than my glasses. If I put on my glasses after sleeping I don't notice this.

The biggest challenge you may face is just getting them in! Make sure you hands are clean whenever you do this. Your doctor will usually advise "warming up" to contacts by wearing them for a few hours the first day, more the second day, and so on until you are comfortable wearing them for the entire day.

It is also wise to always have a small bottle of saline/multi-purpose solution and a case handy, in case you get something in your eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes, too, since this can scratch your lens or your eye.

You may tear a few pairs at first, but no worries. They are delicate, but the two-week disposables are replaceable. Never put a torn lens in your eye, and if you put a lens in and it hurts horribly, get it out! Inspect the lens. If it looks okay, clean it and put it back in.

Hope this helps!

Prad Kond
You should only wear contacts up to 10 hours so your eyes will have time to get oxygen. You will definitely need a pair of glasses when getting contacts. There are no contacts to wear for sleep, and if you do so it can be very dangerous, almost blinding you. If you are young your eyes will react the same as if you were older but the contacts brand just depends on how your eyes react. Contacts can take awhile to put on in the starting-like an hour, but by the third week you should get it under 10 minutes.

No it won't hurt your eyes if you wear them at a young age, you will have to get used to them though. Yes there are contacts that you can sleep with them in but i don't know what they are called. And yes you can go from wearing contacts in the morning to glasses at night, my friend does that all of the time.

Abigail B
it is better than glasses

your eyes will prolly get worse anyway, they wont effect that. and i fall asleep with mine in sometimes but when u wake up its just a little uncomfortable so dont worry bout that and yea i were contacts during the day and glasses at night. sometime i will go to bed with them in but most every time i do i realize there in within a few mins and take them out.

1. I got my contacts around the fourth grade and I don't recall them hurting. 2. I doubt it, but I have daily use contacts (one pair per day). The doctor warned me not to leave them in at night, though. 3. Yes, you can take your contacts out any time during the day and wear glasses for the rest of it (it's recommended if you wear contacts for a long period of time).

no contacts are perfectly safe, as long as you do everything you are suppose to! an yes there are some you can sleep with at night, but there more expensive, an you can always switch back an fourth threw out the day from contacts to glasses it is actually better, to give your eyes a rest!

I started wearing contacts when i was 12. I dont think age has anything really to do with it. Really its responsiblitly. You can sleep in all contacts, however.. some are meant to be slept in and some are not. Eventually, if you sleep in contacts NOT meant to be slept in, they will irritate your eyes and could even get stis. Which is pretty much a blister in your eye. You can transition from contacts to glasses whenever neccessary. It doesn't matter night or day.

Hope this helps.

Green Eyed Girl
Hi there,
I started wearing contacts in 8th grade, after getting glasses in 6th grade. Back then (ok I feel old) they did not have the kind of variations of contacts as they do now. There are plenty of options for you - One Day contacts that you throw away after wearing each day or Weekly Wear. Weekly wear would require you to take them out and clean them each night to help prevent protein build up (a problem that I have that lead me to switch to the One Day Acuvues from the Weekly wear type). The daily wear contacts are very convenient - no cleaning, no solutions, just put them in and go. However, they might cost more. I have always questioned this seeing that some longer wearing contacts cost more to replace if lost. If you lose a daily one it is, what, 75 cents? LOL. So I take the chance to avoid having to pay for and deal with cleaning, disinfecting and all that.

In the early stages of wearing contacts your doctor may not want to try you on these daily types of contacts. But that is something you would want to discuss with them. And yes, you can always have a pair of glasses to wear when you are not wearing contacts - something I highly recommend because your eyes may get dry, tired, or if you get a cold sometimes wearing contacts is NOT fun.

Hope this helps....

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