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Anon. :)
Sleeping with contacts on?
What happens if u accidentally go to sleep (overnight.. meaning sleep for like 8 hrs+) with ur contact lenses still in?

I've never done this.. but im just curious :O

(i usually take my contacts out as soon as i get home)

There are some 'scary' rumours that i've heard and im just wondering if they're true...

so wat does happen?

Not much, it just gets a little dryer... if you sleep one time with your contacts in its not much of a problem...

Well i don't really know for sure but some of my friends have contacts and they have slept with them in. All they say is that when they wake up in the morning there eyes are really sore. Hope this helps!!!!

sexybabi sash
no you not suppose to sleep with your contacts own cause it can end up damaging your eye and you can end up blind

DDR Addict
There's a story that your eyeball grows over the contact and you have to get a painful surgery to get it out. I fell asleep in a school bus at around 10 PM and woke up at 11 PM and lost a contact lense (it was a bi-weekly contact lense). I'm guessing that it drys out the lense and causes it to fall out.

Your eyes dry out and it takes a little more pulling to get the contacts off. Usually your eyes will be red for the day because they are so dried out, but other then that there are usually no dangerous side effects unless you make it a habit. You also should throw them away after you've done this to prevent infection and eye irritation. ---Although most people do not---. Other then that, your fine.

From personal experience a couple of things could happen.

-You could wake up perfectly fine, and feel like you had your contacts on regularly.

-Your contacts could get stuck under your eyelid(NOT IN BACK OF YOUR EYES). It's impossible for them to go in back of your eyes. Just think about it, do can you ever roll your eyes into your head, especially while sleeping.... It happened to me while i was awake too. Once i was looking up and blinked a few time sand my contacts werent visible in my eye anymore. They were actually fully under my eye lid. Don't be scared! Just pull up your eye lid and pull it out(it'll still be on your eyeball.

-The contacts can get really dry stuck to your eye and not move while your eye moves. Like a little piece can be stuck under your eye lid but you still can see a little through the contacts, but not a whole lot. Note: this happens after a few blinks.

-A lot of eye boogers can get on the contacts, which is disgusting. And rubbing your eyes to take them out is a definite no-no.

Richard L
When your contacts are still in when you sleep, you are taking the risk of them getting stuck in the bottom of your eye. If you're using night contacts, that's obviously not a problem. If you've heard of REM, which is rapid eye movement, where when you dream, your eyes rapidly turn, twist, and roll in your head. I strongly recommend you don't sleep with your contacts in. You could put an alert in your phone that rings whenever it's about time for you to go to sleep, and you'll take your contacts out then!

Good day, and good luck!

My friend had forgotten to take off her lense then next day she came to work and her eyes turned out red.

You're at a greater risk for an infection.

Hitman Kim
firstly, your eyes will become much drier and you could be at a risk of getting an infection, your contacts might come out.

I heard that eye needs oxygen at sleep, and when you keep your contacts on, it will prevent it from breathing well, which could cause blindness on the long term ...

they will dry out
There are contacts that you can order that you can actually sleep in
its the kind that i have
they're a tad more expensive but its worth it
less time in the bathroom pokin out your eyes

What happens is that when you sleep you have REM(Rapid Eye Movement) and so your eyes will move when your sleeping and therefor when you wake up, you might feel that your contacts might be in the wrong place.

jb fan! <3
if u fall asleep with them on, they could roll all the way behind your eyes. since your eyes are constantly moving around (even when you sleep) they unconsciously roll back. it's VERY difficult to get them out so don't try it. They could also dry up pretty badly and irritate your eye. =S

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