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 Can you take this eye dominance test for me?
I'm doing a science fair project on ocular eye dominance, testing if being right-handed means you have a dominant right eye, or vice versa. Although I already know the answer, I need more ...

 i have an eye lash stuck in my eye... how can i get it out?

 My Pupil Keeps Getting Bigger And Smaller!!! help!!?
i noticed just before that one of my pupils was noticeably bigger than the other :O! then as i kept looking i realised the pupil keeps getting bigger, then smaller again! this is the pupil in my left ...

 Contact lenses: If I wear them for too long will they damage my eyes?
Your Question
Contact lenses: If I wear mine for too long will they damage my eyes?
I wear hard lenses and fell asleep with my lens in the other day, and had to keep it in when I got up in ...

 Do you need a prescription to get colored contacts?
Question explains itself..

Can you get colored contacts without a prescription?...

 operation tommorow....................??????
it is currently 2:06am i have not long turned 16 ......if you are wondering why i am up so late it is because i am watching wrestling anyway i have an op this morning i am not sure what time i think ...

 how old do you have to be to buy contact lenses?

 How is it possible to have purple eyes?
And why is it so uncommon? It's really weird
Additional Details
No, like born with real purple eyes, not ...

 Is my Glasses to Small?
Ok, i have these Transition glasses and they are rimless , and when i take them off they leave weird marks on the side of my head like, a inward feeling?


 What's normal for a first-time contact lens wearer?
I got fitted for my first-ever contact lenses today and I'm very excited. I know they're going to take time to get used to, but what types of problems/discomfort are normal the first time ...

 what color are your eyes, and do you need glasses or other corrective measures?
Dustin needs to know for his science project....

 anti glare glasses are not doing their job and what is anti glare how does it work?
i still see all the reflection and shine except its green ..but just as strong it didn't subside at all.. whats wrong..? was changing the lenses to regular ones a good decision . can the anti ...

 Hi guys, tell me how to improve eye vision?

 how do u throw out ur old glasses? what happens to them when u do?

 Do I need both contacts and glasses?
Do I need both contacts and glasses or just one or the other? What do you think and what do you have?...

 I have pink eye and I'm scared!!! Please help me!?
Okay, i'm 13 and i have pink eye, so does my little 4 year old brother, what can i do to make it stop, or from getting worse?
Since this is my first time, I'm sort of scared!!

 question what color is a brown eye if its light brown?
with medium brown next to the pupil and green speckles..just was wondering if anyone knows.....

 What do blind people "see"?
i kno it sounds like a stupid question... but ive always wondered.... what do blind people see? people say that they see nothing (black), but if theyre blind, do they actually see the black (i mean ...

 what color are my eyes?

 What's wrong with my vision?
I just noticed that but my vision isn't as sharp as it used to be. I don't know what it could be. One of my teachers has small handwriting, and whenever I try to read it on the board, all I ...

Should I wear my glasses all the time?
I can't see things long distance but I dno I just feel more comfortable always wearing them. I was told not to wear them all the time, but I have a feeling it'll be really uncomfortable to go out not wearing them due to my eyesight so should I or should I not? If I stop now though it will be random to everyone coz everyone at college has always seen me wearing them (bout 6 months in now). What would I say if ppl asked where my glasses r n why im not wearing them?

Plus, I dislike wearing glasses and think I'm much better-looking without them :)

if you dont wear them, you could make your eyes worse. just get contacts

Your eyes need rest, if you feel uncomfortable with them, maybe you should take them off and rest your eyes. Also, is your glasses up to date?

Hey now!
Dude, there called contacts... I mean, really? That solution never came to mind?

Jack D
im near sited (cant see long distances) also and i wear mine all the time... ive been wearing mine all day everyday for the past 5 1/2 years and i have no problems.. my eye sights not getting worse.. well if your wearing someone elses glasses or are wearing the wrong prescription then you could have a problem. and if your uncofortable then get contacts. or just wear your glasses when you want.. it doesnt matter.

What is your prescription? Well if you need them, then by all means wear them!

Personally, If i were to wear glasses, take them off.. put them back on.. I would get a MASSIVE headache.

Extreme Trivia Host
Well, if you keep wearing them your eyesight will become worse and if you don't wear them, it probably will get better. If you don't like wearing them, then don't wear it.

ahh same with me, i can't see things long distance..but my optician said that i shouldn't wear my glasses all the time because that could make my eyes very lazy..he said to only wear them when i need it like watching tv, looking at the board at school etc..so that's what i do. Oh and if people ask tell them your not literally blind and you feel better without them on all the time :)

I think that u should'nt wear them when u go places were u want to look good for e.g goin out with mates, parties etc. but when your at home then just wear them too improve your eyesight

if u can then u should get eye contacts then it would just be easier.
Your Welcome.

Well if you feel like you need them then wear them, but don't wear them just because people are used to you wearing them lol. I have glasses for long distance too, and yea they're comfortable but i dont bother wearing them all the time bc i know i dont need to. Plus i think im better without them too :P lol
I would say keep them off if you dont need them, especially if you think it looks better ;)

Pete H is right- you should only wear your glasses for distance activities if you are shortsighted.
The reason why you should not wear distance glasses for close work is because this causes eyestrain and you'll find that your vision will get worse because of all the extra focusing and be more dependent on glasses.
I usually wear my glasses for activities when good distance vision is required and take them off for near work like reading, computer etc.

It's okay to wear them all the time. It won't ruin your eyes. I think what your doctor meant was that you don't need them all the time, but if you'd like to wear them, it's okay.

Earl s
For a college student you have poor grammar and writing skills.

If you wear the glasses all the time it is hard to lose them. Who told you not to wear them, the doctor ?

This is really up to you and what you are comfortable with. I wear eyeglasses for distance too. My right eye has normal vision and my left eye needs correction. I usually wear a contact lens in my left eye because it balances my vision better. If I choose to wear eyeglasses, then I usually wear them as needed for driving, watching TV, or other tasks that require good distance vision. I typically do not wear them when using the computer, cooking, or other near tasks.

Eyeglasses only change your vision when you are wearing them. It will not hurt your vision if you choose not to wear them. You just won't see distance as well when you are not wearing them.

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