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Should I go see an eye doctor?
My contact fell out during school, so I went to the nurse's office to get solution to put it back in.

I think she gave my the wrong solution, because as soon as I put the contact in, my eye started burning and white stuff came out.

I read the bottle, and it was saline solution. Maybe it was too strong?
The label said not to rinse before applying to eye...but of course the nurse didn't tell me that, she just gave it to me.

My eye is still red, although it doesn't burn/itch anymore. I flushed my eyes with cold water and took a shower.

Is there anything else I can do to stop the redness? Or is this a sign of permenant damage? Do I need to go see the doctor? Should I wait a day or two?

i would wait a day but that is just because i don't like going to the doctor
i am sure u don't have permeant damage.
do u usually use saline solution?
i would get a hot wash cloth and keep your eye closed and put it on your eye it helps!

I am not a doctor, but my advice would be to give it a little time to see if it gets better. If it doesn't, then go have it checked out by a doctor.

John K
If you can see why do you need to go?

wait a day or two.
my contacts make my eyes red a lot... i would take a break for a couple days, wear glasses while your eye is still red. as long as it doesn't itch a lot and you can still see, you don't need to go.

bring your own solution to school from now on :]

You can take a tea bag and soak it in hot water for a few minutes, then wring out the water and place it over your eyelid for about 10 minutes of and on, The warmth helps soothe the eye and something in the tea helps heal it. This works for pink eye also, a pharmacist years ago told me this trick and it works great! Just resting with tea bags on the eyes helps anyway, anytime.

you'll be fine. It was probably a little too concentrated for use in the eye. But, if you think about it, tears are basically saline. Cold water is great also try teabags. They always work for me.

wait a day, and take some vising... if the redness isn't gone by then, i would get it checked out.

baily larente
only go to the eye doctor if your eye is still iching

my mom told me to type this you might have pink eye

It will probably be fine in the morning. A saline solution is meant to kill bacteria. Normal contact solution is also a saline solution. If it doesn't go away by the next morning, go to a doctor.

high speed
i guess

Katelyn K
I would go to a doctor just to see what is wrong and maybe get a new contact lens or something

you might want to see the doctor.... you only have 2 eyes.

It is probably best to get it checked out.

Gisele Iman
go, it could be really serious because of the germs infecting the eye.
You should go see the doctor as soon as possible

i would
just to be on the saft side!!!

Libra Queen
i think you should contact your docter before visiting tell him your story and if he needs to see then visit him.

See your doctor. Kick your nurse in the butt.

The white stuff coming out of your eye could have been puss. As long as you can see and it doesn't hurt anymore than wait it out within a week. It should clear up. Until then maybe go to the drug store and get eye stuff over the counter. If anything goes wrong go and get it checked out.

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