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 What color eyes will my baby have? My eyes are light brown, my bf's are blue/green.?

 how do you fall asleep???
well Ive always wanted to know I mean you close your eyes and bam! your asleep! how?...

 What's your eye color?

 Can a 13 year old get contacts?

 What is your eye color?
mine is blue/...

 Why does everyone say contacts hurt?
My mom says contacts hurt, is she just lying so I won't get them? Also my friends say contacts hurt. Is this true or is their contacts noot in right, the wrong type of contacts,wrong ...

 Contact lense question?
I refuse to get glasses, so I will be getting contacts this week. My eyesight is 20/50 and 20/60. But I have alot of questions bout contacts! My mom has hard contacts (or gas permeable?) but after ...

 What's your eye color, and if you could change it would you?
Mine are chocolate brown, but I wish they were hazel-green what about yours? If you could change it would you, if so to what color....

 Is it okay to squint to see rather than wear glasses?
I have glasses but can improve my vision by squinting to see the clock, faces, the tv etc. I don't want to get dependent on wearing glasses so is there any reason why I shouldn't do ...

 For how long can you see when your eye is pulled out of your head?
When your eye is scooped out of your skull, hypothetically, like in fight or something, but your optical nerve is still connected, can you still see out of it?

If so, for how long?

 Can I get colored contacts if I don't have seeing problems?
Can I get colored contacts if I don't have seeing problems?...

 Eyes red from contact lenses?
Okay, so I've had contacts for about 4 months now and I'm using Acuvue 2 and they've been great. Now all of a sudden my eyes are starting to get red around the iris along the whites ...

 Can you wear contacts if you don't need them?
Can you wear contacts with perfect vision to change your eye color, or are there side effects to it?
Additional Details
1) I haven't bought them yet, so how can I take them out :)<...

 is it true that if you keep your eyes open when you sneeze?
your eyeballs will pop out of your head?...

 How to stop laughing so much?
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 my eyes go blank when i stand up?
sometimes when i get up from sitting down black starts its way from the outside of my eye and makes way inward it only lasts a few seconds but sometimes it goes completely blank and i cant see. but ...

 I cryed alot and now i cant cry!?!?!?
Yesterday and the night before i cried more then ive ever cried in my life, and now when ever i tried to cry my eyes just got wet and when i look in the miror the corners of my eyes look weird and ...

 eye color question just curious?
if i have browns eyes and my bf has blue eyes what color would our kid ...

 Green contacts on green eyes?
I already wear contacts and I have murky green eyes. In darker light they look almost light brown and I want them to be greener. If I were to wear green contacts over my dark green eyes would that ...

 Just recently I've been having a very "Twitchy" left eye - should I be worried?
I think it is the nerve in corner of my eye and I know it probably doesn't look like much but from where I am I feel as though I'm involuntary winking at people!!

Is it stress ...

People that wear glasses: Please answer these eye questions?
Could you please answer 3 questions :-) I am very curious after a recent visit to the opticians!

-What is your eye grade? Is one of your eyes worse than the other?

For example -2.25 or -6.50.

My right eye is -0.25 worse than the left eye.

- How long have you been wearing glasses?

I have been wearing glasses for 5 years, but I feel that my eyesight is decreasing and becoming worse worse.

- Would you ever consider laser eye surgery?

I would consider it, however I would probably be scared but I definitely would get it if I clearly known the pros and cons of the surgery.

Thankyou x
Additional Details
I would not risk laser eye surgery as I have heard stories about people that eyesight has became dramatically worse and more bad things.

I don't wish to tell you my eye grade.

All my life. 25 years


Nurse Kate (RN/BSN)
Im blind in one eye, and my other is -6.25

I have had glasses or contacts since I was 8 months old! :)

I had laser surgery only to prevent rental detachment through scarring. I was easy and not painful. my vision did improve

I am unsure about my eye grade, but I do know that my left eye is worse than my right eye.
I have been wearing eyeglasses on a regular basis since the age of 18.
Although several family members have done it, I would not like to receive laser eye surgery because of how comfortable I am in glasses and would just be so naked and unrecognizable without them. I have learned to embrace my worsening eyesight and am just used to it.

1) I'm not sure what my Eye grade is, but I know that I wear glasses because my right eye is inactive [Due to one eye being long sighted and the other being short sided], the glasses help me see out of my right eye.

2) Well this time, for a few months. Before I needed them again, 9 years [Would have been around 3 when I started to where them] I had lazy eye.

3) If it would cure my problem then yeah, but I don't think it would fix my eyesight issues.

Would you want to go blind bc of the surgery? I dk the statistics really but that would be something I'd look up first.

So True
I have been wearing glasses since the 4th grade so about 33 years. I started wearing contacts in 7th grade but still wear my glasses in the evenings or until I get ready for the day. My left eye is -8.5 and right eye is -9.5; and yes my glasses are pretty thick and make my eyes look small hence the reason I wear contacts.
I checked into the laser surgery about 9 years ago and cannot get it because of my eyes being so bad and the shape of my eyes etc. They wanted me to go to Mexico (because this procedure isn't approved by the FDA in the US) and have lenses implanted. I wasn't ready for that. Not sure if that has been changed today and might be approved now.

I think wearing contacts has slowed down my eyes from getting worse. I use to get new glasses every year because my eyes kept changing.
I would totally get laser surgery if I was a candidate.

don't know the eye grade.
My right eye is worse.
I have a cataract there that is from an accident I had as a child. Got smacked with an iceball when I was 6.
been wearing glasses for 45 years.
Cannot wear contacts because I am NOT sticking stuff in my eye...LOL That and if I dropped the darn thing, I would never find it again.
I would NOT consider eye surgery.
My vision is very poor without the glasses but pretty darn perfect with them and there are no guarantee with any surgery.

Polly Ester
-What is your eye grade? Is one of your eyes worse than the other?
Not exactly sure. I'm 20/30 in my right eye and 20/25 in my left.

- How long have you been wearing glasses?
A few years. I had perfect eyesight until around age 22 or 23.

- Would you ever consider laser eye surgery?
I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes and my doctor said I will eventually need surgery. but the cataracts need to get a little worse (20/50) before they will do the surgery.

One of my eyes is worse than the other by 0.75 D.

I've had my glasses since school days.

First show me at least one eye surgeon who has got laser surgery (lasik) for glasses removal on herself or himself done and then I might advice people around me to opt for it if they asked me. However I still won't opt for it.

-I'm not sure what my eye grade is exactly, but my right eye is worse than my left.

-I've been wearing glasses for 4 years, but I got contacts this year.

-Probably not. Contacts are good enough for me.

- Im not sure..

- 3 Years

- Yeah, It would be great!

1. My left eye is -7.00 and my right eye is -6.50
2. I've been wearing glasses/contacts for 18 years
3. depends on the risks I have done very little research on it (only to find out the cost, found i couldn't afford it) so I don't know if the risks are worth it.

I am -2.25 on both eyes although I think my left eye has a little bit more astigmatism than the right. I have been wearing glasses since 4th grade (9 years now I think) and contacts for about 7 years? I have absolutely perfect vision until I bragged about it to my mom and stopped eating carrots ( Not really sure if it was realated haha).

I do think it has been getting worse because I started with -0.5 in one eye and -0.75 on the other so definitely getting worse.

I would like to get laser eye surgery but dont really like the risk that it might damage them worse or even make me blind...

my eyes are exaclt the same - 0.25
with astismatism. i have been wearing glasses since i was 9. i am now 25. i have been wearin lenses for 12 years and have tried various types. the lenses that correct my astigmatism were damaging my eyes too much so i can now only wear standard ones, and my vision in them is only just clear enough to drive. i could not bear to go back to glasses so i think i am going to seriously consider laser surgery. i have a friend who was very pleased.

I'm not exactly sure on my eye grades, but my left is considerably worse than my right.

I've been wearing them for 5/6 years, since I was 7/8


What is your eye grade? Is one of your eyes worse than the other?

right -.50, left plano -1.75 axis 40 My left eye is much worse than my right eye.

How long have you been wearing glasses?

I was first prescribed eyeglasses at five for strabismus, but did not wear them. I was prescribed eyeglasses again at 14, but did not wear them because my right eye had normal vision at the time and vanity. I did not actually start wearing my eyeglasses until I was almost thirty and started getting headaches while driving.

Would you ever consider laser eye surgery?

I have considered because I would only need it for one eye, but I also do not want to for the same reason. My right eye has close to normal vision and I usually only wear my glasses as needed.

Well for my eye grade I have astigmatism so I have two. -4.25/-1.50 and -4.25/-1.75.

Started needing glasses when I was in 3rd grade and I'm currently going to 10th grade so I've been wearing glasses for 7 years now. I mostly wear my contacts which I been using contacts for 5 of those 7 years though. I think my eyes are becoming worst too but that could be just because I wear contacts more then glasses.

I have considered laser eye surgery and so have my mom. One of my tutors got laser eye surgery when she was 21 and it turned out great so my mom is waiting for me to turn 21 as well.

1. I'm not sure exactly, but I do know that my left eye is much worse than my right.

2. I've been wearing glasses for about 21 years. (I am 24 years old.) Interestingly enough, in recent years my eyesight has IMPROVED - I was getting very bad headaches every day after after a trip to my eye specialist, learned that my current prescription was too strong, which was putting too much strain on my eyes!

3. Never. In my opinion, there isn't enough research on the long-term effects, and my sight is not something I'm willing to mess with.

I have cone-rod dystrophy. I'll be blind at around the age of 50. Good stuff....


Richard B
I have terrible eyes. One is -7.5, the other is -8.0.

I have been wearing glasses or contacts for 20 years (I am now 27).

I would definitely get laser eye surgery if I could afford it.

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