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 i hate wearing glasses so i wear my glasses when i study and in other times i take them off... is this bad?
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Mommy <3
Ok so im an idiot...?
I went to the walmart vision center to pick up my annual supply of prescription contact lenses & i got to pick out a pair of free eyeglasses. Well, i was talking to the lady who helped me out and i guess i wasnt thinking because after i picked out my pair, she had some kind of large binocular looking thing that she told me to look through. Now that i think back, i had my contacts in my eyes while she used that! Could that mean that when my eyeglasses come in, i will have the wrong prescription?? I feel so stupid.
Additional Details
thanx eveyone! im hoping for the best!
im blaming my flaky-ness on my pregnancy amnesia! haha jk

well...yea...i would say, but dont feel stupid, honest mistake

it could mean that, but sometimes they have you look through that to see what kind of prescription you are currently wearing and use the same thing, or sometimes it is just used to measure the spacing between your eyes and your nose, my guess your glasses will have he right perscription

Wow thought I was stoopid ,Lol .Just go back and tell them .

How do you get FREE glasses ???????? Please explain.

Yali M
yah you should go and tell that........
hope it all works out ☺........

Paul MB
If you had your lenses in while she was examining your eyes to look for disease, how the lenses fit or move, blinking, tear film, etc.... then it's ok. But if you had them in when she was refracting you,... which is better A or B? or that stuff, and she used the power of the old lens and compared it with the new reading, she may have just "over-refracted" you and will adjust the power of the new lenses. but if she gave you the refraction that she found from the "which is better a or b machine" and didn't 'know' that you had your contacts on, your Rx could be in error. You might try this.... call.

Yeah probably. You might want to call them to make sure they hold the order until you can come back in for another vision test.

Yevatron ~Believe!~
oh nice. very nice. you probably will have the wrong perscribtion.

Michael B
Sounds like the lady is stupid for not noticing that you had contacts in, I would go back and let them know, it is their fault they are the "experts" why are you getting your eyes checked at Wal-mart?

Yes, your prescription will most likely be wrong. But don't panic, or beat your self up about leaving your contacts in. Go back to the Walmart and let the people at the Vision Center know what happened and I am sure they will help you get the right prescription. It's best to go talk to them as soon as possible before your prescription comes in. OR if you would rather wait for the prescription and see how they work for you that is another possibility.

Good Luck!

Yea I think you should call them and tell them about it.

♥Red Panda♥
You're not an idiot. We all have our moments (like the other day I got into the wrong car -_-;;;;).

I would go back and explain the situation

Thomas H
Deff. Got to have done without contacts. I can't believe they didn't notice. Wrong script for large amount of money. Go back....

I think logically yes (not stupid though made a mistake without thought. happens to the best of us.), if it is meant to measure your ability to see. Your already magnifying your vision with the contacts. Meaning your going against the test and like cheating (not intentionally) defeating and saying your eyesight is perfect. I would be safe and redo the test otherwise it may be your only pair. That is free that insurance will cover in short term.

Go back and see them, and if they are unco-operative, then follow up with letter. Usually they will reply when something is given to someone in writing.

Pineapple Octopus
hahahaha, yep... atleast you can share it with us lol


Yes, your prescription will be wrong, because you're actually seeing everything clear. You should go back to correct it.

SassyGirl 1
They should use the same prescription that you have for your contacts. Sometimes that binocular thing is to measure how far apart your eyes are.

All knowing
you shouldn't feel stupid thats something she should have asked you after all you were picking up contacts! but you should probably ask them.

I don't know! But hey, they were free! And you get an extra funny story, too! Made my day, thanks!

Its a mistake- just go back and tell them so you get glasses that are the right prescription.

that sounds like something i would have done!

don't even worry about it, call and explain what you did

i can't even count on my fingers how many times a day i feel like an idiot, and i don't have anything to blame it on... my hair is blonde, but not naturally and i'm not pregnant...

you just have to laugh at yourself and go on about your life. i've learned to do that!! (i have no choice but to do that , really)

you'll be a'ight!!

Yes, I think so, go back and tell them what happened...

Brian "R"
I think they alreadyy have your prescription from getting your contacts done there. I don't think it should come in the wrong prescription. And if it does, you should get a free exchange at least...

No, the binocular thing does not affect the strength of your prescription. It checks to see where your focal point is centered to align the prescription on your glasses to match your focal point so that your glasses give you the maximum benefit.

No, the machine you look thru is simply to do measurements and has nothing to do with your prescription.

Don't feel stupid, thats a great question!

No, your presrciption will be fine. The machine you looked into was to measure the distance between your eyes so they have the right calculations for your glasses. It is perfectly o.k. that you had your contacts in. Ypur glasses and contacts will come back fine.

Not to worry !!!

That is a pupilometer....

It measures the distance between the eyes.

Nothing to do with vision.


Only a couple of right answers out of all of these.

That was just to check your pupillary distance measurement, needed to make the glasses. It doesn't matter if you had contacts in your eyes.

It has nothing to do with the power of the prescription. Your glasses will be fine.

Yes your prescription glasses will be wrong.
It's her fault. She's an opthamologist correct? I'm sure this sort a thing happens all the time. She should have asked you if you had contacts in. Her whole life is eyes! It is not your job to remember to take your contacts out. She's working for you not the other way around. Also, she should have realized your "new" prescription was extremely weak... like a glass window. She should have found that strange and asked you if you were wearing your contacts. That woman is an epic failure.

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