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My eye has been itchy and hurting me all day, could it be pink eye?
My eye isn't really red, but its been bothering me all day. It does feel like a little bit of liquid is coming out of it.


you've probably just been rubbing it too much, so it gets worse and worse.

Cotton Sugar
Sounds like it! Just stop rubbing your eye, wash your hands a lot! and go see a doctor for antibiotics ( hopefully it's nothing)

Check to see if you have a sty. Look under your eyelid. I had that problem a week ago. Start putting hot compresses on it and make an appointment to get an antibiotic from your doctor. That's the only way to treat it. Good Luck

It's probably just allergies. See if Benedryll helps, and if it doesn't get better in a day or two maybe see a doctor.

Eye Herpes

The obviously noticeable sign is the pink to reddish color covering the eyes which is again due to inflammation of the conjunctiva. Irritation and itchiness are two other symptoms that are often characteristic of conjunctivitis. Tearing is another prevalent symptom as the eyes develop increased tears in order to aid in relief. Some differences among the types of pink eye include discharge that maybe frequent in both viral and bacterial conjunctivitis. This discharge maybe yellow or green and can cause the eyelids to stick together or can flow down the sides of the eyes.

I had pinkeye for a day before i got treated for it..

my symptoms:

Itchy eye, urge to keep rubbing it
Red veins on the eye itself (NORMAL DONT PANIC!!)
Sore undereye, with small wrinkles on eyelid
Wakeup discharge - Waking up in the morning with a "crust" of discharge around your eye. It often Makes your eyelids stick together, pick it off and wash your hands.

CURE- Optrex eyedrops. I took One drop on the next morning, and one before bed, woke up without discharge and only mild soreness..

Next day, was fine :)

Hope it helps x

It sounds like allergies!

Well i had pink eye b4 its not that bad. You usually have pink in your eye but the liquid coming out could be tears maybe. Well pink eye doesnt itch to bad but mostly just feels well weird. You could have something in your eye thats could make it itch. SO HOPE THIS HELPS!

Never mess around with problem concerning your eye. Call your doctor and see what she/he recommends. See if there is anything that you can purchase over the counter.

maybe you just have an allergy, but it might be the beginning of pink eye, i would go to the doctor just to be sure(:

hope i helped(:

i keep getting that too
i first got it when i was at my friend and her cat took a shine to me and sat on my knee for hours.
but now it happens all the time, i think maybe its a reaction to something

mike t
it sounds strange but it could b winter allrgies.

Mary Isabella
It's probably just allergies, so I would recommend liquid tears (eye drops) or Claratin (Benadryl works, too, but might make you drowsy- only use it at night before bed). This should make you feel much better. Nothing's more annoying than itchy, watery eyes!

If nothing improves, or things get worse within the next week, I would schedule an appointment with your doctor. It may be pink eye, so he/she will prescribe you with antibiotics.

Good luck and feel better! And remember, try not to scratch your eyes!

★Starkissed ★
If it is not blood-shot and pink/red then it isn't pink eye. If there is liquid coming out then you must have some other kind of infection. You should really have a doctor at a clinic or your eye doctor look at it, or maybe an adult to see if they know what it is. There are some OTC eye drops you might be able to use, I know they have one for pink eye and a few other things (they aren't as strong as the prescription ones, but it could offer some relief). If you want to wait a day to see if it gets better before going to the doctor that should be okay. And if you have contacts be sure you aren't wearing them or touching your eyes.

I would tell a Doctor. My brother just had pink eye last week and your symptoms are the same.
His wasn't pink at all.

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