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★ Lucy ★
My eye color changes depending on my mood?
I naturally have light sky blue eyes, like a wolf, but depending on my mood, many people will notice that my eyes turn darker blue, turqouise, or green. I look myself, and they are a different color.

When I'm mad/upset they are usually green.
When I'm completely calm and normal - they are my natural light blue.
When I'm uncomfortable or stressed - they tend to be like an ocean blue.

Why is this? Anyone with similar experiences?
Additional Details
Wow, it's really disappointing to see rude answers. Whatever - I know other people who have this as well.

There are studies on this, I'm just wondering if some people have similar experiences - which they do.

um yea my hair changes colors too.. especially when i dye it.. its freaking weird i tell you

Are you really a human?

What planet did you say you were from?

They do not... Might be the mood you're in when you look in the mirror or different lighting that makes them look different to you at the time... Or a little wishful thinking...

latest installement of alien vs predator...i bet u r one of them !

the colors you describe all seem possible at different lighting.......plus when your upset you might expect your eyes to be green so you see them more greenish than lets say blue

. Dollie .
A lot of time it depens on what your wearing.

Try on earthtoned shirts for ten minutes...then try blue shirts.

Have a conversation with someone in low, medium and bright light situations, like at a table.

Have the person across from you write-down the color if it changes significantly, or take photos if after a few "wardrobe" changes the difference isn't noticeable.

Good luck,

No offense, but I'd have to see it to believe it. If it is true, then heck, thats awesome

Nigerian Boss Lady {H.Y.T.}
well i have a frend dat wuz born wit gray eyes, but now they r hazel,and tend to change lyke evryday. i say dont worry about becu to me dats a gift. i bet u ave really pretty eyes.

I have blue/gray eyes. When I'm mad...dark, dark blue, calm...gray/blue, angry stressed....black. you can't see the color, confused or intimidated they turn topaz/yellow. I think the clothing, reflection of light through the iris. blah, blah, blah I don't know but my husband can always tell how I'm feeling without me saying anything.

Ya My eyes do that. my eyes are usually gray; but when I am mad or I cry they are a green. I dont nko why they do that! but it's cool

my eyes look blue-ish from a distance but really, they contain all the normal eye colors. kind of weird. and yes, i have "MOOD" eyes to. if i am calm and happy, they tend to look light light golden brown. if i am ecstatic, they look clear ocean green, if i am upset, they go indigo. if i am livid pissed? um, they shimmer between the brown and the green..

*looking round at the few rude people in the group*

i have pictures of my eyes with differing color and no not contacts either. man..you all more or less called the questioner a liar...so not cool.

like saying because you AREN'T a starving child that there cannot be any starving children in the world.

loco man...

That's exactly what happens to my best friend. She has really icy blue eyes but when she gets upset they get green-ish.

This is actually possible. Read this.


im not sure but i guess this has to do with ur genes and stuffs.. i mean there r thousands of disorders.. mayb thats y
im not so sure y thats happening though..

Oh my gosh really? Never heard of it but WOW! That is really amazing. Nope, I don't have any similar experiences.
But... you're absolutely sure, right? It's not just a little teensy bit greener or something? Because that sounds kind of unbelievable NOT saying that you're lying but it's just hard to believe.

heyy. I thought that would be impossible. But is the impossible possible? I think so..

Animal girl
Wow, I guess for those that know you, you can't deny if you're upset or mad!!! Hmmmm

I've never heard of this before, but interesting!!

My eyes are a turquoise blue. Whenever I am starting to get sick (and while I am sick) they turn a very pale blue. Weird. I have never figured out why.

Mine seem to change with certain colors I wear, I get a lot of compliments about it...........

My kid's have eyes that change colour too. I think it has something to do with their mood and blood pressure. Don't worry it is pretty normal.

it's nothing bad i think it's a gift

Cheezy Fiesta♣
(sigh) How i wish i had eyes like urs.

I definately agree with this. My girlfriend has the exact same thing happen to her. I read that article that larangytis found and thats the coolest link I have found on this topic. It really confirms what I already believed to be true.

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