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 survey about butter: can my real contacts separate themselves from my not so real contacts?
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bonus question: what should the teams be called?

we only need two.

I have been hearing through the internets that some of you may not be ...

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 What causes the eye pupils to expand and contract?

My brown eyes are turning blue?
I always thought a kind of thin black circle surrounded the brown part of my eye. Now it's gotten bigger and blue. It looks as if my eyes are changing color? I've heard this happens to some older people but I'm only 17.
Additional Details
I don't wear glasses or contacts. And no one in my family has blue eyes. Haha and I seriously doubt I have an unborn twin XD but I'll get it checked

thats not possible... lol

Fat ‚Ȇ Curvy.

seriously though, it happens i know a few people who eye color changes with season

i know another who changes with her mood

some people eye color changes, ask your eye doctor....to be sure and good luck

too much anal =)

lol im sorry i couldnt resist i mean cmon "brown eye turning blue"

Mitsuki M
theres nothing wrong with you. my brothers eye change color all the time and hes ok. actually it runs in my family.my brothers eyes has been changing color ever since he was born.but thats really cool you are lucky !!! i wish my eys changed color !!

wow, that is so cool. another thing that can effect them is the amount of light your eye gets along with the changing of seasons. my boyfriend has eyes that change in the summer from green to more hazel

Yours are so lucky!!!!!!!!! But go to a doctor to see why its happining! You are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah i know its weird the same thing is happening to me..my eyes where hazel now their turning full green.

That doesn't sound normal people changing eye color. Hair changes color from seasons and age but not eyes. Contact your doctor. You could just be a "real special" person but still get examed.

sabrina x
It probably runs in your genes so don't worry about that much

my bff' always turns different colors, mine sometimes too . were only 11......i thinks it kinda cool

you have hazel eyes, i have them too, mine where blue, then green, and now they have like a yellow ring in them and i am only 18. so it is OK.

LUCKYY!! your eyes are changing from brown to blue you should be so happy!

no it doesnt just happen to older people. im 14 and my eyes have already changed from green to brown. so no need to worry...

LayLeigh MaY*
im 17 and my brown eyes are turning green! like the outside, part andd its coming toward the pupil lol.
but blueee, omgoshhhh cutee :)

my dads are brown and moms are green.

someone told me it was global warming but thats fake, and they proved it fake.

im prettysure its just the seasons.
but its amazing lol.

Mrs. Edward Cullen
i like blue eyes and do u wear glasses? that could be the problem


In 7th grade I learned about this. It's probably a trait in both your parents. It doesn't mean either of them has blue eyes. It just means it's a trait that went back in both of their families. Nothing alienotic about it.

Possibly Glaucoma or some disease. What did your doctor say?

If you haven't seen a doctor, go before you go blind.

it's not just old people it can happen to anyone it happened to my ex and he was 13 at the time. it's not a big problem

blueeee how cool, this is really weird, but maybe you don't have more pigment left to keep them brown or maybe you have a kind of infection

Older woman occurs naturaly to them. They get black spots in there eyes etc. I think this is normal but your kinda young by about 10 years. I would see the doctor first then just calm down and i think blue is better tho

Eric S
thats cool

Toma F
how is that possible

thats cool! just wait a bit and see what happens..

Has your sight changed? Go to the eye doctor ASAP.

It kind of sounds like arcus, which is caused by high cholesterol showing in your eyes. Have you had a blood test done recently? I haven't seen it in many young people, but I suppose it could occur just as easily as in older folks. Go to your primary care doctor and get a blood test, because high cholesterol is more dangerous for your heart than it is for your eyes. And see your ophthalmologist to see if there are any noticeable changes in the back of your eyes!

That's cool but I think you need to visit the doctor.

Make an appt with your opthamalogist, it can be serious.

wow you should go see a doctor
because it sounds serious


That's bloody cool.

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