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help? im getting a lazy eye, i wasnt born with it. its just lately one of my eyes seems to be lazy and isn't looking where it is supposed 2 b looking!
what do i do? anything tht i can do 2 help without surgery?

please help,

Behind These Blue Eyes
go to the eye doctor

rate my answer the best

Nope nothing you can do.....other than just opening your eye really wide

I think it's all in your head, but just go to an eye doctor just in case.

you the get the goat blood and the put into your nose.

Teng Xiao Ping

I Hate Snuggies
Tell it to stop being lazy.

tasha O
Okay this is serious. First get together what ever money you CAN spend and get it checked.

<3 Hope all turns out well.

dude ur messed up


hummm get that eye off its butt and go joggging lol

Keep the strong eye covered up when you are at home so the lazy one will have to do more work.

To ∞ N-Beyond
Cover the good one to force the lazy one to correct itself

My bro did that per docs orders and he is fine now..

yea bernie is accually right. about the eye patch. i have always had eye trouble and am parcially blinde in my right eye. and my right eye was gonna be a lazy eye but the eye doctor told me to wear an eye patch so it can strenthen up. so just try to look out of ur lazy eye side. also there are places u can go to help with that...its called like eye exersises and they also work. good luck!

I think it can be corrected wearing glasses if it`s not too late!Limit the hours you stay in front of the PC/TV/reading etc and avoid the yellow colour as much as you can,cause it needs a very big effort for the eye to addapt to it.Instead,try surrounding yourself with green,it is said to relax your eyes and sharpen the eyesight.

Cover the good eye, and practice using the bad one, its lazy for a reason.

Nata P
You need to wear an eye patch over your GOOD eye, the lazy eye will fix itself. Or just go to a doctor. You can ask them about the eye patch thing...

speak with an eye doctor about this dont ask a bunch web surfers you dont know cause someone will give some real dumb off the wall answer that could end doin more damage than good. but in the meen time use it to your advantage, mess with people. it will freak em out.

I know someone that had it and the eye doc had them wear an eye patch over the good eye to strengthen the weaker one. It really worked.

But be forewarned, he got called a pirate a lot. But it was all in good fun!

some optometrist have eye exercises for this, somes get headaches afterwards. see one. if it's something else, see an opthamologist please.

Go and see your optometrist.
He'll be able to give you better advice than I, or anyone else, can.

I'm sure, if it's just developing, that it'll get better soon.
Just schedule a check up to make sure it's nothing...serious.

kelly w
wake up wake up

Joshua M
Go see your eye doctor, there are exercises you can do and glasses you can wear to strengthen the eye muscles in your lagging eye. It's important to see some kind of professional because this may be a symptom of something else (not trying to scare you)

harli'z mommy
i have a lazy eye to and the only way to fix it is surgury you could try a patch first though

xD You could also have an eye infection go to the optition

Go to the doctor.

My mom had a lazy eye and didn't have surgery, but she did have to cover her GOOD eye up for awhile to make her lazy eye stronger, she had it as a kid and doesn't have it anymore.

Go to the doctor they can tell you what needs to be done, we can't see your eye so we don't know how bad it is, and probably most of us are not eye doctors.

Surgery might be needed but thats up to the doctor.

Florin B
contack someone at an eye place like at a wal mart or just somewere you can find immediatley

i think there are some exercises you can work on ask eye dr

my cusin had lazy eye had sx to correct it

she is fine now

see a doctor..
tell them you don't want surgery.

wear an eye patch over the good eye, it will help strenghen the lazy eye..

loves christmas lights
Id go to the Dr immediatly, this does not sound normal. I am not a Dr and I do not know what they would do, but since this isnt from birth something is going on, that you should not drag your feet about. Good Luck.

You should see a pediatric ophthalmologist. They work with children and adults with strabismus (misaligned eyes). Your doctor will assess your vision, the ability to use your eyes together, the amount of misalignment of your eyes,and if glasses will be able to help you. Possible treatments include glasses, prisms, surgery, or choosing to have no treatment.

This link tells about strabismus in adults (sorry I can't tell how old you are from your question):


Also a lot of good info at aapos.org

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