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Is there any way to correct color vision without surgery?
I am tired of not being qualified for the job I want because I can not pass either of the tests for color deficiencies. I can see most colors, my problem is that I can not always tell certain shades of greens, browns, or reds. I can easily tell you if your bananas are green and need to transition to yellow before you can eat them. Any suggestions?

no theres not. Its a defect, you need surgery to fix it. It would be like me having a tumor, how do i get rid of it without surgery, i cant bc its a defect, it needs surgery. I know u dont want surgery on ur eye(s) but, ask if they can put ana-stashia and ALOT of numbing. Im sorry but theres no other way. Unless you want to wait till they come out in like 50 years from know

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