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Is it weird that one of my pupils is bigger than the other?
I've noticed for the past couple weeks or so that one of my pupils is bigger/more dilated than the other. It doesn't matter what light I'm in - it doesn't change (the other one reacts to light/dark). I'm not having any trouble seeing and it doesn't bother me and no one notices (it's not an insane difference), so I'm not considering seeking medical attention any time soon, but I just wondered if there was some possible explanation for it or if someone has had a similar experience. Tried googling but didn't really find what I was looking for. Thanks!

Claire Woods
no it is not weird it is because the lighting or a different thing

weird, i bet its nothin tho.

no. if you look at your body, nothing is the same size as the other. one hand is always bigger than the other, one foot is bigger than the other foot, and so on and so on. nothing to be really worried about, but if it becomes a significant difference than you should see a doctor.

Lemon H
no, i think every eye is different!


No if your worried see an optomatrist... not weird realy


not really

This happened to my friend, the optometrist said her eye was agitated, and there is really no thing you can do about it. It will last a couple months.

Live Your Life
nope i dnt think ppl would notice

Quit spending so much time looking in the mirror after you drop acid.

Just Chrissy
I would see your eye doctor for sure, It is not normal at all, especially since it just appeared. I would be concerned. Could be stroke, detached retina or something that's not too good for you.

spaghetti arms
these people are totally wrong when they say it's nothing to worry about. a very very slight difference in size is ok, but that's not the kind of difference you can see yourself. differing pupil size is one of the first things a doctor will check after you've had some kind of trauma to the head. it can be an indication of brain damage or serious injury. have you hit your head recently? go get it checked out please. this can be very serious.


If this is new, then I highly advise you to have it checked out. Pressure on the brain can cause one pupil to be larger than the other. I'm not trying to scare you, honestly, but it does happen. It happened several years ago to a good friend of mine. I took him to the hospital, as he also was acting confused. He had meningitis.
Yours may be nothing at all. Just have it checked for you own sake ok.
Good luck.

My friend got hit in the face with a baseball and that happened.



Hit the Trig-a-Lig
*******************THESE PEOPLE DONT KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT********************
Take it from an M.D. (i'm an ER doc)
you NEED to get this checked out.

it could be Adie's Syndrome http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adie_syndrome

but sometimes it is really serious, a sign of early Multiple Schlorosis

definitely get it checked out.

it might be worth seeing an eye doctor just to make sure. it means that the muscles in one of your eyes isn't restricting the pupil the way it should be.

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