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 i hate wearing glasses so i wear my glasses when i study and in other times i take them off... is this bad?
i hate wearing glasses so i wear my glasses when i study and in other times i always take them off. does this affect anything with my eyesight and am i hurting myself or anything? Is this bad?

 survey about butter: can my real contacts separate themselves from my not so real contacts?
we'll call you teams...

bonus question: what should the teams be called?

we only need two.

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with contacts. i've heard that contacts
can irritate your eyes while on a plane.
do they? what can i do to help them? tnks!...

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Is this even ...

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 My eyes are yellow. Anyone else's?
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My iris's are actually yellow with black/dark grey spots on them.

I ...

If someone has a 'lazy' eye, which eye should you look at, when talking to them?

Me Earthling
Try to be sort of nonchalant when looking at their eye's, and for Christ's sake, try not to laugh. he he he.

That's a good question. I've always wanted to know the answer to that. Now I know.

You should look at the one thats not lazy, to show you are making eye contact. if you can look at both without making fun of them, then maybe start easing into looking at both, just to let them know that you are making total eye contact. When looking at both and not making a fool o yourself, they might be able to trust you more, because you don't let there eye problem get in the way of a conversation.

Big Bad *****
The 1 that don't droop. Think Mad eye Moody.

I try and concentrate on centre of the forehead...we had a nice lady who worked in the staff canteen years ago...very very lazy eye....she used to shout out 'Yes Love, what do you want?' and two people seperated by about 12' used to answer at the same time.....true....Used to try and time it so she didn't serve me.

The Oldest Stinger in Town
the nose

the eye that isnt lazy.

lol dont look at their nose

The other eye.

It is best to look at the good eye or at the centre of the two ,As if you look at the lazy eye the person may feel self conscious and you can unnerve them.

I'd look straight in the middle if I were you. Don't get too close though or you may end up looking cross eyed!

It is hard not to focus on the dodgey eye, but practice.

LOL.. "is she looking at me?"


Cecilia B
I have a lazy eye and before I had my surgery to stop my eye from wandering, I always felt somewhat uncomfortable talking to people...wondering if they would notice my problem. Most of the time, people would look at both of my eyes, making direct eye contact. It would help if you make direct eye contact with the person, and you shouldn't just focus on only one eye. Don't try to make the person more uncomfortable than they already are.

Steph j
Thats the best question i have seen for months!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the highest point of the bridge of their nose--that way, it will appear that you are looking them straight in the eye. You know, like I do your mom when she comes over to clean.

Which ever one looks at them or follows them around

♥ ♥ ♥UKMUM ♥ ♥ ♥
just look at them as you would with anyone else a Lazy eye isn't a big deal and the sufferer usually feels no different

neither, look at their nose and you cna't go wrong.

brilliant question and one ive wanted to know the answer to for years cause i dont have a clue lol

just try not to frown too much or look too confused whichever one you pick

both eyes look the same direction, but what a lazy eye is that one of the eyes is strong where the other has problem seeing, e.g. bluring or short/long sighted, so what people do is they get the good eye covered up so they can rely on the bad eye to make it more stong so they both balance.

which ever eye is looking at you lol

chris p
dont look at the lazy one because its probably to lazy to answer you

you did not state if the person is bending over or not

Just look at both of them, like normal. My brother used to have a lazy eye and it just meant that he couldn't see as clearly through one as the other, but he could still see out of both of them. People don't want you to act weird towards them...it makes them uncomfortable.

look at the bridge of their nose

The one that isn't 'lazy' other wise you are rewarding laziness with attention.

john g
Whichever one you chose, it will invariably be the wrong one.

Lindsey Love ™♥
which ever eye you feel most comfortable looking at. I have esoflra and that means my eye will get "lazy" every now and then, I see double but most people dont so it really doesn't matter. :)

Look at the one that's looking at you.

John Ellart
I have a lazy eye and it is 99% blind, and slightly smaller than the other one.

You will find that people with smaller/droopy/lazy eyes mainly have sight problems in that eye too.

Look into the eye that is the widest and seems most 'alive' if you can. I know from experience it feels more comfortable.

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