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Is that a lazy eye?...

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help me
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 I'd like to have color contacts....?
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hana s
If I buy bread and keep it in the fridge for a week or two, and then eat it and it tastes odd will I get sick?
Basically bread lasts me a long time, so I keep it in the fridge, however maybe the fridge is slightly moist, when I ate the bread I didn't see any obvious signs of mould, however it had a strange taste like it was slightly starting to go moudly I ate it. And now I feel very weird, Is it dangerous? I haven't been sick, however will it harm my body or just go out through poo?

why did you keep eating it? if you can force down your throat then its not bad yet

i doubt the bread was moldy from a week or two in the fridge, unless it was previously stored somewhere where the mold could have begun to proliferate, like a damp and dark place. the acidity of your stomach will probably be enough the kill the fungi. if you are concerned about it being moldy, dont eat any more. i think an amount of mold that cannot be seen on bread is probably pretty benign.

Mick W
eating mouldy bread is one of the primary causes of esophageal cancer, as the peasants in ling zang valley, in china found out to their demise, their cancer incidence rate was 50 times higher than the national average, look it up!!!!

See your doctor. Not random people on Yahoo! because even though the answer thing on Yahoo! is faster, some of us are not pros. But,I'm sure you will be fine! :D

You might toast it.

Star W
I ALWAYS keep my bread in the fridge :S

You won't get sick. But you'd better eat fresh products.

you probably will be fine just drink warm Ginger ale if your stomach starts to hurt. that will make you burp and you'll feel better.

no it wont hurt you but i was you when you get it out let it get room temp be for you eat it ok that way it wont have that taste ok.we put are bread in the freezer but we bay like 4 loaf's at a time and what we do is when we get one out we let it to room temp be for eating it.we do a lot of thing's like that. that saves us money in the long run.you just got to remember what you put in there and put the date on it so you know how long it's been in there.well you have a good day.your friend fred

you'll be fine.

Keep it in the freezer

Robert D
You will be fine.

its not a good idea to put bread in the fridge..this does make it taste different and i think that it dries out faster..
i just always keep mine away from heat and cold and it stays good for a week or so..

16 seconds in
Why the fridge?.... use the freezer.

i think it will get you sick darling but its all in the mind O.0

You probably will.But hotter temp creates more mold and quicker, so its good that your putting it in the fridge but i wouldnt keep it in there forever.If you keep feeling weird go see a doctor.(:

Jedism 101
no you probaly won't get sick but the coldness makes an element in the bread, sorry i can't remember to react with another and it changes

Bread isn't meant be kept for that long and does go mouldy. I keep mine in the freezer and take a slice or two out as I need it.

Use the freezer and the day you want to use it take it out a few hours before you are gonna eat it to let it thaw out fully.

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