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If I've never worn contacts before, is it possible for me to get contacts online?
I've only worn "glasses" in the past. Can I still order contacts online or will they expect me to have worn contacts in the past? I've wanted to get them from my optometrist but she wanted to put a sample pair in herself or have me do it in front of her. I have kind of an eye phobia and I wanted to put them in at home by myself but she wouldn't let me. I feel like if I ordered them online, I could put them in at home by myself. Will the online place call my optometrist to get my prescription and let me buy the contacts online or not? Thanks


probably should get them from a speciallist.

da shizzle mah nizzle :]
Well maby eBay has them.

Maddy P
You can buy them online, they wouldn't call your doctor for any reason. But if you buy it online, you would have to know the power (its the same as your glasses) and base curve and diameter. If you have lazy eye or near sighted/far sighted, it will be effected.

Well you should probably go to your eye doctor because he/she should know good brands that you can use and order online.

I think you can fax or scan your scrip and send it to them. However, it's probably best to start lenses with your optometrist's help. I started wearing mine at age12 and it used to take me 20 minutes or more to get them on. Now I can take them out and put them back in in public without a mirror if need be. It all takes practice.

you need to go to an eye doctor

you have to have a prescription for the vision readings and the size and shape of your pupils.

you will have to buy your inital set from the doctor and wear them and go back for checkups to make sure there isn't a problem with your pupils..

then you can go on line to get the contacts..

i use



Better to get your contacts from your eye docter... rather than online!

Cali guy 818
Of course it is!! But still check with your doctor for a good brand recommendation, okay? That way, you will know which ones will be best for you. The only bad thing about ordering contacts online, is that you have to wait awhile to get them. So, if you're thinking about doing it online, be sure to order them well in advance, to get them at the right time for you.

Hope I helped!

That's not a good idea. Follow you're doctor's orders. If you're a first time user is always a good idea to start with the contacts your doctor prescribes you.

well im not sure but it is actually better to go in even if u dont wanna, when i got mine, i didt want to go in but when i did i found out alot of new things and steps to do that i probably would of skipped right over.....i think there is sumtin like 1800 contacts or sumtin....

Yah, you can download them and print them off

Just Dance ☮
You would have to make an eye appointment because contacts are custom fitted to your prescription.

Brittani W
You can still wear contacts it is lways a first for everything...but anyway to answer your question yeah you can just knw that the prescription for your contacts are not going to be the same as your glasses.....

Dolphin lover
You really should have them fitted by the optometrist and yes, the on line dealer should call them if they are a reputable dealer.

Just do it yourself in front of her. It's not that bad..I was weirded out a1st too...now I can take then out or put them in, without looking in a mirror.

Although you have an eye phobia i wouldnt suggest this because if they are wrong for your eyes you can get worse vision or if they are damaged or dirty you can get an eye infection which can be very unplesent and can damage site.

you can probably get them online

but believe me you would rather overcome phobia and get at opticians or just keep wearing glasses 8-D hope i helped

good luck

You have to have a contact exam by an eye doctor. Most doctors are going to want you to put them in a couple of times in their office. They did leave my daughter and I alone for while she practiced. You need to try out the samples first. Especially if this is your first time with contacts. The doctor may need to change them before you get the right ones for you. My daughter tried out one pair for a week then had to try another brand-which worked out great. Then we got her prescription. At that point you can get your contacts anywhere you want
Your really need to listen to the doctor and practice doing it in the office first

KiKi ʚїɞ
You won't be able to get them online just like that. Its good that your optometrist didn't allow you to take them home without training you properly on the hygine. Go back to the optometrist and take your time to learn how to put them in. Then you will be able to buy them online if you have your prescription.

get a subscription from your optometrist, then you can order them from anywhere you want.

Josh G
I have worn contacts for about 15 years. Every time I get a new pair they want me to put on a pair at the doctor and they check my eyes with them on.

Contacts are treated like prescription medicine. So, you can only order them if you have a prescription. You might be able to find a different doctor who will work with you better.

I would NOT suggest it.

The exam measures your eye curvature... as well as screen you for if you can tolerate then.

Do yourself a favor... don't attempt to short-circuit the safety and health practices that a qualified professional can provide.

I don't know any optometrist who will let you do that. She's responsible for the accurate fit and needs to see them in your eyes through her many gadgets. If she hasn't fitted you correctly or you have them inside out (soft ones) you will scratch your cornea and get infections..ultimately losing your eyesight.

Get over your phobia, let her do her job and if you like her trial pair, make sure you leave with the prescription in hand. You can purchase further supplies from 1-800-contacts or walmart much cheaper than from her office. But she will give you a free pair to walk out with. From that point, you can experiment with colored lenses but remember, you will need to go back every year for an annual exam.

Sam G
You need a prescription. You have to get them at least once from your eye doctor.

Yes. You can get anything you want online. You should get an eye exam first. You need to have your eyes measured properly to get a pair of contacts that will fit you. I used to wear crazy contact that were powerless but I had an exam to size them correctly.

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