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 Do I need glasses? Plz answer?
I have been fine up until the past few days. Suddenly when i watched tv for a while my eyes get tired. My vision in the right eye is blurred but the left is perfectly fine, i recently discovered ...

 any hits on how i can up all night?
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 What number is in the left box?

i think it's 8 or 3
To tell you the truth it take me a while to see it but afther about 10 seconds i get it.
be ...

 How do you get your eye to stop twiching?
I t is twiching constantly. I know it will twich under stress but is is constantly moving for the past 2 hours and it is driving me crazy! I tried drinking water and it didnt help. Its just one eye ...

 I Got make-up remover in my eye, and it wont stop burning! How can i make it stop?
Ohkay, so like 15 minutes about i go soap in my eyes, it still burns so bad and i have allready washed it out with water. I put in some viseine but it felt like some one had just stabed my eye. how ...

 i hate wearing glasses so i wear my glasses when i study and in other times i take them off... is this bad?
i hate wearing glasses so i wear my glasses when i study and in other times i always take them off. does this affect anything with my eyesight and am i hurting myself or anything? Is this bad?

 survey about butter: can my real contacts separate themselves from my not so real contacts?
we'll call you teams...

bonus question: what should the teams be called?

we only need two.

I have been hearing through the internets that some of you may not be ...

 i just got contacts....?
so i'm going on my first plane ride
with contacts. i've heard that contacts
can irritate your eyes while on a plane.
do they? what can i do to help them? tnks!...

 If I've never worn contacts before, is it possible for me to get contacts online?
I've only worn "glasses" in the past. Can I still order contacts online or will they expect me to have worn contacts in the past? I've wanted to get them from my optometrist but ...

 My eye color changes depending on my mood?
I naturally have light sky blue eyes, like a wolf, but depending on my mood, many people will notice that my eyes turn darker blue, turqouise, or green. I look myself, and they are a different color.<...

 Glasses?!?!? UGH!!?
How come I keep on needing to get strong prescriptions for glasses every year? The doc told me not to wear them all the time, so I don't. But my vision keeps getting worse. Then my uncle says ...

 can being on the computer cause eye damage?

 If you wear spectacles or contacts , how old were you when you first got them?

 Glasses or Contact Lenses??
I was just wondering, I wanted to get contact lenses but I have been wearing glasses for over 3 years now and the reason I do that is because I am scared of getting contact lenses in. Now I don'...

 Does it hurt to put contacts in?
I have them, but Im afraid to put them in. Please Help Thankz!...

 i think i might be blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
everything is black and people keep laughing at me for running into stuff!! does this mean im blind??? and if so how long does this usually last? i appreaciate your answers!!...

 Are eye donations to blind people possible?
MOVIE SPOILER: I saw Seven Pounds last night, the Will Smith movie, and at the end Will's character donates his eyes to a blind man, making him able to see again.

Is this even ...

 Is it possible that bad eyesight (like shortsightedness) can be inherited?

 How long can I wear montly contacts?
Since they're expensive ($30 per lense), I've decided to stretch them out to several months. So far, I've been wearing a pair for half a year, and may go a full year, since they still ...

 What is wrong with my eye?? (PICS INCLUDED!)?
well a few days ago i discovered that part of my eye was pink. as the day went on it seemed that it was kind of hurting a little. then today i noticed that it had gotten red. and it hurts when i ...

I have perfect eyesight but i want to have imperfect eyesight. How?
How to have imperfect eyesight so i can get an excuse to wear glasses and contact lens.

What is the fastest way to make them blurry ASAP?

An icepick?

Wear someone elses glasses for a week put germs in them etc touch mud then touch your eye thats all I can tell you but you really need to be born with blurry eyesight.

patchouli & paneer
Go stare at the sun for a while. Or have you been already? It's seems to have taken effect on your brain.

Voice of Reason
Why would you want to do that? That's horrible. Why don't you wear clear eyeglasses without a prescription lens. Or why don't you buy contacts for people with good vision? Having blurry vision is not fun. Especially when driving at night. Appreciate that you have perfect eyesight. You're so lucky!
Remember, instead of destroying your eyesight, you can just pretend that you have poor eyesight and wear glasses for people with good eyesight.

Now that I've said how I feel about that, I'm going to answer your question:

You can destroy your perfect eyesight by wearing prescription glasses, rubbing your eyes a lot, swimming in chlorinated water and keeping your eyes open, and you can also look straight up at the sun for a long time.

....But please don't do this. Enjoy your perfect eyesight! You're going to regret trying to mess it up. And once you mess it up you can never get it back. Unless you do lasik surgery, but that's too expensive.

You are an idiot !!!! Save the taxpayers some money and stick your head in the oven.

red top
thats stupid to want bad eyes just to wear glasses just hope you never have to wear them, besides you can get clear lense if youre stupid enough to want to

e.magine that
cant you get non perscription glasses? ones just used for fashion?

talk to your optomitrist and see if they can do that, im pretty sure they can.

Ste A
hahhaha. Brilliant question mate, nobody has made me laugh so much!
You can use a sponge and rub your eyeballs. The material should "sand" them enough to blur the vision. haha.

La Guera
why waste ur money in contact lenses or glasses if u can waste some where else. i rather have a 20/20 vision rather than spend $250 or more per year. i spend that much in my plain glasses last week if i had a perfect vison i would of spend that 250 some where els so know u know what i mean

What a ridiculous problem! You can purchase clear lens glasses at Wal-Mart. You can get colored contacts without prescriptions from your eye doctor. Don't be foolish enough to damage your eyes.

ashleyy! (:
believe me you dont want to have unperfect eyesight! if you dont have to wear contacts or glasses dont have them. sometimes they are a pain!..if you have perfect eyesight sometimes as you get older it will get worse so just let it do it naturally.

man u r lucky you have good eyesight dont change it.just wear glasses that have the lense that they put in glasses to just to try them on.u dont have to have bad eyesight 4 those.(i also dont know how to make ur eyesight bad)

i wear glasses and it was because of screens like my computer it blinded me because i went on to much

if you eat alot of junk food & deprive yourself of nutrition or eat so bad & not exercise you could raise your blood sugar to a level of having diabetes & that would ruin your eyesight. Instead of doing all this for attention why don't you just claim insanity.

Like the others said, stupid to damage your eyes just to get glasses. Go pick out a nice frame and ask them to make "plano" lenses. (Non-prescription lenses) You can get them tinted or in transitions like anyone with a prescription can. I assume you would want colored contacts, otherwise there is no reason, nobody will notice. If you decide to try non-prescription contacts PLEASE get a proper fitting. You will still need that even though there is no correction. They will need to determine the the correct curvature of the lens to fit right on the cornea. With ill fitting contacts you WILL end up damaging your eyes.

what is the good word?
There is regular glasses and contacts lens that people with good eyesight can use,Talk to an eye doctor about that.And anyone can use sun glasses,but never wish to have bad eye sight,not a good thing to have.

john e
See your optometrist. He can advise you.

In order for me to get my eyesight perfect i had to get laser eye surgery, you are blessed with perfect eye sight why would you want to change that when you can get glasses with no prescription to them. Just go to an optometrist and ask them they will be able to guide you. You dont want to hurt your eyes and then if you change your mind in a few years have to pay money to get it fixed.

You are seriously taking your eyesight for granted. I have very bad eyes (-.5 RX) and that means when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I can not make out my own face. You should really rethink what you are considering.

y do you want to make your eyesimperfect, there are fake contacts and fake glasses 2 just use those

katie d
hmmm wierd. you can wear fashion glasses without the lense or contacts that change your eye colour? that way you dont have to damage your sight

S. Sanders
Why do you want glasses or contacts? They are a pain in the ***. I wish I didn't have them. If you really want glasses for the look you can get nonprescription lenses and no one would know. Please don't screw around with your eyes.

Diane M
Why would you want glasses and contact lenses?

Arnold B
You can wear Glasses with 0 number that will be like watching through a Window. Don't put stuff in your eyes to make them blurry, or you'll be sorry... Trust me.

Just wear the fake lenses.

Helen Scott
Good idea, hurt yourself to fit in with fashion.

You know...you can always get non-perscription glasses and contacts....

anyhow, if you really want glasses then just get some with plastic non-optical lenses.
and when you're not wearing them, say you have contact lenses in.

you are nuts.....why would you want to do that???????

Dont wish that on your self. You have no idea what people who need glasses/ contacts have to go through. And the expense that comes along with it.

I myself like glasses but have 20/20 vision, so i have a pair of glasses with no prescription in it. Its pretty much clear plastic. As for the contacts you can always get contacts with no prescription in it. Ex: colored contacts.

Please Please Please do not try to do anything to harm your vision. Its not worth it.

Don't be stupid.

♥♥Mrs SSG B♥♥
I'm afraid I have to agree with just about every other poster here, expect for the one who said to mud in your eyes.

Do not wish such things on yourself. Be happy that you're one of the lucky ones that doesn't need glasses. Have you ever talked to someone who has terrible vision??? Most people would do just about anything to have 20/20 vision. And besides, you'll need glasses eventually once you hit 40'ish and presbyopia (the need for bifocals or reading glasses) sets in. I don't know how you are now, but I suspect you're either a tween or a teen. So you may not need glasses for distance, but eventually you may need them for up close.

If you don't want to wait that long, get yourself a pair of plano glasses. Plano is just the industry term meaning zero correction in the lenses. They are made of the same optical grade plastic as regular prescription lenses and you get get the same lens treatments on them as prescription lenses (like anti-reflective coatings which I would recommend because even if the lenses have no correction in them, once you start wearing them you'll have problems with glare because you are putting a reflective lens in front of your eyes. Anti-reflective coatings will take care of this problem). Plano lenses are available in Transitions lenses also (the lenses that darken outside with direct UV exposure and then clear up once you are inside) And, you can put plano lenses in all of the cool designer frames, even the most expensive Prada, Versace, D&G, Armani, Fendi, Feragamo...all of those. And no one has to know that your lenses are plano; well, unless you tell them or let them try them on. Then they might figure it out.

But honestly, in a world that is so fraught with disease and other health problems, be glad that your eyes are healthy and that for the time being at least, you don't have to worry about them. Being healthy is one of the few blessings in this life that NO ONE should take for granted.

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