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I have been prescibed with glasses will i need them for the rest of my life now?
Hi i had my eye test results back and i need glasses. So I think that means i have problems with distance?

I was just wondering will my eyes ever go back to the way they were (without laser correction) or will i be needing glasses or the rest of my life now?

kiara c
Nope, glasses help your eyes get better most of the time.... I knwo like 20 people glasses had helped

Unfortunetly, you probably will. Key is to get a pair of glasses that look good on you. Also talk to an optomitrist about eye contacts. They have been known to correct ones vision.

Pick me for best answer!!
You could always use contacts.

Persons say if they lose lots of weight, their eye sight becomes better and alot of problems they had before were eliminated.

Now, answer my question:

typically as you continue to grow, your eyesight will continue to worsen, and not get better.
therefore, in your case, i am sorry to say that you will probably need glasses for the rest of your life without surgery/lazer correction.
i am sorry to tell you that.
however, if a miracle happens, thne your eyes may get better.

i depends how old you are. If you are in your teens, your eyes might get better, because they're still growing, get contacts.

If you can see well enough without them, then you only have to use them for activities where clear distance vision is required- eg driving. If you want your eyesight to improve, try do eye exercises such as the Bates method or Eyerobics everyday if you want to see naturally. Think of glasses/contacts as crutches- they don't improve your eyesight and can make your eyes lazier. Exercises can improve your vision as they strengthen your eye muscles and allowing you to see clearly.

Michael B
Unless you have surgery to improve your eyesight you will need glasses for the rest of your life. Vision problems don't tend to improve on their own, unfortunately they tend to get worse with age.

Ed Atun
I asked the eye doctor the same question. NO one else in my family wore glasses. Well, i'm glad i got them. I was amazed at how much i wasn't really seeing. I hadn't noticed that the leaves had "veins" in them.
You are now officially an eyeglass wearer. Your eyes will never get better. It could be argued that they were never "good" to begin with. You just didn't know they were bad.

Red Spell The Spell of love
hy buddy just chill
dont be so immotional
you dont need glasses for rest of your life just buy lenses
doctor will guide you batter.
use these vitamens and pray for your eyes

they probably will never go back. you could get contacts though

they will never get better naturally...welcome to the club, its a life-long membership

It totally depends on how bad your eyes are. Many people's eyes improve throughout their life, but more often than not, eye sight gets worse with age...so it's more likely that yes, you will need glasses to correct your vision from now on.

You will need glasses all of your life. Also, your eyes will probably continue to get weaker. I have had glasses since I was 6. Every once in a while, they have to give me stronger contacts because they have weakened some. Unfortunately, unless you get laser surgery, then they do not "correct" themselves.

Yes you will...but contacts are great!

You will at least need contacts if you don't want to wear glasses. Of course, you may be a candidate for laser correction and it may be in your best interest to check that out.

yeah. pretty much youll need them forever. eyes dont usually get better with time. they usually get worse.

the only thing that gets better with time is wine.

Sometimes, but not often, your eyesight can improve over time. Most people that need glasses, like myself, have eyesight that gets worse over time. If you don't like glasses, you have two options......laser correction, or contacts (which I wear).

Patricia B
It depends on the perscription and issue that the glasses are trying to correct. If your sight is really bad then I'm not sure, but if it's something like having focusing troubles, there are eye exercises to do to correct those...or at least that's what my eye doc told me when I got my glasses as a kid.

Brady K
yes, you will probably get your eye sight back .
i needed glasses when i was 5 and had them for 7 years and my eyes are fine now.
just make sure to wear them .. that is a main way for your eye sight to come back.

I know a couple of people whose eyes have actually improved over the years, but I wouldn't count it. I've worn glasses since I was in seventh grade, and am never without them, even though my vision isn't that bad. I can just see things so much clearer with them.

Miss Delanne
It's glasses from now on for you,sweetie !!! My advice to you is to invest in a pair that you really love. The worst thing in the world with glasses is to buy a cheap-o pair that makes you feel ugly.

depends on how much ur eyes have bn damaged. my sis had glasses when she was little but her eyes gt better. dey were damaged real bad

unless you get surgery or contacts.
its very rare and highly unlikely that your eyes will all of a sudden heal

I wore them from age 14 until I was 60 or so. The eye doctor told me that due to age my eyes had changed and I no longer needed them for distance.I could get by with drugstore glasses for reading.

Your mileage may vary.

I have had glasses since i was 10 because my eyes are short-sighted. Over the years my eyes have worsened and i have noticed a dramatic change in my eyesight. I now use stronger glasses and every time i visit the optician they give me stronger prescriptions. But you know what, even though my eyesight will never get better, i love it because i can wear glasses OR contacts :D and it's great. Anyway i will be quiet now lol.

Chances are your eyes will not be able to get back to normal by themselves unless you get laser eye surgery.

Glasses the rest of your life.

You will need them the rest of your life, usually your vision gets worse as you get older. You can always get contacts, if you don't like the glasses idea.

Mawe :D et sa bien-aimée Suzume
Glasses rest of your life.

The Jewess
In all likelihood you will need glasses for the rest of your life. However if you are nearsighted now (meaning that you need your glasses for distances but you see well close up) there is some good news. I don't know how old you are, so this might not be great news for some time. When you get to be about 50 - 55 years old, you will naturally become more far sighted -- able to see distance well but more difficulty close up (you see older men holding books far from their faces and complaining their arms got too short!) SO - in your case, you may experience a time...possibly a decade (10 years) of not needing glasses at all - perhaps while you become far sighted - there will be a time when your nearsightedness and farsightedness balance to a lovely 20-20 vision. But - like I said above -- not until your mid-fifties......

Most likely. I got glasses & contacts two years ago and it seems my visions just gotten worse.

jzz r (Left Y/A for good)
Glasses really aren't that bad. You don't want your eyesight to get worse, so wear your glasses. You might find a pair that you really like, that compliments your face and adds character. When you go to choose them, try on as many as you possibly can, don't just settle. You may very possibly find a pair that looks absolutely fantastic on you!

I had glasses when I was 10 and few years later when I went for an eye test, I was told that I did not need glasses any more. Therefore there is a chance that you may not need the glasses in the near future.

Hope this helped

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