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I dropped my contact and it dried out if i soak it can i reuse it?
I thought my right contact lens was in but when I tried to get it out it wasn't. I later found it on my dining room chair dried out. If I soak it will I be able to re use it. Ive only jst started wearing lenses so am not sure.

i soaked mine in water after mine dried out and it was fine

Soak it in contact solution it should be usable again.

i have...i put in in solution for like 10-15 min..and let it soak up the solution...but it only works in solution.....it should be fine...ive done it before and it never bother me.

I have, and it was fine. After it's been soaked and soft again, just check it out. If you see any visible tears, don't use it. If you put it in your eye and it feels scratchy, don't use it. It might be fine though.

Yep. If it's still whole, just put it back in contact solution and it will be re-usable within the hour. Also, if you ever loose it, and you are in a tight situation you can put it in your mouth. I know! Weird! But your mouth has the same pH as your eyes.

Ralph S
yeah, that happens a lot!!
I think u can wear them. put it in the solution for few minutes, then wash it with the solution to make shure it's clean, then, yes you can wear it.

yeah that happens to me all the time.

just give it a soak in its container for only a few minutes and it will clean it and soften it again so you can put it back in.

if they are daily lenses though i wouldn't bother..if they a monthlies then i would.

I ♥ Purple!
Yes you can soak in in the saline for a bit then pop it back in.

Special K
Yes you can. It happened to me several times. Just don't rub it when it's dry. You will scratch the lens.

Rachael H
if it's a disposable one, i wouldn't risk it, if a hard lens, clean it first then re soak

★Need a wish right now.
I wouldn't if I was you. Wherever you found it, might have been dusty, dirty and full of germs. Eyes are very sensitive, why do you think we have eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids? Even your own body sweat can ruin your eyes. Don't do it. There is even a risk of you scratching your eyes, drying them out and then getting infected even if you do put the lense in sulution.

better not, just to be safe

►◄The►◄ ►Answers◄ ►◄Girl►◄
No, my optician warned me explicitly against reusing dried out then re soaked contacts.

I wouldn't

I would not. If it dried out, then all the solution and medicine on it dried up, and it is no good . You could get an infection in your eye. You cannot wear a contac that has been out of solution and dried.

i tried that once but never to do it again. i dropped my contact and tried to soaked it for a while, then after that i cleaned it. i wore it and after a few minutes my eyes became red and started to get so irritating.

if i where you, dont try to wear it again. it might had scratches on it as a cause of the drop and it won't be safe to wear it again.

better to be cautious, than to get blinded by it =)


kris e
no it will have scratches in it. ur eyes will turn red and get irritated

Quod Eram Eras
No. Don't risk it.

No, once a lense is dried out it is pretty much ruined. The lense has a curvature in it (your prescription) and once it has dried out and shrivled up, that curvature will not be the same.

no cause even if u soak it once they dry up they shrink and once they shrink no matter how long u soak em they wont go back to their original shape. plus there's tons of germs on it now. gl. o and NEVER put them in ur mouth! ur mouth is full of germs!!!

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