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Paige K
I can't open my eye!?
ok so, ive had a bad cold recently but it's starting to go
but yesterday i noticed my right eye hurt when i blinked or w.e
now when i woke up i couldn't open it at all! it was covered in sleep (least i think it was sleep). I managed to get it open and i've washed off all the gunk but it's still not open as far as my other eye?
it's all red and looks weird..like one eye is strangley smaller than the other?
wtf is wrong?

aldo p
Perhaps you have sty.. maybe?


its called conjunctivitis (bad spelling i know)
it will pass

. ʌvʌvʌ .
rub your mothers wedding ring on your eye's and it will clear up overnight.
have this answer on the screen when you do it.


You might have the pink eye. GO see the doctor asap.

yep....happens sometimes have you tried holding a warm washcloth on it for like 10 minuets

Anna T
What time are you going to bed? If your going to bed late, you don't get much sleep. When you don't get much sleep, gunky stuff gets in your eyes and sticks together. Try going to bed early. Hope this helps your eye. :)

Might be conjunctivitis, that causes your eye to be very gunky. Go to your doctor and they will probably prescribe you some eyedrops.

Probably Conjunctivitis i would go and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Good Luck

 The Philosopher

the pink eye. See a doctor. It could be conjuntivitis

dwarakanathan cr rama
this is not a sudden incident of acute on chronic conjunctivitis does such effect of sticking the lids together ---you may use antibiotic eye drops to both eyes and see your eye doctor at once

take medicine

Conway Valley
If you are worried go to your GP.

With the best will in the world Yahoo answers is not a doctor!

That sounds like conjunctivitis.
I've had it before, years ago...it's scary, especially first thing in the morning! I remember just letting it run its course, but you could see a doctor if you wanted, and he/she could recommend meds.

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