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No name
I am sacred that I will need glasses. Please Help!!!!!!?
I am sacred that I will need glasses because I have heard that they can be very annoying and that everyone would take the mick out of me. And OUCH the price of glasses.

Even though I haven't yet see the eye doctor (Got an appointment booked for 5 days time)I am pretty sure I will need glasses because:

1. I get dizzy and feel sick when using a PC
2. I can't see sign post from very faraway (Shortsighted I think)

Please tell me what glasses are like and try and boost my confidence. I also don't like the idea of poking my finger in my eyes for contacts.

Please try and answer these following questions:
Do you like wearing glasses?
What should I expect from wearing glasses?
Would my glasses be permanent?
Additional Details
Any tips on glasses?

here's my thing...
I know glasses seem a little scary. They ARE a bit of a pain (especially the cost like you mentioned), but they aren't the end of the world.

I wear both glasses and contacts. I'll wear contacts when I go out of the house usually, but when I'm just slumming around or need to read/work on the compute my glasses are MUCH better for my eyes.

I wouldn't say I LIKE wearing glasses. I kind of feel like they cover up my face too much no matter how small I get the frames (I have fine features), but my boyfriend thinks they look really cute on me and lots of other people think glasses are cute too, so you wouldn't be repelling the ladies automatically or anything. The do get dirty a lot, and I'm forever cleaning them, and they can be awkward for sports. For me, I have REALLY bad eyesight though, so it's better than being blind.

What can you expect? Hmm...like I said, they get dirty and if you play sports you might want to invest in contacts. You won't repulse people or be a freak in case you are worried about that. You can expect them to help you a lot with the problems you're describing, too. If you go to a good eye doctor you will see 20/20 easily.

They ARE a permanent thing, usually. People's eyesight actually doesn't remain static, so sometimes people's sight gets worse (usuallly) with time, or maybe a little better. I've never heard of anyone being able to discard their glasses though personally.

So in terms of confidence, don't worry! Like I said people over the age of 12 will not call you four-eyes and many people think they are attractive. They need some maintaining but they aren't a huge deal and you get used to them fast. You'll enjoy being able to see better.

Braeden D
i am sacred also nice to meet one of my kind

Cσηνєяѕє Cяαzу ☂
Well, i cant see from very far away, i'm also shortsighted, and i've been wearing glasses for a year and a half. Bold, bright glasses are totally out right now. There's nothing wrong with them.

Do you like wearing glasses;

Yes, i do. They ARE comfy and they make my eyesight so perfect, it's an amazing invention!

What should i expect from wearing glasses;

You expect to see the opticians once a year, you may need to clean them, there's nothing else to expect, once your use to them, you wont even know your wearing them! Just make sure you don't knock them off or get into a fight.

Would my glasses be permanent;

Depends. Sometimes, shortsighted people won't even need to wear them all the time apart from reading the white board from further distance, etc. But it's preferably wearing them all the time, but if your completely hard of seeing, you may need to wear them all the time, which is not a bad thing! I promise :)

Johnna B
It definately sounds like you need glasses. Once you get used to them you will love them there are lots a really nice styles. Once you have your prescription you shop around for the best deals. I never spend alot for my glasses and i get lots of compliments.

Chesh »
You might or you might not but you will probably only need them for reading and using the computer and stuff like that..... Yes glasses can be very annoying at some times because they steam up when it's raining, they can hurt your ears and can restrict the blood flow around your eyes making them look tired and they always get in the way, But the important thing is that you can see well to do your work and you will find that you will able to concentrate a bit more. But if you don't like your glasses you could ask about contact lenses as they are loads better and more comfortable.

Symptoms to identify distant objects...
Possible diagnosis of short sightedness (myopia)
Treatment, you may need glasses or contact lenses, or you can also undergo surgery!
Your doctor or optometrist will find out which option will suit you best.

Here To Help
haha I'm scared of the same total thing!
I can't see hardly anything from far away.
This morning i thought a black chair in the grass was a dog!
lmao. but I still haven't been to the opticians because i know I'll need glasses. So i totally relate to what you're feeling.

I actually dont mind it, I found a pair that I actually like so no I do not mind wearing them.

You should expect to have better vision and most likely see things farther away and you shouldn't get dizzy as often.
For example I got horrible headaches all the time and I went to the eye doctor and I got glasses and now I barely get headaches.

Just because you get glasses doesn't mean you will have them for the rest of your life. A friend of mine needed glasses but he went back for a appointment one day and his eye sight improved because he did wear his glasses. There is a possibility you might and there is a possibility that you might not need to wear them forever.

But I dont people will make fun of you, I thought the same thing when I got them but no one did.
I suggest to just find a pair you like on you so that you wont mind having them as much.
They really aren't that annoying, when I first got them and I put them on for the first time seeing the frame of the glasses kept bothering me but you get really used to it to the point where at times you dont realize you have them on.

While at the computer, don't stare for too long. It'll hurt anyone's eye! Look away for at least 20 seconds at something 20 feet away, then go back to the computer.

I enjoy contacts better because I can see everywhere around me, but from an infection in my eyes, I can only wear them for a few hours a day, which is pointless so I'm confined to glasses. You'll have to clean your glasses every so often, readjust them on your face, and be careful not to fall asleep with them on. Glasses to see far would probably be a long term thing, since your eyesight only gets worse as you age, but there are contacts which are no big deal. A LOT of people who wear glasses have contacts and are fine with them. I thought the same thing you did about contacts, but got over it quickly.

No, glasses drove my life crazy and ruined what confidence I had. But luckily, it was enough that I would stop at nothing to get those contacts in. Seriously, it may take a few weeks, but you should really consider getting contacts.

Rebecca B
It is a possibility that if you're shortsighted you my not need to wear your glasses the whole time. I only wear mine when I'm doing distance vision tasks. 7 out of 10 people are suitable to wear contact lenses so don't kill that idea before you try it. You should expect clear vision from a prescription...and glasses, well they are now the new accessory. I personally have about 8 pairs...to me if I'm wearing them everyday and they are giving me good sight i don't mind spending the money on them. Do not take your sight for granted.... every ones eyes are different some people will only need glasses temporarily (dependent on age and prescription) others will wear them for life. Its not the worst thing in the world to happen.

I wear glasses but only when I'm at home, if I'm out and about I wear contact lenses. If you're worried people will make fun just get some contact lenses if you can afford it.

First of all you will be fine if you need glasses or if you do not. You are doing the best thing for yourself by scheduling an eye exam to find out. Also keep in mind that if you need glasses that the doctor must provide you with a copy of your prescription after the exam and there are several internet retailers with inexpensive eyeglasses. Zenni Optical is the cheapest I have found with eyeglasses starting at $8.00.

I personally do not like wearing glasses, but I will wear them when I need to. I prefer contact lenses because you get a wider field of vision and a more natural appearance with less minification/magnification. I also had issues getting accustomed to eyeglasses and contacts worked much better for me. The idea of contacts also took a while to get used to as well.

It may take a few days for your brain to get accustomed to wearing glasses when you first get them, which may result in dizziness and nausea. You may want to wear them full time until that stops, then only wear them as you need to. I had some trouble getting used to eyeglasses, but I was not typical.

The glasses will likely be permanent in most cases. I did attempt a natural vision improvement program a few years ago and achieved partial results. I was still pleased with my results. They did not eliminate the needs for correcting my vision, but it did reduce my prescription. Many of these programs are really expensive, do not work for everyone and require lots of dedication on your part to complete the eye excercises every day.

I hope this helps, Good Luck!

I wear glasses and I dont get stick from my mates and the only time I find them annoying is when I cant find them. But yes your right, they are awfully expensive

Laura S
I got glasses when I was about 13, I couldn't see the board in school very well as I was shortsighted. I got my glasses free to start off with. Now I'm 18 and I wear them all the time as I'm driving quite a lot and I'm just used to it now. It was a bit annoying at first but you do get used to it. I don't mind wearing glasses, they suit me now because people are used to seeing me witht them on. Just expect a lot more clearer vision, it is soo different when you put your glasses on. It depends on your eyesight as to whether they would be permanent, you'd need to ask you optician. As for the price, I changed optician last year and got two new pairs, they should have been £170 for both, but I got a student discount and got them for £69. One pair is designer and one isn't. There are so many nice glasses out there now, you won't have to worry about looking "stupid".
Good luck!

Peter K
Did you mean "scared"?

Glasses are cool. Modern ones have plastic lenses and are really light weight. When you are cycling fast they reduce the wind, grit and flies getting in your eyes. I like my glasses. It helps if you get a good optician who knows how to adjust them to be a comfortable fit.

Are you in the UK? Glasses are subsidised for under 18s.

she knows u
Just wear them men or women with glasses look more intelligent :)

yes i wear specs. you can get some very fashional ones,it,s better to wear specs if you need them as your sight is very precious,you might only need them to read so don.t worry to much you will soon get used to them.

Lily H
I've worn glasses for about 20 years and have no probs. Take someone with you when you get them so you have a second opinion and shop around for the frames and lenses. Remember you can buy the frames from one shop but get the lenses from another. Just remember to ask for your prescription and away you go.

Be grateful for the gift of sight.
Dont be so self conscious
I- once cried because I had no shoes---then I saw a little girl with no feet.

Don't be afraid,having glasses isn't a bad thing at all.I have had them since I was 18,and even I was at that age afraid of what people would think of me with them on,and I found that people were accepting of me regardless of if I needed glasses or not.Don't worry about what people think of you because you need to take care of your eyesight.I find that people are accepting of people that wear glasses,I've actually had a couple friends who wore contacts for years go back to glasses because of how many different styles they have that look just great.There's a style that suits everyone!

From what it sounds like,you may need glasses for the long haul if you happen to be shortsighted.If that's the case,you should wear them,and do so with pride.I have worn mine for eight years and I absolutely love them,I would not give them up for anything,they are as a part of me as any body part is.Wearing glasses is really like wearing any accessory,like a watch or a ring.

When you get them,expect your eyes to try and get used to them,so you may get a bit of a headache,this may last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.The headaches will go away in time.Clean them regularly and take good care of them.Try not to fall asleep with them on.

Overtime,if you just don't seem happy with wearing glasses daily,you should get contact lenses.I myself am one who doesn't desire to try them,but others do,and I encourage anyone who can correct their vision properly to do so,your eyes are not something to mess with,you only get two,take good care of them.Good luck!

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