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 i think i might be blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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 My eyes are yellow. Anyone else's?
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My iris's are actually yellow with black/dark grey spots on them.

I ...

 what is the majority of the populations eye color?

 Favourite Eye Colour?
Whats ur fave eye colour my eyes are a dark hazel green & i luv Bright blue eyes

So whats ur fave eye colour?...

 what is your eye color?

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 is floaters in eye bad at this age?
im only 16 and ppl say u only get floater in ur eyes wen u age but i have them nw and im only 16 is tht bad????? and i do have an eye app. set up in feb.. but is it bad at this age?...

 Can you tell if someone is wearing contact lenses?
Or is it impossible to notice?...

 How long do glasses take to get in?
i have bad eyesight. over the summer it was 20/70 and 20/50 and it is worse now. I want them in about 5-6 days do you think i would be able to get them in my the end of my spring break???

 Why is there more than one type of colour for eyes?

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 what happens if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
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*I can't see very clear without ...

 i have goo in my eye and its all puffed up?
so i wake up and my eye iches, then i look at it and there is like the white stringie goo crap in it, what do i do to get it out and get it back to normal ...

I Got make-up remover in my eye, and it wont stop burning! How can i make it stop?
Ohkay, so like 15 minutes about i go soap in my eyes, it still burns so bad and i have allready washed it out with water. I put in some viseine but it felt like some one had just stabed my eye. how do i make it go away?! PLEASE HELP!


soak a section of a towel with cold water and gently put it up to your eye. keep it there with your eye closed. then blink a lot when you feel like it's better. get a ziplock sandwhich bag and fill it with ice. place it to your eye. good luck!

Rebecca m
Sleep it will take 2-3 days to heel

Go into shower, run it through water for a minute. If ONE minute does not help, seek professional help.

Run water in your eye for about 5 minutes. Use shower if need to.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! I suggest you wash out your eyes for 5 minutes or more.

Never put soap in your eye. Your going to need to flush your eye, go to emerge if its too bad, and they will give you eye drops for flushing. Don't put anything more in your eye, it will make it worse.



We Fist Pump Like Champs!
use eye drops from the pharmacy

what i did when i got something in my eye last week was put water straight into them with hose.

There is nothing to do but keep on flushing it out with water. I recommend lying down somewhere and closing your eyes for a bit and wait till the burn subsides. Listen to some music or take a nap.

run water in it intell it stops burning

Keep flushing with water and call Poison control:

Explain what happened and they will tell you exactly what to do.

Here is their website too:

Go to the hospital this might cause you to be blind please hurry! Good luck! And god bless you!

call poison control center and keeps flushing out your eyes. don't rub your eyes and, next time, careful not to get it in your eye, honey!

Douglas D
Go to the emergency room, and let them treat it.
A week ago, I got something in my eye, and I tried and tried and tried to get it out on my own, and I ended up putting a scratch on my eyeball. It took about four days for it to stop hurting, and I am still putting prescribed antibiotics in my eye four times a day.
I have to go back in about another week for follow up.

Take this very seriously, and get medical help ASAP.

Acting is my passion
Keep flushing your eye with cold water!
If it doesn't help call a poison center or go to the ER

just keep washing your eye out with water and it will stop burning and dont put viseine cuz it will hurt your eye even more.

milk i would try. Call the number in the back of the thing they will help too

obamas my homeboy
i know what will not help...a fork, boken glass, pogosticks, or the pegleg of a pirate....

Poopoo Lalala
maybe after you put visine you should lay down and go to sleep just keep your eyes closed dont worry this happened to me b4 :)

Rinse it with water. It WILL eventually stop burning..lol I've totally done that before... but yeah, don't touch it or irritate it with anything else. Good luck!

put milk in ur eye it sooths your eye

Get in the bath tub and make the water deep enough that you can put your face under water and open your eyes. Repeat if necessary

Flush it out with cool, slow running water for 5-10 minutes.

Contact a poison control center for any advice.

STOP RUBBING! Rinse your eyes in water for 15 minutes. Close your eyes and try to relax as much as you can. Apply visine AFTER you have rinsed your eye. If it persists you need to get medical attention. You might be allergic to it, but rinsing out your eye with water should make it stop.

Since then...i only take off my makeup with vaseline. It is GREAT! make sure to remove it with a warm wet cloth. =) Hope this helped!

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