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Gossip Girl
How rare is this (10 points)?
I have light sky blue eyes and my parents eyes are dark brown and green. How rare is that because I always wondered?
Additional Details
Thanks for the answers guys!

Its not that rare if your grandparents or anyone else in your family has light blue eyes. Usually you would get either green or brown eyes but genetics can get mixed up which is why you picked up a trait of blue eyes :)

I don't know...

I have grey eyes and my dad has brown and my mom has blue. Maybe it's a coincidence about that--there's probably a lot of people like that. (Me, for example :D)

over the hill
not that rare - mum and dad must both carry the recessive gene

my hubby and I have brown eyes/brown hair and we have 2 children with blond hair and blue eyes

blonde and blue eyes run on both sides

Spaceman Spiff
Honestly, I have seen a lot of people with light blue eyes. It doesn't necessarily matter what your parents have because the light blue eyes may have been a recessive gene. Cool color though. Don't know too many people with light blue eyes.

it's not rare it happens a lot

°o.O bubbly O.o°
ummmmm not at all sorry to say well it depends if any of your grandparents or cousins have blue eyes its not rare because when your when your chromosomes matched up blue was chosen but if no one has blue eyes in your family except like your great great great great great great great great great grandparents then its still not really rare because the trait was never lost its still there but brown eyes or green eyes was more dominate and in your case blue was the dominate eye color

It means they both carried the recessive gene that produces blue eyes.

Not too rare.

i work at an eye doctors i just talked to my doctor and she said its not rare at all if grandparents aunts uncles have blue eyes that's why

Flying Dragon
In addition to all the genetic theories, there are other possibilities for your light blue eyes while your parents having dark brown & green:

1] The babies got mixed up at the hospital the day you were born
2] You were adopted
3] Your mother had an affair with some guy who had blue eyes or carried the gene for blue eyes

not that rare, especially if your mailman has light, sky blue eyes! lol

lucky u : )

Eye color is determined by genetics. Blue eyes are recessive. Brown eyes are dominant. That means that whichever parent has the brown eyes has 1 dominant gene for brown eyes and the other gene is the recessive gene for blue eyes. The parent with the green eyes also must have 1 recessive gene for blue eyes. The only guaranteed way to have a baby with blue eyes is if both parents have blue eyes.

Sunshine Forever
its not rare;
its pretty normal.
its hereditary;
one of your ancestors has blue
eyes giving you blue eyes.
i learned about all that
in seventh graade.

Mendel's First Law is the law of "Segregation of Characteristics."

This says that of a pair of characteristics (e.g. blue and brown eye colour) only one can be represented in a gamete. What he meant was that for any pair of characteristics there is only one gene in a gamete even though there are two genes in ordinary cells.

If your eyes are blue, green or grey you have two alleles for blue eyes (bb), then your gametes must have a blue allele (b); if your eyes are brown you might have two brown allele (BB), then your gametes have one allele for brown (B) or you might have one allele of each kind (Bb), in which case you make two kinds of gametes some contain the brown allele (B) and some contain the blue allele (b).

brown is a dominant color, green is recessive and blue is uncommon. so it is some what rare but its all genetic science. there is a reason for this occurrence in you DNA. but both me and my 1st sister have blue eyes when my mom has green eyes and my dad has brown. so its not horribly rare.

Dr. Bill
It's possible under the following overly simplified scenario. Brown is the most common color because it is a dominant eye color. This means your one parent only needs one brown gene to have brown eyes and the recessive gene can be blue. The other parent with green eyes which is recessive would need two green genes to produce green eyes. It's possible to get the blue gene from one parent and the green gene from the other parent and end up with blue eyes because there is no dominant eye color to over come it.

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