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How long can I wear montly contacts?
Since they're expensive ($30 per lense), I've decided to stretch them out to several months. So far, I've been wearing a pair for half a year, and may go a full year, since they still feel perfectly fine. Is this ok?

i dont see why not, ive worn the disposable ones (suppose to be 2 weeks) 4 months without even taking them out. ive slept with them in, swam with them in, etc. but once it starts irritating your eyes you need 2 take them out and let ur eys relax 4 a few days

(*Bam Bam*)
sure thats what i do go ahead

Darragh J
you'll be graaaand

I wear them until the first sign of discomfort. This can be anywhere from 3 months to a year. The important thing is to not let them damage and irratate your eye...

hiSz laydii`
I have em too. But the doc says every other night you should take them out and let them soak in solution. As long as they are not feeling dry or hurting your eyes then they should be fine but you still should make sure by taking them out and looking to see if anything is growing on them, which means they need to be put in contact solution overnight.

well supposibly now those contacts that used 2 b 4 a mth r appoved 4 only 2wks now but who knows i think a couple of mth should b fine...but remember u only got 1 pair of eyes!

that's okey. but consult to a doctor for a better result. usually I stretch my contact for another 1 week. for the monthly lense.

what year was the war of 1812?

Have you had an eye exam w. those contacts in? I wear mine 1-2 months and I had an eye exam when I had contacts in for about 2 months and my eye doctor said the contacts were on their last leg.

my optometrist usually says "look good, see good, feel good" and told me to call him if I don't...like if it's red, blurry, or irritating. So, as long as you are still seeing well and your eye is not irritated, it is probably okay, but you should ask an eye doc how they look (without telling him/her how long they've been in) to see what they say.

As a student nurse, I say that you shouldn't stretch them out that long because the lens is probably not fully intact and it could strain your eyes. However, as a poor college student, I totally understand why you'd try to push a pair as long as possible.

Good luck scheduling that eye appt ;)

thats not a good thing cause more and more bacteria will grow on it..and you might can get an eye infection.

i wouldnt extend it to that long because seriously...just one pair of eyes...u dont want to damage them..

No, it is not ok. Dont extend it as for now u might not see how its affects the eye but for long term u will see.

That's fine to do if you want eye infections, giant papillary conjunctivitis, dry eye, neovascularization, corneal ulcers, and the inability to ever wear contacts again.

Since they are considered monthly lenses. You may be at risk for infection for continued use. The lenses may have bacterial growth which can damage your eye in the long run. I wouldn't recommend wearing them longer than the time suggested by the manfacture. If you're concerned about the expense use glasses.

Monthly lenses are designed to last a month. A little over wear say a week or so is common and few people have distastrous results, but the longer you wear a lens beyond it's designated end date, the more you open yourself up to ulcers, infections, scars, etc. Would you wear a pair of underwear indefinitely, until they got uncomfortable or caused a problem? You should give your eyes the same consideration.

Kelly N
They're called monthly for a reason.
I too have monthly disposables, and yes, they are expensive, but I have never worn them more than two months.
That is not healthy for your eyes even in the slightest.
I'm sure when you got them your optometrist told you just that.
Don't be a cheap when it comes to something as important as your sight.

A monthly contact lens is only approved by the FDA to be worn for a month while still taking them out each night for cleaning and disinfecting. You could be doing some serious harm to your eyes. You may not feel it right away but you could get infections, scarring on the eye and protein build-up on the eye. To go over a month on occasion is risky but it happens. To stretch out 1 pair for a whole year is very ignorant. You get 6 lenses in a box and if you don't have the same Rx in both eyes than you would have to buy 2 boxes anyway. 2 boxes is a 6 months supply and you should have no excuse to have to wear 1 pair for a whole year. I imagine that it will make your Rx change more each year also, So you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Not to mention the doctor at my ofice would eventually switch your contacts to something extended wear or even refuse to give you any more prescriptions until you started wearing them properly.

Pedestal 42
Save money by driving on bald tyres, too...

You can get away with it right up to the moment you don't.

The incidence of eye infections is much higher with individuals who do not follow prescribed regimes.
But odds being what they are, you might be OK: do you like to gamble?

Optometrist, retired.

Well I wouldnt recommend doing this I have done it and did stretch it out for a year and the lenses started to cut into my eyes and I didnt realize it , get your self a nice pair of glasses , they are the newest fad any way!!

You are risking damaging your eyes or at least getting an infection. It sounds as if you are not getting your eyes examined like you are suppose to every six months either, so how do you know everything is OK just because they feel fine. So if you want to risk messing up your eyes for $60, go right ahead. Won't it be wiser to forgo say a new outfit, then to take this risk?

Its ok only if you want a nice eye infection!

Wow, I wouldn't do that. They recommend one month for a reason. You might damage your eyes. If they are too expensive, where glasses. I think your eyes are more important then money.

But If you've made up your mind, who says you're gonna listen to me.

Monthly contacts are made only for you to wear for a month. If you wear them for an extended period of time you can cause damage to your eyes and/or get infections in your eye. I would suggest instead of monthly contacts going with disposable contacts. You can wear them for two weeks and then put a new pair. They are a lot cheaper than the monthly contacts.

Zia S
"i dont see why not, ive worn the disposable ones (suppose to be 2 weeks) 4 months without even taking them out. ive slept with them in, swam with them in, etc. but once it starts irritating your eyes you need 2 take them out and let ur eys relax 4 a few days"

thats completely wrong. at max you should wear the monthly contacts for 3weeks. if you sleep with them your risking getting a corneal problem called Caratakonis (spelling) or any other problems. yes they're expensive but thats what you have to sacrifice to keep your eyes healthy. once you get one of these diseases you cant wear contacts ever
id tell you to take out your contacts, give your eyes some rest, and get a new pair

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