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 Does it hurt to put contacts in?
I have them, but Im afraid to put them in. Please Help Thankz!...

 i think i might be blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
everything is black and people keep laughing at me for running into stuff!! does this mean im blind??? and if so how long does this usually last? i appreaciate your answers!!...

 Are eye donations to blind people possible?
MOVIE SPOILER: I saw Seven Pounds last night, the Will Smith movie, and at the end Will's character donates his eyes to a blind man, making him able to see again.

Is this even ...

 Is it possible that bad eyesight (like shortsightedness) can be inherited?

 How long can I wear montly contacts?
Since they're expensive ($30 per lense), I've decided to stretch them out to several months. So far, I've been wearing a pair for half a year, and may go a full year, since they still ...

 What is wrong with my eye?? (PICS INCLUDED!)?
well a few days ago i discovered that part of my eye was pink. as the day went on it seemed that it was kind of hurting a little. then today i noticed that it had gotten red. and it hurts when i ...

 Contacts or Glasses?
Ive got an app on monday to be fitted with a pair of contact lenses. I was just wondering if any one has contacts and what do you think of them? is it a good idea to at least try them. I currently ...

 What causes the eye pupils to expand and contract?

 My eyes are yellow. Anyone else's?
Now I know that yellow in the sclera can be problematic, that's not what I'm talking about.

My iris's are actually yellow with black/dark grey spots on them.

I ...

 what is the majority of the populations eye color?

 Favourite Eye Colour?
Whats ur fave eye colour my eyes are a dark hazel green & i luv Bright blue eyes

So whats ur fave eye colour?...

 what is your eye color?

 Glasses vs contacts?
I have astigmatism and slight nearsightdness. I have both glasses and contacts, but was wondering why I see better through my glasses. With my contacts, it sometimes is blurry especially up close, ...

 Do your eyes get worse if you wear glasses when you don't really need them?
I have a bet with my teenager who thinks glasses are cool and wants to wear them in spite of his 20/20 vision. Do your eyes somehow get weaker because they grow accustomed to the magnification the ...

 is floaters in eye bad at this age?
im only 16 and ppl say u only get floater in ur eyes wen u age but i have them nw and im only 16 is tht bad????? and i do have an eye app. set up in feb.. but is it bad at this age?...

 Can you tell if someone is wearing contact lenses?
Or is it impossible to notice?...

 How long do glasses take to get in?
i have bad eyesight. over the summer it was 20/70 and 20/50 and it is worse now. I want them in about 5-6 days do you think i would be able to get them in my the end of my spring break???

 Why is there more than one type of colour for eyes?

 if i hold my eyes open when i sneeze will my eyes pop out?

 what happens if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
I'm going somewhere, and I want to know if anything will happen to me if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
*I can't see very clear without ...

How do you get your eye to stop twiching?
I t is twiching constantly. I know it will twich under stress but is is constantly moving for the past 2 hours and it is driving me crazy! I tried drinking water and it didnt help. Its just one eye and its driving me up the wall! Thanks fo;r your help!

You probably have a B12 vitamin deficiency. Take B12 vitamin supplements. This should work.

It will stop when you are truly relaxed. If something is bothering you, you must talk to someone or find a way to shut it out so that you can relax. Go walking, swimming, play with a dog or cat, call up a friend that makes you laugh or watch a funny movie, anything to help you relax. This is a temporary solution. You really need to solve what ever is bothering you. I wish you well.

go to the doc

dont do drugs

your eyes aren't supposed to twitch?


Cough syrup. Really. Lots of it.

Del Rio
just try to relax and maybe drinks some gatorade because you could be getting dehydrated

Close it for a while or hold it down

yeahhh man

splash water on it and calm down if you have any saline solution then splash that on it.. its for contacts so it wont hurt your eyes.

close them really tight and then open them really wide and that will make it stop .

no problem
Use a cucumber slice on your eyes for 10 mins.

close them really hard over and over and try to rub your eye

you cant stop it. it needs to stop by itself. try taking a nap.

LOL, it happens all the time it will go away trust me

When your body twiches you can't make it stop. You might have a muscle problem and should consult a doctor ASAP

my eye twiches time to time i think it will just pass....it will probably pass faster if you stop stressing over it so much:)

It happens to me but only when I'm under stress. Find out what's stressing you.

Also, make sure you're getting enough potassium since it's a muscle twitch. Potassium is for good for your muscles, if you're low you may get spasms or charlie horses.

i love animals!
just drink water all day


Wait it out or go to sleep

try taking a nap...
or getting a massage...
de-stress and rest :o)

Check out this : http://www.eyedoctorguide.com/eye_problems/eye-twitching.html

I've been told to eat bananas.
Something about Vitamin K.

Could be urban legend, but give it a shot?

Scą² _ą² ty
Shoot up again of course.

Andrea N
Cold compress on your eye and a lot of sleep. Stress triggers these. Try to relax and do relaxing things.

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