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 i see weird moving lines / dots whenever i look into the sky?
does this happen to other people? i remember one of my other friends said how he saw things like that too when looking up at the sky

its just like small lines, some are twisted around into ...

 Do you have glasses ? (This is a serious question)?
Well im 13 I went for an eye test yesterday and found out that I need glasses I'm not sure what kind are , like trendy, can you help me?
And if YOU wear glasses what do they look like ?

 Am I an ****** just because I won't let my girlfriend get laser eye surgery, glasses or contacts?
She is as blind as a bat, and I am afraid that she will fly away just as fast as one once she figures out that I look like Quasimodo after a car wreck.
Additional Details
Wow... Yapoo ...

 At 16 can your eye color still be changing?
My eyes used to look really dark hazel, and if I used a ton of reddish eyeshadow I could draw out some of the green. But for the past month or so, they have been looking so green! (even when I don...

 Is there any way to permantley change your eye color?
Not colored contacts or any other non-permanent thing. And what are the risks of the procedure....

 I dropped my contact and it dried out if i soak it can i reuse it?
I thought my right contact lens was in but when I tried to get it out it wasn't. I later found it on my dining room chair dried out. If I soak it will I be able to re use it. Ive only jst ...

 What is hotter glasses or contacts?

 What color are your eyes?

 At what age is a teenager ready for laser eye surgery?

 Hi, Does inserting eye drops hurt?
My daughter has been given CROMOLUX 2% to relieve her itchy eyes. But she is refusing to use them because she thinks that eye drops hurt. Having never used them before, please help!

 What color eyes will my baby have? My eyes are light brown, my bf's are blue/green.?

 how do you fall asleep???
well Ive always wanted to know I mean you close your eyes and bam! your asleep! how?...

 What's your eye color?

 Can a 13 year old get contacts?

 What is your eye color?
mine is blue/...

 Why does everyone say contacts hurt?
My mom says contacts hurt, is she just lying so I won't get them? Also my friends say contacts hurt. Is this true or is their contacts noot in right, the wrong type of contacts,wrong ...

 Contact lense question?
I refuse to get glasses, so I will be getting contacts this week. My eyesight is 20/50 and 20/60. But I have alot of questions bout contacts! My mom has hard contacts (or gas permeable?) but after ...

 What's your eye color, and if you could change it would you?
Mine are chocolate brown, but I wish they were hazel-green what about yours? If you could change it would you, if so to what color....

 Is it okay to squint to see rather than wear glasses?
I have glasses but can improve my vision by squinting to see the clock, faces, the tv etc. I don't want to get dependent on wearing glasses so is there any reason why I shouldn't do ...

 For how long can you see when your eye is pulled out of your head?
When your eye is scooped out of your skull, hypothetically, like in fight or something, but your optical nerve is still connected, can you still see out of it?

If so, for how long?

2live Crew
How do a blind person know when to sleep?
How do they know when it's night or day, when it's dark or light.
Additional Details
listen, our body's biorhythm depends on outside stimulants such as dark and light, and noise etc.

Ashley D
They probably have braille clocks that tell them am or pm.

Carpal Tunnel Kid

They just sleep.
They know they are asleep when they are ... indeed. asleep

they just lay down once they find their bed, lay down, and just sleep

well they are blind but they can have a watch that says what time it is and how hot it is and if it is night or day. Or they can have someone tell them what time it is and if it is day or night. I think that the blind sleep whenever they get tired no matter if it is day or if it is night.

they sleep when they are tired, just like anyone else.

& correction,
"How DOES a blind person know when to sleep"

Indiana Jones
um they would be able to know what time it is so they'd know when its bed time. and if they have to get up at 7am in the morning don't you think they would go to bed at a reasonable hour to be able to get up on time.
just cuz they can't see doesn't make them retarded.

They can tell time and will sleep when they need to sleep. If the blind person in question has to be up for work at 6:00 AM, he will likely go to bed at 10:00 PM the night before. It isn't that hard to figure out.

They will know because when they are tired they go to sleep. You can even tell becuase you will here the birds and feel the sun during the day. But at night you wouldnt

Jerry Seinfeld
They sleep when they are sleepy. Just like anyone else. People don't sleep when they are tired all the time, but one can not sleep unless he/she is sleepy.

tyler p
Obvious... They're not different' they've been sleeping the same as people that can see since the were little or when they lost there sight!

David R
Blind people don't know, so they don't sleep.

Does that make sense to you? No? Then the more probable answer is that sleep is necessary when the body needs the benefits of sleep. If a blind person sleeps during conventional hours (night-time), it's only because his day-time activity is conventional.

Something Special
av always wondered about this sort of stuff. and my question is if a blind person goes for a walk, how does she know shes ended up back in her own place and not someone elses? lol.

anyway answer to ur question..

they probably got someone to set a constant alarm at a certain time, to go to bed and to get up lol.... i dont know haha

Sleep isn't induced by darkness... There's such thing as "daysleepers". You know, people that work at night.

Many probably have a better perception of time than you or I. They adapt to not having sight.

Jenny L
when they are tired
dumb question btw

wow. that's truly amazing. i dont think ive ever encountered such an ignorant person, and thats saying alot.

David Letterman threatens to read a top ten list after the commercial.

Domino's won't deliver.

The old lady who lives upstairs comes home from Bingo. (Only works on Mon Wed & Fri)

Cresent Moon
There bodies get use to the timing of when they need to sleep and when they don't.

Brother Otter
Depends on their schedule. But every blind person I know uses a watch or a clock.

They get tired, like everyone else, i guess.

Blind people live very much like the rest of us and go to bed and wake up at regular intervals. They have only lost their sight....and really the majority of them do have light and color and movement perception, there are very few totally and completely blind people in the world. even so, they have not lost their senses....they work, do laundry, sell real estate, have volunteer positions, raise kids, play in the garden, go shopping...etc....so they have ful lives including eating and sleeping and starting all over in the morning...just like you and me.....

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