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 Can someone who doesn't need glasses wear contacts?
I want to wear coloured contacts to make the colour of my eyes look more blue than it currently is (blue-green). I don't need glasses and there is nothing wrong with my eyesight. I'm pretty ...

 Do you get a headache if you don't wear your glasses?
I do but only in 1 eye!

What is your eye prescription? Mine is -1.50 & -3.00...

 How can i change my eye color?
For Halloween, i know its not for another four months but i wanna be prepared lol, i want a different eye color. Something like purple or red. My real eye color is brown. Does anyone know how i can ...

 Can I get contacts???
I have two questions here.
first is, how long do you have to wear glasses before you get contacts?
and, my vision is 20/40. is that too good to get contacts? or does your vison have to be ...

 Why do I see these black spots?
Oh, and the doctor told me I have low blood pressure...not sure if this is good or bad?
Additional Details
Whenever I lie down for fifteen minutes or more and then get back up very ...

 Ways to get better eye sight ?
I have pretty bad eye sight now that i have been on the computer a lot and when i go to school i have trouble reading the board sometimes .
But i dont want glasses or to tell my teacher to move ...

 Do you wear glasses or contacts?
And are you near or far sighted? Do you like wearing glasses or contacts better? Why or why not? The reason i'm asking is because my doc told me I need reading glasses.....and just wondering ...

 Why do I get red eye in photos but my friends don't?
I am white and my friends are black and when we take pictures my eyes are the only ones that get red eye. Also I get red eye more than most people in my family. What does this mean about the type ...

 eye trouble..help pleaseee.?
okay, so i need anyone's help..it doesnt matter who. I wear contacts every day, and today i woke up with my eye somewhat crusty [not as bad as pink eye though] and watering like crazy. it was ...

 Is it bad to wear glasses when you don't need them?
I am nearsighted, so I have glasses for the boards at school and stuff. Is it bad to leave them on for reading, because I can read with them on but I don't need them for reading? It's just ...

 I Just dipped my tongue in visine will anything happen?
I dipped my tongue to taste visine. I didn't swallow it , and i'm scares what should i ...

 help with contact lenses?
im getting contacts later this week, and im having trouble decideing on a brand.. i know theres lots out there so i was wondering what people with contacts like

is acuve, acuvue 2 or ...

 I'm like staring at the computer the whole day and my eyes feels very tired and blurry. Eye stress perhaps?
I sit and stare at the computer 6days a week as my job requires me to. My eyes are really tired and my visions do sometimes get blurry. This causes headache at times as well. What is the cause of ...

 Is it very risky to get LASIK at 18 years old?
Hi there,

My mother recently got LASIK and now I am actually considering it myself.

I've always hated glasses and contact lenses and have found that my eye sight has gotten ...

 How can I improve my eyesight?
I'm doing a Uniformed Public Services course at College and I really want to become a firefighter. I've read lots of books on becoming a firefighter and they all say that excellent vision ...

 Blonde Hair & Bright Green eyes?
Okay my name is Aleisha & i have blonde hair a bright green eyes some friends & teachers say that blondes don't usually have that combo is that true? or are they just liars lol i'm A...

 what color contacts go with very dark brown eyes and black hair (im indian)?
hey this is my first ever question!!! im soooo excited for your answers!!!! all right so! i have VERY dark eyes, and considerably large eyes as well (it runs in my family) i have black shoulder ...

 White part of my eye turning a faint yellow colour, why?
hey, i'm 15 and i've lately been spotting in the corners of my eyes (when i look in the mirror) that they are turning a faded yellowy colour. Im a vegetarian, so can that be a possibility ...

 Are eye contacts really bad for you? (true or myth?)?
So I was searching on Yahoo Answers for some contact information and I found this answer and it made me change my mind about getting colored contacts.

"color contacts aren't good ...

 I've had this white stringy discharge coming out of eyeball I get the discharge on and off all day....?
what is this and how do I treat it?...

How bad does your eyesight have to be to get contacts?
I'm sick of wearing glasses and I got curious :P

sexy boy
well you can type so there not that bad
but people chosse to were glasses or contacts
so there no worser one

you can get contacts anytime it's a matter of choice

Unless your wearing coke bottle lenses i think you could get contacts. Of course you may qualify for the laser surgery and not have to wear either.

bad enough to need to wear glasses full time

If you wear glasses and your eyes are healthy you will be able to wear contacts. The cheapest place i know is Specsavers who also give you free trials . Thats where i get mine.

it dont have to be that bad! anyone who needs glasses can wear them!! They may feel hard to put in at first but after a while you get used to them and wish you'd tryed them before. But if you feel you just cant get used to them check out the designer glasses they have some really really nice ones!!!

atleast -0.75 dioptres in each eye

As far as I know, If your eligible for glasses, you can get contacts too.

You can wear contacts whenever you want as long as you need them.

bill g
your optomotrist ( as a proffessional ) should be determining this situation . good luck .

Smiley face :)
I think if you need glasses you can have contact lenses. Don't think it has to be particularly bad. I know how you feel, glasses can be so annoying! But I don't like the idea of putting something in my eye.... Anyway, your decision.

* * Princess * *
If you wear glasses you can have contacts. My eyes weren't that bad at all when I started wearing, I wasn't even bothering with glasses at the time. I think my eyes were like 0.75 or something. Sometimes Specsavers do free trial lenses so have a look out for those. If you think your eyesight may not be that bad your optician will be able to give you daily lenses for social wear for a few hours a day. If you wear glasses constantly you may be better with monthlies.

You can get contacts if you wear glasses.

Anyone who needs glasses can try them - I say "try", because they don't suit everyone's eyes. I've worn contact lenses of different kinds for 40 years - a few problems a long the way, but overall pretty happy.

BUT, if I was starting out again, I'd definitely look into laser surgery - it might seem expensive at the outlay but you'd save a fortune in lenses, solutions and opticians fees over the years. My current total annual costs are about €700!

Away With The Fairies
I have been trialling contact lenses for about a year now. I still can't find a pair I can get on with - either they hurt my eyes or everything is blurry or I just can't see in them! Don't assume you'll just be able to wear them. But I hope you're luckier than me!

sorry just cant make out the last 6 words...any chance of doing them in upper case?

There's no limit, you can get them if your prescription is only 0.25d.
However, with some prescriptions you get better vision with glasses than with contacts.
Check with your optometrist for his advice.

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