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Glasses vs contacts?
I have astigmatism and slight nearsightdness. I have both glasses and contacts, but was wondering why I see better through my glasses. With my contacts, it sometimes is blurry especially up close, but not far away. And the contacts get so dry and I feel like rubbing my eyes a lot.

wear glasses, they look good on some girls

answer mine http://answers.yahoo.com/question/;_ylc=X3oDMTE1MmI4N2IyBF9TAzIxMTU1MDAxMTgEc2VjA2Fuc19ub3QEc2xrA3N1YmplY3Q-;_ylv=3?qid=20080712221158AA442tv

contacts get the new ones that keep ur eyes wet

you need to try a new knid of contacts, there are alot of new types that sre for astigmatism that also have hydroclear which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. try Acuve for astigmatism


go for glasses

Very likely you have dry eye. Over time, you will find that you just can't wear contacts. It's a bummer. Happened to me in my 20s and even the latest in contacts weren't any better.

Jamar P
well with glasses its further away from your face and you are able to see things clear. but with contacts it helps with some people depending on how bad your estigmatism is. contacts can get very eratating if your not use to it.

if you feel comfortable with contacts, then wear them. i weqar contacts and i like them waaaaaaaaay better than glasses. but if they bother your eyes, then wear glasses. if your eyes get blurry and itchy and watery when wearing contacts, then dont wear them, it could damage your eyes.
hope this helps :)

Katie K
because astigmatism interferes with the ability of contacts to work. which is why most people with astigmatism wear glasses.

arsenic sauce
they have special ones for astigmatism, do you have those?

I'm pretty sure I have astigmatism, and i'm getting the toric (hard) kinds... but even so they have a new one so they're not even really hard.

if your eyes get dry you should get rewetting drops (the special eye drops for contacts) and put those in. If they are still bothering you ask your doctor and wear glasses for now.

I have monthly contacts, if you have dailys you may find they dry out a lot as they are thiner matrerial as you only wear them once. it may be your glassses and contacts prescriptons are slightly differnet, this may be the cause of the blurryness, if they are you shoulg go get on of the other changed so they match so you aren't constatly switchin prescriptions. I have contacts, keep them in all day form about 8-11, never had a problem with dryness and hardley ever wear my glasses.

Dont wear you contacts whilst showering or swimming, this may alo be why they feel dry.

Natalie E
i think u should use ur glasses more... i mean the only reason ppl get contacts is to either look more formal or that glasses don't work with them.


I have been prescribed breathable soft contact lenses ( lotrafilcon B ) and I love them. These are far more comfortable than my last breathable prescription. The brand is O2 Optix and was bought at Walmart's optician. Contacts technology improves over time, so it's best to to try the most up - to - date merchandise. I am near sighted too , but I do most of my reading on my laptop. I do not have to look very close, and the screen provides sufficient lighting. The lenses should be left to soak overnight - every so often. After awhile, the lenses will be no good ( especially older models ) over time. I suggest a no - rub solution too. I rinse the contacts in water before a drop of no rub solution before putting into my eye. Hope all helps ~ Cliff

There could be several reasons you see better out of your eyeglasses than with your contacts. If you have astigmatism that is less than .75 diopters, then contacts are not made to correct it, but the correction may still be present in your eyeglasses.

If you do wear contacts with astigmatism correction, then they may be slightly undercorrected or the axis may not be exact, but is still enough to take your vision to normal. Most contact lenses that correct astigmatism start at .75 diopters and go up in steps of .50 diopters -e.g. the next power would be 1.25, then 1.75, etc. The axis or location of astigmatism may also be a little off because the usually go in 10 degrees and if you have an axis at 25 then the nearest correct could be at 20 or 30 depending on how the lens rotates in your eye. My contacts are also slightly undercorrected so I see a little better out of my eyeglasses, but it is not enough to bother me. My eyeglasses prescription is plano -1.50 axis 50 and my contact is plano -1.25 axis 60.

Here are a few things you can do to help with the contact lens dryness. Blink your eyes rapidly about 30 to 50 time so your natural tears will lubricate your eyes. Get some rewetting drops and lubricate your eyes as needed. I have tried Bausch and Lomb and Optifree and both work really well.

Also if you are wearing contacts while using a computer, your eyes will get dry faster because people have a tendency to blink less when using the computer. Try to blink more frequently when using the computer and to change your focus by looking at distant object then returning your focus to a nearby object several times every 20 to 30 minutes.

This is probably more than you wanted to know, but I tend to get wordy sometimes.

Elmo watches you at night
because glasses are actually better to correct astigmatism rather than contacts. the lenses are the same in contacts so it might strain your eyes more.

briana. ☮♥&♫
You might want to check that with your eye doctor for your contacts. I would go for glasses for now.

for the contacts get contact safe eye drops to keep them from getting dry. but id stick with the glasses for now

Switch to glasses. I did that. I was wearing contacts and went back to school and after too much straining with them (yes, sometimes blurry and whenever the AC turned on I couldn't see as the air blew) I switched exclusively to my glasses and kept wearing them all through the rest of my education and still now. They are alot cheaper and don't get on my nerves like the contacts were. I have astigmatism and I am nearsighted also. I was wearing special contacts that were weighted because of the astigmatism I have. I liked them most of the time while I wore them but when I needed to be real serious about seeing without any annoyances and cut costs I chose my glasses and dropped the contacts.

I wear glasses in class because i cannot see the blackboard, and i think that glasses are better and safer to wear. With contacts they are on your eyes and if there is pressuer or any kind of defect or smudge on them it will make all your sight blurry. Also9 it kinda freaks me out to put something ON your eye. Glasses are alot safer and can be a fashion statement. Also if you rub your eyes with contacts on you can injure your eyes. Go glasses! LOL hope i helped?? <><

That would be due to your astigmatism. Basically, because your eye ball is slightly foot-ball shaped, the image focuses on the retina at different angles. Glasses have set angles which correct it accurately, whereas regular contacts simply address the myopia (nearsightedness) but not the astigmatism. I would assume that it's probably mild astigmatism, otherwise they would've gotten you toric lenses. (Basically, there's a set down/up to the contacts, so that the angles are perfectly adjusted same way as your glasses).

As for the contacts getting dry, try getting some eyedrops. (You should probably confirm them with an optometrist or pharmacist before purchasing them though, because some react badly with the contacts). Try not to rub your eyes too much though, in case you get dirt particles or bacteria in there.

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