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 Favourite Eye Colour?
Whats ur fave eye colour my eyes are a dark hazel green & i luv Bright blue eyes

So whats ur fave eye colour?...

 what is your eye color?

 Glasses vs contacts?
I have astigmatism and slight nearsightdness. I have both glasses and contacts, but was wondering why I see better through my glasses. With my contacts, it sometimes is blurry especially up close, ...

 Do your eyes get worse if you wear glasses when you don't really need them?
I have a bet with my teenager who thinks glasses are cool and wants to wear them in spite of his 20/20 vision. Do your eyes somehow get weaker because they grow accustomed to the magnification the ...

 is floaters in eye bad at this age?
im only 16 and ppl say u only get floater in ur eyes wen u age but i have them nw and im only 16 is tht bad????? and i do have an eye app. set up in feb.. but is it bad at this age?...

 Can you tell if someone is wearing contact lenses?
Or is it impossible to notice?...

 How long do glasses take to get in?
i have bad eyesight. over the summer it was 20/70 and 20/50 and it is worse now. I want them in about 5-6 days do you think i would be able to get them in my the end of my spring break???

 Why is there more than one type of colour for eyes?

 if i hold my eyes open when i sneeze will my eyes pop out?

 what happens if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
I'm going somewhere, and I want to know if anything will happen to me if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
*I can't see very clear without ...

 i have goo in my eye and its all puffed up?
so i wake up and my eye iches, then i look at it and there is like the white stringie goo crap in it, what do i do to get it out and get it back to normal ...

 What is my eye color? Please awns-er!?
Ok I have always thought my eyes were brown but now i am looking closely at them and they look dark brown with gold and a gray lineing what is this color?...

 What am I seeing?
When I blink, alot of the time I will se black dots and sometimes I see these like, see-through wormlike things, They look like worms and some are ssquiggly and have light lines in them. What in the ...

 How do a blind person know when to sleep?
How do they know when it's night or day, when it's dark or light.
Additional Details
listen, our body's biorhythm depends on outside stimulants such as dark and light, and ...

 Eyes changed from grey to brown when I was a baby. Is that really possible?
Or is my mum telling fibs....

 Is it harmful to look at the sun?

 Should I wear glasses all the time? I'm short sighted.?
I am short sighted and have been told that I need to wear glasses or it's only going to get worse. However, one optometrist that I went to said to wear them all the time and another said no to ...

 I am sacred that I will need glasses. Please Help!!!!!!?
I am sacred that I will need glasses because I have heard that they can be very annoying and that everyone would take the mick out of me. And OUCH the price of glasses.

Even though I haven&...

 What's wrong with my eye!? (pics included)?
OK, so yesterday while I was watching TV, my eye started to hurt. Not my actual eye, but my lower eyelid and the area under it. Then it slowly began to swell and get all puffy. Now, almost 24 hours ...

 I can't stop blinking my eyes.?
lately, for the past two days, i have been blinking soooo much. Like twice every second. Literally. It feels my eyes are cold, and there is constant blowing. Like its the feeling when you stick your ...

Glasses or Contact Lenses??
I was just wondering, I wanted to get contact lenses but I have been wearing glasses for over 3 years now and the reason I do that is because I am scared of getting contact lenses in. Now I don't want to wear glasses and get contacts. Should I buy it or stick with glasses?

I think you should stick to glasses coz using contacts may be difficult and some time may damage ur eye...so, why to take risk...

vanilla snow
Well, if you wanna take the risk or be a total fake then go ahead with contacts. Just stick with glasses for heaven's sake. How old are you? Surely, if you are an adult, you have better things to worry about?

If you are male i will not advise for contact.But if are not i am advising you contact.Because you have to take care of contact lens.But expensive,scracth may occur easily,infections may occur.

stick with eye glasses.. its safer

contacks u should get a good color

Lauri S
There's no harm in trying contacts. Most doctors now offer trial pairs in your rx, so you can find just the right lens, and learn if you want to wear contacts regularly.
Keep in mind that even if you go w/ contacts it's a good idea to make sure you have glasses in your current rx.

you get used to putting in and taking out lenses, get the lenses.

Well even if you get contacts keep or update your glasses prescription becuz you have to take your contacts out to give your eyes a break so you'll still need em. I was scared to get contacts becuz I didnt think I could manage touching my eyeball. I finally decided to get them and went to the eye dr's. They have you put both contacts in and take them out before you can actually take your contacts home. It took me 5 times before I could get both in and out before I could start wearing them on my own. But once you get the hang of it, its really easy. Its not as bad as you think. And let me tell you, after wearing glasses since I was in 6th grade--it was like freedom!! But they will tell you, youll need to take them out. Im guilty of leaving them in alot or falling asleep with them in. But dont let yourself get in a habit of that becuz it will cause dryness, irritation and can cause eye infections. !! Good Luck!!

go with wateva your comfortable with...it doesnt really matter as long as they serve their purpose=]

it will take time to get use to contacts i would buy the contacts well them and get adjusted to them

What ever you feel more comfortable with. If you play a sport then I recommend contacts. I do wrestling so I only wear contacts during that time and the other times I just wear my glasses.

you will need both......

sandra y
you need to check first if your eyes is suitable for contact lens. dry eyes are not allowed to wear contacts because of discomfort it will experience a lot. also you need to check what is the grade of your eyes? are you only a distance wearer or do you have other eye problem such as reading or astigmatism? Besides what is the grade of your eyes? these are important things to take into account.... I prefer wearing soft because you don't have to adjust. But since my eye problem is compounded and i am not advised to have lasik surgery, nor can i wear contacts for the whole day, i have gone back to wearing glasses

if u never try, u will never know.
try contacts, u might look better in it

Glasses cost less money in the long run and there is less maintenance.I,d prefer an object breaking on the outside of my eyes instead of in them, should a car crash or something happen.Paramedics have to check for contacts in case of injuries causing damage to the eyes.

Try it! You will love it! I was scared too, but they're nothing. I use Day & Night contacts. You can wear them continuously for 30 days, they're awesome!


what the girl said u should get a good color those are contacts just for changing ur eye color

contacts are good but u need to have glasses to when ur sick
cause u cant wear contacts when ur sick

just get contacts it takes some practice getting them it but u will get the hang of it

:D i wear contacts(to see)

im 13

Well it depends on what you think.If you are concerned about your image then contacts are the way to go but glasses also cost less in the long run.It's entirely up to you.

It really depends on the person, some people look better in glasses.

I wear contacts. Have you ever tried contacts, before i got them I was scared to put them on my eyes like I would literally blink right before they reached my eye so my mom refused to pay for them because I was scared. But now I wear them pretty much everyday, every now and then I wear my glasses to give my eyes a rest. However I do prefer wearing contacts. I would just try them and see. Good Luck.

I had the same question few years ago but I didn't have this nifty site to go and ask ;] I kept a pair of glasses just in case, but ever since i got contacts, I fell in love with them. I always felt my vision getting worse with glasses for some reason, but ever since i got contacts , my vision has been stablized! I can jump around, run really fast, ride rollercosters, feel more awesome.. etc. You can hardly feel them! I recommend contacts!

Kaye Em Dee
try contacts first and if you dont like them stay with glasses.

If you use your glasses for constant wear, I'd suggest getting contacts. Your vision is much clearer and it's a lot more convenient. If you're just wearing glasses to read or perform casual activities, I'd stick with the glasses. Again though, if you do a lot of driving, contacts are wonderful for your peripheral vision.

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