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 Should I wear glasses all the time? I'm short sighted.?
I am short sighted and have been told that I need to wear glasses or it's only going to get worse. However, one optometrist that I went to said to wear them all the time and another said no to ...

Glasses?!?!? UGH!!?
How come I keep on needing to get strong prescriptions for glasses every year? The doc told me not to wear them all the time, so I don't. But my vision keeps getting worse. Then my uncle says that if you don't wear glasses, it makes your eyes get worse because they are used to "perserve" the vision you have now and not make it worse. I thought the more you wore them, the worse your eyes get, he says the opposite. So is wearing glasses more going to keep my vision from getting worse? Or will it be the other way? HELP!!!
Additional Details
I can see, i'm just nearsited and can't see as far away as I used to. And thanks for all the answers so far! Appreiciate it =)

eat cottage cheese and take recommended herbs for your eyes,also when your eyes get tired put your hands over them gently and picture a black item then another and another and keep doing that for a few minutes until your eyes feel better.Also you can decrease the blur with diluted cayenne drops and be ready to rinse when you think you can't take it any more.

laser treatment

^^---it works!

Try corrective vision. I've seen it work.

Kevin M
Studies show that by not wearing your glasses anymore than necessary slows the rate of visual degradation and occasionally even reverses it, so I would wear them as little as possible; only when absolutely necessary.

you cant go wrong with contacts

wear them, always....your uncle is right

well from what i know wearing glasses will help Ur vision stay the way it is but if u dont wear them they will get worst so its better to keep them on then not wear them .. or get lenses if u dont like glasses

Maybe you should ask another optometrist his opinion... Are you only supposed to wear your glasses for specific purposes like reading or driving?

I wear my glasses all the time because I wouldn't be able to see without them. If you can't see without your glasses, then wear them! It's logical sense to me.

Get LASIK, best 4 grand I ever spent.

Well, My eyes are as 'bout as bad as they come they keep going up on my precription every year until I was getting headaches...I finally went to another doc and he started going down in stead of up. If you work on a computer it will make your eyes worse definitely... If you wear contacts you need an extra pair of glasses to give your eyes a rest take the contacts out and put the glasses on in the evening say when your watching tv.

I tried to "preserve" my vision for year by not wearing glasses and all it did was make my vision worse.... Because I could not see....so weigh your options go around not being able to see good or wear contacts/glasses and see... its up to you...contact your eyecare professional and get the facts...don't trust someone elses word...

You should see an ophthalmologist to see if you have anything that is making your vision worse other than normal aging.
My vision was so bad I couldn't even make out the picture on a 27inch TV screen without glasses. Finally about 7 years ago a had LASIK eye surgery. WOW!! I had one touch up done after five years as vision gets worse the older you get.
Wear your glasses as an optometrist or ophthalmologist know more about your eyes than your uncle unless he is one or the other. I'm also curious why a doctor told you not to wear them all the time? Do you just need them for reading?

Yinzer from Sixburgh
Ask your optomitrist. Your eye doctor will have the best advice for you because she knows YOUR history.

Hex the Fundies (JPAA)
Wearing them or not wearing them will make no difference. The worsening is natural as you get older due to the shape of your eyes. If it's going to happen, it'll happen. There is nothing you can do. Ask your eye doctor, he'll confirm this. And believe it or not, he knows more about it than your uncle.

i feel ya
i have to wear glasses all day long everyday
and yea it will get we worse just wear them
or talk ur mom dad uncle or whoever
to get u contacts just dont be like mii bigg brother
hes like almost blind bcuz he didnt wear hes glasses
but u kno
do wat u want its ur life

only wear them when u need them

I've had the same pair for over 10 years. I took them in when I finally went for a new exam and my script is exactly the same. I only wear them when driving in the dark or driving in an unknown area.

The more you wear them the better, you are not straining your eyes as much to see. When you strain your eyes, your vision gets worse.

When I first started wearing Glasses at 11 I was like that for a few Years, my Eyes got slowly worse and I had to get stronger Glasses and then things levelled out and my Eyes have not got any worse. It remained the same for many Years , until I started having Problems at Reading as well so now I have Varifocals and the Glass Reacts with Sunlight and goes Dark so it Doubles as Sunglasses as well. You could eventually get Lazer Treatment on your Eyes and you wont need Glasses at all. It does not suit everybody and you will have to be checked out first. I am considering it myself as I hate Specks and have been wearing them for over 40 Years now. There is always the chance that the Operation can go wrong and your Eyes could be worse . I have heard it can make your Eyes very dry no Lubrication and Sensitivity to Night Vision Blindness, although I have heard good things about it.

Listen to your eye doctor....he knows best....have you tried contacts....there are all sorts of them out there and really cool colors if you want to change your look......it all depends on what kind of eyesight you have.....listen to your doctor....happy new year gurlfriend.....!

It's just the way it is. Our body, including our eyes, are constantly changing. I'd wear your glasses whenever you need to and don't worry about the rest. Plus, follow what the eye doc says and change docs is you don't think you are getting a square deal.

Do what the Doc says. Some peoples eyes get worse no matter what.

I asked my Optometrist about this and he told me there was no way to stop your eyes from getting worse, but what speeds it up is straining your eyes with or without glasses.

Things like being on the computer all the time will speed it up.

they are all wrong - glasses or not your vision is what it is and if it is going to get worse well then it is.

Wear your glasses when you need them....don't ever squint...
so if you find your self squinting you know you need to wear your glasses...
Squinting hurts your eyes....so your Uncle is trying to say wear them so you don't have to squint...
Your doctor is saying to relax the eyes....don't wear your glasses 24/7 if you don't have to....if you are watching t.v. and DON'T SQUINT....you should take off your glasses a relax your eyes..
When you grow...your eyes also grow which causes some people's vision to change.....(Just to let you know)
They are both right.

Also...to help your eyes and their vision....do eye exercises....buy a book or CD ROM....ask your eye doctor....search online for EYE EXERCISES...

This has happened to me ,too.....but what I've learned is that squinting does soooo much damage to your eyes!!!
And I also used to get headaches because of wearing my glasses to much... but when I switched to contacts I don't get them anymore.

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