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Contact lenses: If I wear mine for too long will they damage my eyes?
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 How is it possible to have purple eyes?
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 Is my Glasses to Small?
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 anti glare glasses are not doing their job and what is anti glare how does it work?
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For years, i've been getting prescriped stronger an stronger glasses. But now, what's going on?
I've been wearing my current glasses for about a year.

Today when i tried an old pair of glasses (weaker prescription), i noticed that I see better with my old pair than with my current 1 year old (stronger) prescription.

Keep in mind that when I got my current glasses a year ago, I could definitely see better with them then than my older, weaker pair. Today however, I see better with my old, weaker prescription than my new stronger pair.

What's going on? Every year so far, I've been prescribed stronger and stronger prescriptions.

Is it possible that even though I can see better with weaker lenses, that it's b/c I actually need stronger prescriptions than my current pair (and not because my eyesight somehow improved)?

In case it matters,
- I've been taking multivitamins for the past 3 months.
- I'm 23.

Additional Details
Yes I have astigmatism.

BABY #1- FiNAllY!
You are officially blind. Sike haha
You should try surgery..

hi. =]
tried laser eye srugery yet?

Unless you have really bad vision I wouldnt wear glasses unless you really need them to drive or read. Most eye doctors will prescribe them even when they are not needed to make money and your eyes adjust to them and then they need them and usually need stronger ones.

Your eyes deteriorate faster than most people. This is unfixable with the exception of eye surgery (which isn't as bad as it sounds).

Use your glasses less and less.

By the way, you ARE of age to preform lasic eye surgery and I highly recommend you do so if you're haing trouble with vision. I've sworn to myself I'm going to get it when I reach the legal age of consent.

It can't improve, but you can preserve your current state of vision by eating more fruits like mangoes that have enzymes with certain properties that help vision.

Another thing that I've found that works is stop using your glasses when possible. What happens is that your eyes adjust to the prescription to the point where the lenses aren't powerful enough and you must get new ones. Then the process starts all over again.

Continue taking your vitamins and eat more fruit, etc. I hope your vision won't be too bad.

Good luck!

P.S. I'm almost positive your astigmatism won't affect your eyesight deterioration because your problem is weaking eyes and also, most likely weakening elasticity of your lenses. It's simply a recurring refractive "error" of light that makes it harder to see because light isn't being focused on your retina.

life in the fast lane
your eyes are getting stronger. i'd suggest not wearing glasses at all..if it's possible. i did that. my eyes are soo much better now.

If I remember correctly from going to the eye doc, you're eyes (at your young age) are still changing ever so slightly. So, your eyes really may have become stronger.

your optometrist
Good nutrition, vitamins, getting proper rest, adequate water intake and reducing your stress level can all help to improve your vision.

Hex the Fundies (JPAA)
This is definitely one for a qualified optometrist.

I can't believe some of the silly answers on this page.

The vitamins could be the key to this mystery.
Having the correct nutrients for your eyes can make them stronger, thus correcting your vision somewhat.

It is also known, that through diet and exercise of the optic muscles, one can nearly fully correct their vision with time (And in a youthful state in age). I am currently in the process of this practice, and already, my vision has improved.

Keep taking those vitamins!
If anything else, it's a good health habit.
Vision correction is just another plus.

Could be the vitamins. But, if you have never had an eye exam by an ophthalmologist, just an optometrist, you might want to consider getting one, just to be sure that you have a good base-line view of your vision situation..

I wore the same contacts for 3 years. When I finally went back to the doctor my eyes had gotten better then what I was using. Don't listen to the people saying to not wear the glasses. You have to wear them for your eyes to get better. Otherwise they will just keep getting worse because you can't see. Sounds like the vitamins are helping as well.

Well, you're a little young to be getting farsighted, which will improve nearsightedness, but it DOES happen as you get older. I know because I'm 44 now and my prescriptions for glasses have been less and less as each year passes now. I'd suggest you talk to your optician about it. Make sure there isn't something going on that they should know about.

Well, the pattern of getting stronger glasses might have ended. I would go get my eyes checked if I were you. Until then, if you really feel like you can see better in weaker glasses, wear them.

Do you have and astigmatism? if so that could be part of it. I had an astigmatism in my right eye from the time I was 10, and all of a sudden, more than 20 years later, I am told I no longer have one in my right eye but do now have one in my left. That may be an issue.

The mom
Astigmatism is related to the shape of the eye, not the lens inside. The muscles of the eye contract and relax to shape the lens to compensate for the fact the your eyes, (like mine, incidently) are not quite round. For short amounts of time the muscles are able to compensate and you will not need so much correction- in some cases you might not need any. But eventually those muscles or you get tired, and they aren't able to compensate. Your vision then reverts. The old prescription doesn't require quite as much compensation, so for the first bit they will still work. But they will not likely work well for you as the day passes, and you and they get tired. It is also possible that since you are young and a male, that a bit of growth has resulted in a slight change in the shape of the globe and improved things for you. But for what it's worth, I also have my old glasses in case I need a backup. They will work at least temporarily, until I can get a new pair. I have had to do so in the past, and at first they seemed to work okay. But as the day passed, I also notice they didn't work as well, and I was glad to get the newest prescription replaced.

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