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Samantha K
Flashing lights in vision? Help ASAP- I'll lose my friend if i don't tell my mom by 10 PM!!!?
Ok my friend is very concerend about this sudden occurence of me seeing Flashing lights. And she said if i don't tell my mom by 10 she is going to block me and delete my number. But shes my best friend! Plus I don't want to tell my mom something that is not really going on with my vision but i don't want her to worry. I REALLY NEED ADVICE!!! Ok, so I've been seeing flashing lights in my right eye ALOT! But it feels like I only see them when I think about how I have flashing lights!!!! So I'm so confused. I wonder if they are going on when I'm not thinking about it but I would bever know because then I would be thinking ABOUT IT!!! (that was confusing). So should I tell my mom? And if so What would be the best way to tell her!?!? MY friendship is on the line. ( And NO lying is not an option, I don't have the heart to do it) Please your advice means EVERYTHING!!!
Additional Details
If this even helps, I'm nearsighted. And I wear -7.00 prescription.

tell her
My aunt who is over 50 had that, it was symptoms of a detached retina
Yours could be something less because you seem too young, I'm no doctor but
PLEASE tell her before anything worse happens.
Take care of your eyes.
and why are you afraid to tell your mom?
good luck

Goofy Slug
just tell ur mother and tell ur best friend that she is a b**** for doing tyhat and if you go to tha docter walk

does she believe in shootin stars? or does she believe in shoes and cars? makes all the difference

same thing happens to me.
i'm farsighted though.
i see usually weird flashing lihts in the dark =___=

Tell your mother something could be wrong with your eye. Seriously.

Railyn A
If your having trouble with your vision you have to get help! What if you go blind or something because you were too scared to talk about it?

you need to tell your mom, so that you can get to a ophthamologist you need to be dilated, possible retinal detachment, or posterior viterous detachment either way be a big girl and tell your mom ASAP

My site is almost as bad mine is -5.something and -6.something..................if your seeing flashing lights TELL YOUR MOM! YOUR FRIEND CARES ABOUT YOU AND NEEDS YOU TO TELL YOUR MOM! It could be SERIOUS! It could eventually cause seizures!!!!!!!!!!!


1.Say "Mom do you have a minute?" o
2. She's gonna say something like "Whats wrong?"
3. You Say "Something's going on with my vision,but i don't know what's going on"
4. She go's "You can trust me,im your mom"
5.You go "For the past few hours my right eye is getting really earitated and im kinda seeing "flashing lights" "
6. She say's "Did you bump into something?"
7.You say "I don't know/No
8.((She take you to hospital/call your doc/give u medicine/you keep best friend)) goood luuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just tell your mum that what she is there for

talking is easy ,,thinking about it builds it up in to a big thing just tell her

Cristin <3
Ok. first of all, if you're "best friend" is saying **** like that, she's not your best friend in the first place.. and why are you so scared of telling your mom? i mean, if something's wrong with you, then you should tell her and she should take you to a doctor.. wow.. ur friend is really a brat if she is threatening you like this.. i think you should find better friends and go to the doctor.. DEFFINATELY tell your mom. =D it'll be fine, tell your mom, don't worry about it.. get it checked out.. get better.

I get flashing lights in ym vision before a have a migrain.

I get migrains when I eat a lot of carbs in the moring and no protein, so I have to be very careful with balancing my diet.

After these flashing lights do you get a blind spot? Thats what happens to me... then I get a migrain

Its best if you tell your mom about this becuase yeah I need to take special medicines when I get a migrain..... I dont know if you have the same problem.

Your friend is just trying to look out for you and she is being a good friend this way. Tell your mom she might be able to help. This could actually be serious.

Tell your mother, what's the worst that could happen by you telling her?

Kayleigh's Mommy
tell your mom you need to see an eye doctor soon that you have been having vision problems and you're concerned about it. if she asks what just tell her the truth.

Jenny A
You must ablsolutely tell her and tell her ASAP. Being so near sighted you are at HUGE risk for retina problems. Flashes of light could be an indicator of a retinal detachement which could ultimately cause vision loss and even blindness. Sometimes they are normal but sometimes not. You should tell your mom and see an ophthalmologist right away. Near sighted people are at higher risks for retinal detachment. Please do the right thing and save yourself.

first of all your friend sounds dumb if she is going to stop being your friend over this second stop thinking about the flashing light your probably hallucinating and if you think it is that serious tell your mom :D

Danielle H
Hun, obviously you should tell your mum. Her and your friend would appreciate it. If you leave it to late, something could happen, maybe not. So its best to tell her.


If it is something that is going on with your health, then yes your friend is right you need to tell your mother.
You need to have it looked at now instead of later when your eyesight is shot.
But you need to also explain to your friend that she doesnt need to act like your boss and give you a time limit to talk to your mother. She needs to be there to support you, not to put even more stress on you!!!!

to be honest i think it would be weird NOT to tell her. i dont understand your question here. your not LYING if your really experiencing them...even if its just when you THINk about them you should still tell your mom. worst that could happen is you go to the eye doctors and you keep your friend...doesnt sound too bad to me. just say mom my eyes have been weird lately...sometimes i see flashing lights in my right eye and im kinda concerned. hope everything goes well and your eyes get better :] p.s. its not only important to tell to keep your friend its important to your health.

Don't Worry, Be Happy .
first off, a real friend would support you through this and not threatin to block or not talk to you. its your desicision whether to tell your mom or not. you should probably tell your mom though, because you should find out what it is, and if its serious or not. your friend was being alittle harsh, but she probably wanted you to tell your mom so nothing bad happens.

just tell your mom. whats the worse that can happen? if you do, she will just take you to the eye dr., if you don't, something could be wrong and you could loose your eye. hummmm.

just tell your mom that you have been seeing some blurs in your eyes and need them checked.

and BTW, she isn't a friend if she hasn't already told her. a friend won't 'diss' you just cause you wont tell your mom something. she needs to grow up

why wouldnt u tell her? i guess you could wait and see if it stops soon, but if it doesnt i would tell her, but i think you should say something b4 u go blind or something

Tell your MOM right away.She brought you into this planet and cares about you more than you can even think,,,
Tell your mom and go to the eye doctor for a checkup right away!
Dont be silly!

Well tell your mom

It could be something Major,
Like a Tumor on the Optic nerve,
A pressed Nerve, or a tumor in the brain.

IT could also be stressed related, and caused by Constricting of the vessels in the eye.
This causes a lack of oxegen, and shows up as flashes ans stars in your eyes.

Either way it is usually a sign of poor cardiovascular health, and should be checked out.


Unless you want to read through your finger tips the rest of your life.



It could be a migraine headache. The first symptoms of a migraine are flashing lights in front of one eye. Then pain & numbness of hand on one side. Maybe sometimes you would not have the numbness.
I had it a lot - I'm a -8.00 nearsighted.
Exercise helps the migraines a lot.

tell your mom!!she must know best!who cares what you think just tell her!

☆☆Robo guy☆☆
Maby you need glasses you could just tell your mom that you have been seeing flashs in you one eye

Katie W
Do you have any headaches around that time? Bright flashes are often associated with oncoming migraine headaches.

Your friend is worried about you, and she doesn't want to be responsible for your not being able to face this problem. Do her and yourself the favor and tell your mother instead of trying to convince yourself it's nothing. If it's not nothing, the earlier you know what it is, then either the earlier you feel better for knowing it's nothing to worry about, or the earlier your treatment can start and the better your outlook is. If you're too scared to face that there might be something wrong, you could end up losing your sight, or worse, from trying to stick your head in the sand and hoping it goes away.

Hun, the best thing you can do if you're seeing or think you're seeing flashing lights is to tell someone. Your friend is going about it the wrong way by saying she'll cut you out of her life, but she's showing you tough love.
It's better to be safe than sorry. Just tell your mom that yuo've been having some vision problems. Tell her you don't know if it means something or you're imagining it, but DO TELL HER.
Also, schedule an appt with an optometrist. If it really is something, it could be serious and get worse. Would you rather lose your vision and friend or talk to your mother?

Hope this helps! Email me if you need more advice.

Tell your Mom! Now! Flashing lights can mean anything from a migraine to a torn or detached retina. Very serious.

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