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 Do you have glasses ? (This is a serious question)?
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Can I get colored contacts if I don't have seeing problems?...

Eyes changed from grey to brown when I was a baby. Is that really possible?
Or is my mum telling fibs.

Bev M
Yep! Most babies [except dark brown eyed babies] are born with blue eyes and they change to green, hazel, grey etc. later.

All baby's are born with grey eyes and their eye colour changes when they get older. My eldest daughter have green eyes now, my youngest bright blue and my son greenish.

Dylan B
guess sop

livin' on a razor's edge
yes. Most babies have blue eyes when they are born because they haven't been exposed to sunlight which triggers the body's production of melanin (the substance that gives colour to your skin and eyes)

as they grow older, they hair, skin and eyes darken

Yes my sons was blue but at the age of about 2-3 they turned hazel

Everyone has greyish blue eyes when they are born, some change colors, some stay blue. Your mum isn't lying to you.

emily ☮
its possible.
my eyes are green/grey and then turn green/blue in the summer.


The letter C
Very possible!!! Your eyes can change color many times! Your mother ain't no liar!

No, I heard it's very common for babies to have a different color eye, and as they get older it changes.

Yes asian and dark coloured babies are usually born with grey eyes. I'm asian and my son's eyes were grey when he was born and now they're slowly turning brown.

When I was born my eyes were dark blue and now they're dark brown.

It's very common for babies eye to change colour for the first few days of their lives.

Bernard S
It is actually possible. It happens to most children. They start out with blue eyes, but change later on. I believe that it is just a melanin deficiency, but mosaicism on a large scale is possible.

John A
You maqy not actually be you... Please forgive me. I couldn't resist.

Bec :)
Some people's eyes change colour over the course of their childhood, not necessarily just when you are a baby.
All depends on the person though.


I think in your first couple months of being a baby, your eyes are still developing, a little.

So I don't see it as impossible.

My brother is 9 and his are brown at daytime and green at night

I have a green eye, that slowly but steadily turning blue like my other eye.

Alex S

actually most babys start out with blue eyes, then they change colour.

No she's not telling fibs but your eyes would have been blue not grey.
All mamals are born with blue eyes.

Yes! I was the same ! Actually a baby will inherit genes from both of his/her parents and these genes combined will determine the eventual eye color of the baby. We say ‘eventual’ because all babies (with a few exceptions) start out life with either blue/gray or brown/black eyes (generally speaking, lighter skinned babies with very little melanin start out life with blue eyes while darker skinned babies with larger amounts of melanin will have brown/black eyes). The eventual color of your baby’s eyes therefore may change as his or her body begins to produce melanin - and this can take anything up to three years (although for most babies this change will occur from around 6 months of age to one year). Thus, babies who have blue eyes in the early months of their lives may end up having brown eyes as they get older (in fact, eye color in some people can change even in adulthood). I am sure you have gorgeous eyes!

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