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Eye Problems =[?
Im 13 years old and im having problems with my eyes. When I sit on the floor just a little bit away from the tv, I go into the guide and I have to squint so that I can read it. Everything that I do.. I like squint all the time.. im getting sick of it. My eyes hurt all the time and I just cant take it. I tell my mom and dad about it and all they say is that I have to wait till January because my mom cant add me to her insurance to then.. and if i have to get glasses she doesn't want to pay 200 dollars for them. But I dont want to wait anymore. What should I do? Just keep squinting and wait till January..? Or what.. I dont know what to do.. not squit. Its not an option because that's all i do. =[ Please help.
Additional Details
And when im on the computer.. i squint all the time to read stuff.. i really can't take the squinting.. it just hurts my eyes.

i dont know
you should try to eat a lot of carrots because they help your eyes and try not to watch tv and use the computer. try to find something else to do. i dont know about the squinting part but eat more carrots though. and squinting strains your eyes.

ask for contacts

It definitely sounds like you need glasses, and your best option would be to wait, unless you could pay for it on your own, and since you're only 13, I'm guessing you can't. Until then though, you could try eye exercises that you can find through nay online search, and make sure you take breaks when watching tv or working on the computer.

Lori L O^O
Wxplain to your family that medical care is part of being a parent and they could be reported for child neglect becuase you need to see an eye doctor.

squinting makes your eyesight worse, you need to get glasses! ask your mom if your eyesight is less important to her than money.

You need to have your mom make an appointment with a eye doctor. The exam through an optomitrist is roughly $40-$50 glasses you can find specials all the time. You only have one set of eyes and they can't be neglected. I hate to say this but ask grandMA or grandpa. Someone. Sit your mom down and explain youre scared you need to see the eye doctor. When you do and have to get glasses, start helping out around the house for a while.

ok... i had the same problem in 5th grade,,,,,,,, your going to need glasses for school it will make school a lot easier and you will get better grades. so tell your parents that you need glasses now, because you won't be able to read the whiteboard or overhead at school... causing you to get bad grades.

Talk to your school nurse and see if they can help you get glasses. Or you can talk to your family doctor about this they'll help you get your own insurance. Dont keep squinting because by the time you get glasses your case may be worse!

I had very bad eye problems (conjunctivitis in both eyes) a few months ago. I went to a very good eye doctor who gave me medication to clear up my problem.

After I was better, he wanted to see me again. He told me that my eyes are basically okay. I told him that my eyes hurt and I squint when I'm on the computer. Guess what he said? Stay on the computer for only intervals of about 20 minutes and even while you're doing that, look away from the screen from time to time.

He said it could be that my eyes are just plain tired and need rest. I trust this man and what I'd advise you to do is exactly what he told me. As soon as you have the insurance, go to an eye doctor and have yourself checked out.

Hope I helped you.

Would you typically say that you can't see things that are close to you, or far away? If you have trouble seeing far away, then you are near sighted. If you are the opposite and can't see close up, then you are far sighted. Either way, you will need to get your eyes checked out by your optometrist. Only he/she can give you a clear answer.

Tell your school nurse to do a vision check then take the results to your parents. Tell the nurse to do a follow up if they have not done anything for you. (maybe it will humiliate them). Money should never be the factor, esp. with eyes---you only have 2 of them.

YOUR EYES ARE IMPORTANT........I'm in the UK so things are different here.....your age, checks are free and glasses are cheaper....but that shouldn't make any difference....Tell your mam and dad ...make them understand how bad you are.....you cant wait for a check up indefinately. If that doesn't work......what about school.....could you tell a teacher there? What about other adults......friends of your mams.....humilate them by telling them that she wont get your eyse checked because of the money.
Over here I think if you went to Social Services that would be counted as neglect and something would be done about it....what about over there? is ther a similar thing?

:( That's sad about your vision. I know what that's like- I had to wear the same glasses from the time I was in elementary school til almost high school because my family couldn't afford them. Maybe if your mom takes you to wal-mart or another department store eye doctor it will be cheaper. I got a set of lense and frames at walmart one time for 45 bucks and my exam I think was 70. As far as the computer goes- I agree with everybody else- take breaks from it. Also, if you have Internet Explorer 7, in the bottom right hand corner of the browser you can zoom and make the web pages larger. I find myself having to do that at times. I hope you get some relief soon.

Paul MB
You are apparently nearsighted. Myopic.

This means that you have stronger than normal eyes. The light rays, instead of being focused ON the retina, are bent so much, they focus in front of the retina. How close they are focused is determined by measuring the distance from your eyes.

The power of the lens you need to correct your vision is equal to how powerful your eyes are.

If you are focused at a meter in front of you, that means that your lens system is a +1.00 too powerful. So you'll need a -1.00 to correct for that.

if you are focused at a half meter in front of you, you'll need a -2.00 lens to move you out to normal.

If you are focused a third of a meter, you are +3.00 too powerful and you'll need a -3.00 lens to move that focal point out to infinity or optical infinity.

If 1/4 of a meter or 25 cm., you'll ned a -4.00

If 1/5 of a meter, a -5.00

When light goes through a lens, the central light ray does NOT deviate. It goes straight through like going through a window.

As the rays get further away from that center light ray, they bend more and more, so that all the light rays bend and cross the center at the same point, the focal point. The distance from the lens to the focal point is the focal distance of that lens or lens system.

soooooo, if you squint, you make it so you are looking through just the central light rays, and things seem clearer. You can squint ALL you want to and it will NOT hurt your eyes. Might get a headache, but won't harm you.

Eye exercises won't do anything either. You are myopic, at a certain amount like you are tall at a certain height, or blond, or blue eyed or brown eyed or ????

If you are having financial issues with getting glasses, go to the principal at the school and tell them. OR tell the people at the Lion's club what your situation is, OR the Shriner's, or the NEWSPAPER. There are lots of people who would arrange for you to get glasses so you can see.

I'm in California. Have your mother contact me, I might be able to get someone in your area to help or arrange for someone to see you.

The Lion's club is a a good way to go as they've been helping with vision issues for years and years and years, all over the world.

Yes carrots to help. Tomatoes help more. Kale helps lots (taste? well...that's a problem, but really, really good for eyes). Omega-3 oils are probably the best thing you can use. None of the nutritional supplements will make you not myopic or hyperopic or 'heal' astigmatism.

There are pinhole glasses that are advertised in sport magazines. They don't cost much. They don't do much. But the basis of their science is that central light ray thing mentioned above.

Another route...if there is an Optometry school in your area, call and ask if you can come in and be a patient. Tell them you have financial issues but need the help. This is not that hard an issue to solve for those people. And there are enough optometrists reading and answering these questions that should be able to lend a hand and help you out.

I had to get glasses when I was 3 years old, but thankfully I have contacts now. I would say that you should definitely tell your mom that you have to squint to see anything and that your eyes hurt all the time. Tell your mom that it might impair your schoolwork if you can't see when school starts up. At least ask her if you can go to see an eye doctor (maybe he can convince her that you need glasses right away). Oh, and carrots do NOT work (personal experience). Good luck!

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