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Does it hurt to put contacts in?
I have them, but Im afraid to put them in. Please Help Thankz!

Hilly Billy Texas Man
It feels like a butcher's knife has been jabbed into your eye socket.

Not at all, i have cheap contacts and they don't hurt as long as you make sure to blow on them a little bit after you clean them (before you put them in)

Depends on where you try to put them.

Not at all!!! You just got to press on the eye hard but gently so it will go in.

First time took an hour because I did it over, and over, until I got "good" at it. Besides the first few times it's painless. Unless your not gentle and poke yourself in the eye.

Clean your hands and make sure the contacts are wet and do it infront of a mirror. Stay Relaxed.

If you do it correctly no, not at all.

Jon Smith
They generally disappear in your eye. If you have sensitive eyes like me, then:

If you put them in inside out, or you have some kind of foreign materials on your fingers. (Sometimes even dust!)

some tips:
Always wash your hands with bar soap. You should have a squeaky clean feeling on your finer tips. (No oil on your skin!)
Try not to wipe your hands with a towel. Letting them air dry can reduce irritation.
Remember to dump yesterdays's solution, and rinse it again with solution or HOT HOT water. even a speck of dust can hurt your eyes.

If you do not have sensitve eyes, this all should not be such a problem.

Also, DO NOT blink when trying to put them on. open them wide so eyelashes do not get in.

Nope not if you do it the right way! Just put them slowly if it's your first time doing it, you will get used to putting them in :)

I wouldn't say hurt, its more like an irritation at first. But if you are busy (to distract yourself) in 5 min you won't notice it.

Anon Speaker
It doesn't really hurt, but it doesn't feel great at first. It will take a little time to get used to them. However, once you get used to them (1-2 days), it is sooooo worth it!

Didn't you practice at the eye doctor's? If you're asking because you plan to put in some kind of Halloween "contact," then don't do it. You should know that they aren't fitted properly and can cause harm to your eyes.

smokin joe bobo
nope as long as the contacts are clean you don't want any dust particles in between your eyes and your contacts or else it would hurt

Marly Johnson
If you wash them everyday, nothing will get on them. If you don't wash them and put in clean solution in the cups, stuff will get in it and then it stings your eyes when putting the contact in.

Other than that...it doesn't hurt at all!

Timid Women Rarely Make History
Didn't your doctor give you instructions? He should have.

i wear contacts, and no it doesn't, it's a little uncomfortable the first couple times you do it, but after that it'll feel fine! but it'll get really uncomfortable if you ewre them for too long!

at first, it feels really weird and it will take some getting used to. your eyes get used to it after awhile though, and eventually you dont even notice them. you probably dont remember, but when you were an infant, clothes itched to the point of torture just because you were not used to them, but you got over it quickly. think of it like that; clothes for your eyes.

Michael From Belfast
No, No, No and NO.

So many people ask this, but they're just foolish. No it doesnt.

It hurts for tyhe first time, yeah, coz ur eyes have a giant lid over them, but apart from that, No they're not sore to put in.

nope, not really, if you put it the right way

if you put them in wrong yes it will hurt. ive also heard usually the first time it hurts too but thats just what i hear from people.

I was terrified at first when I got mine at the age of 14. I hated touching my eye so I was skeptical. But I was more against wearing glasses, so I got contacts. I've been wearing them for 6 years and love them.

They don't hurt when you put them in but you can feel them in your eye until you get use to them. However, if improperly clean they can hurt very much. :)

LYNN in FL (suspended @#*%)
My son got them at 12 and never wore glasses again except when the Army made him. He's now 28 and wears contacts daily.
My 12y/o grand daughter just got hers. She's kind of afraid of them still. Just putting your finger in your eye is scary. She is getting better every day though. They don't hurt and they correct your vision a lot more than glasses.
Just have them practice with you before you leave the doctors office.

No, not when you get used to it. I have contacts myself, and use max 10 seconds every morning to put them in. At first it was uncomfortable and stung a little, but that doesn't last long. Just give it a try and you will get used to it! Good luck.

No, it doesn't hurt to put them in or take them out. They can make your eye feel a little dry after extended periods of using them.

No they don't hurt at all. You can never feel them, and if one starts to hurt, just take it out and put some solution on it because it just has a hair or something on it.

If you put them on inside -out .... yeah it hurts.

But other than that, no. It feels odd, but not bad. LOL

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