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 What's your eye color?

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 What is your eye color?
mine is blue/...

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 Just recently I've been having a very "Twitchy" left eye - should I be worried?
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Is it stress ...

 I'm nervous...help!?
I have an eye exam today and i am almost positive i will need to get glasses or something...i have to squint to see the scores of sports games on TV!! I am nervous so does anyone have advice?

 What causes your eye to twitch?
no one in my family has a twitch and mine comes and goes.
its not very visible, im the only one it bothers.
any theories as to what causes it?

my cure is to drink water with ...

t h i s i s m y u s e r n a m e
Do you have glasses ? (This is a serious question)?
Well im 13 I went for an eye test yesterday and found out that I need glasses I'm not sure what kind are , like trendy, can you help me?
And if YOU wear glasses what do they look like ?

I had an employee pick out the frame for me, wear them only when I need them, like right now I'm not wearing them

Cσηνєяѕє Cяαzу ☂
Yes, l have glasses. They look bold and black, just like my avatar


Depends on your face shape, texture, colour, nose shape, etc. I would look into talking to the opticians about the brands and glasses that will suit you.

Claire. TTC baby #1
Go for glasses that suit you/your face shape.
Ive had glasses since I was 17 and actually love going to pick new ones every year!
The ones I have atm are....A pair that have purple rims. A rectangle pair that have black rims. A rimless pair. And a pair that have a half thick black rim and the 'arms' are quite chunky and are black and white checked..my faves :)
You can get some really nice ones you just have to take the time to try on as many as you can and decide if they suit you or not.

i have glasses h8 them not trying 2 put u off like neva wear em i think u jus need t chose sum u like n see what suits ya best

Go to Spec savers web site, up load a recent photo of your self and you can try loads of glasses on, it is quite cool, and you have a laugh.

hi i wear glasses it took me a while to find a pair that suited me what i would advise is that u try as many pairs on as possible i ended up with a pair of moschino frames and i had the lenses that go dark in the sun saves on sunglasses as they go to the tint depending on the level of uv rays in the sun

if ur from the uk the best place to go is prob vision express or spec savers they have the wider range of choices hope that this helps u and if people try to insult u cos ur wearing glasses just ignore them cos girls in glasses look cute and Intelligent

Yes- I have 1 rectangular semi-rimless pair which I use for distance.
When you are shopping for specs, try picking the ones you like or suit you in appearance.

There are two types of glasses. If you are near sighted, you need a glass with a concave lens. If you are farsighted, you need a glass with a convex lens. Your eye doctor will tell you about this.

I'm also wearing a glass when i was 13 and now I am 16.

Visit the site below to know what glasses look like.

Neevy*•♥XxX★:D :P
hi ya !! i wear glasses and yes i go to specsavers hehehehehe

mine are a dark purple and not round nor squared in the middle really but i have a weird shaped head so the best thing to do would be to try on a load of glasses that are differently shaped then find the shape that suits you best and pick ones which highlight ur special features

mine show of my dazzling dark eyes hehehehe n my ok nose hehehe

oh n dont take ur mom if she is the type that doesnt care wat u like n will pick the glasses that SHE prefers ( this is really good advice for ne one who has a mother like this )

XxXxXXXXxxXxXxXx happy specs shopping :D :P ;D

Yep i have glasses and they are blueish purpleish and thin dont go trendy

Hi! I wear glasses and i'm 14, i've had them for like 3 years now and my eyesight isn't improving, it just seems to get worse. I have purple frames which are kinda trendy. They feel annoying at first but after a few days you get used to them.

Yes I do wear glasses, I have a high prescription. Try on different shapes and clours, something that will suit your face shape. I have a round face so I tend to go for rectangular frames. Maybe you could pick out your glasses with a friend or family so you know what someone elses thinks about them.

Misz Dannie[♥] ILY Tokio Hotel!
I have glasses and to tell yuu the truth, I hate them. That's why I use contacts when I'm going out and use my glasses at home where only my family sees me.

Well i have rectangle glasses, they aren't any thing special, they where the cheapest we could get... although i look better with out glasses they suit me...

You just got to try on different shapes and styles to see which on suits you the most because even if its the most fashionable pair you could get if they don't suit you, then you will just look funny.

I have black glasses that are square. I like them. Pick the ones that look good on your face, though.

Pink Laydee
I have 2 pairs which are very similar to these -


I usually wear contact lenses when I go out and eyeglasses at home as needed for distance. I suggest that you go with what the optician recommends for you. They are really good at suggesting styles that will suit your facial features.

I have two pairs of eyeglasses. I usually order them online. I prefer metal semi-rimless or metal full rimmed frames with thin rims.

I have this pair in red.


My second pair is from JC Penney. The number AH 105 in a burgundy color.


What's trendy and looks good on one person might look horrible on you. When you go in to buy your frames, ask someone who works at the store what shape and general style of frames would be the best.

If you usually wear a lot of bright colors, more low-key color frames would probably be better so your glasses don't clash with your clothes. But if you usually wear more low key clothes try some bright frames to add some color.

When it comes to shape you want someone who knows what they're talking about to help you. Right now, at least around me, rectangular plastic frames are popular, especially black ones. But that doesn't mean that those frames look good on everyone. Also, try to go for something that isn't too obviously trendy because you're going to have these glasses for at least a year, and you don't want to be stuck with old frames.

I need to get new glasses because I've broken my old frames after a year and a half. In their unmutilated form, they're thin metal frames, rectangle/oval lenses, red on the top half and black on the bottom.

Don't go for trendy because they won't necessarily suit you. Best thing to do is try on as many as you can in the shop, take someone with you who you can rely on for an honest opinion and decide from there. Get a shop assistant to also give you their view because, believe it or not, that's what they're there for!

im 15 and i wear storm desinger glasses tay are the best at specsavers thay do relly nice bench glasses look in specsavers good luck

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