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 If you loose your glasses do you need a new prescription to order a new pair from the same place?
It has been a little over a year since the prescription was written. Will I need to visit the optometrist again inorder to replace my lost glasses or can I simply reorder my original glasses? (...

 Can contact lenses really improve your eyesight?
Or is it just a scam to get my mom to buy me contact lenses?

Yesterday my mom took me to the eye doctor because my eyes were red and infected. The doctor gave me eye drops. My mom told the ...

 is my eye color special at all?
ok i dont want any negative comments about my eye color. that will just make me feel terrible.
they're brown. but in the sunlight they're the exact color of my hair (i have red hair. ...

 How can this be prevented?? any experiences? ?
My eyes seems to be feeling weird these days. Everytime, I look towards the sun, street lights, or bright lights, I tend to have migrane? it doesnt hurt or I dont feel dizzy... but I tend to see ...

 If you were blind, how much would you be willing to pay, to be able to see again?

 Can you take this eye dominance test for me?
I'm doing a science fair project on ocular eye dominance, testing if being right-handed means you have a dominant right eye, or vice versa. Although I already know the answer, I need more ...

 i have an eye lash stuck in my eye... how can i get it out?

 My Pupil Keeps Getting Bigger And Smaller!!! help!!?
i noticed just before that one of my pupils was noticeably bigger than the other :O! then as i kept looking i realised the pupil keeps getting bigger, then smaller again! this is the pupil in my left ...

 Contact lenses: If I wear them for too long will they damage my eyes?
Your Question
Contact lenses: If I wear mine for too long will they damage my eyes?
I wear hard lenses and fell asleep with my lens in the other day, and had to keep it in when I got up in ...

 Do you need a prescription to get colored contacts?
Question explains itself..

Can you get colored contacts without a prescription?...

 operation tommorow....................??????
it is currently 2:06am i have not long turned 16 ......if you are wondering why i am up so late it is because i am watching wrestling anyway i have an op this morning i am not sure what time i think ...

 how old do you have to be to buy contact lenses?

 How is it possible to have purple eyes?
And why is it so uncommon? It's really weird
Additional Details
No, like born with real purple eyes, not ...

 Is my Glasses to Small?
Ok, i have these Transition glasses and they are rimless , and when i take them off they leave weird marks on the side of my head like, a inward feeling?


 What's normal for a first-time contact lens wearer?
I got fitted for my first-ever contact lenses today and I'm very excited. I know they're going to take time to get used to, but what types of problems/discomfort are normal the first time ...

 what color are your eyes, and do you need glasses or other corrective measures?
Dustin needs to know for his science project....

 anti glare glasses are not doing their job and what is anti glare how does it work?
i still see all the reflection and shine except its green ..but just as strong it didn't subside at all.. whats wrong..? was changing the lenses to regular ones a good decision . can the anti ...

 Hi guys, tell me how to improve eye vision?

 how do u throw out ur old glasses? what happens to them when u do?

 Do I need both contacts and glasses?
Do I need both contacts and glasses or just one or the other? What do you think and what do you have?...

Do blind people dream?

Additional Details
If they don't know what anything looks like how can they dream about anything?

Quoth Helen Keller "Yes I have wet dreams all the time."

John Smith
are you saying that stevie wonder doesnt have dreams?

Henry D
Ask Blind people . .. And not on this website you big Galah ... they can't read

Leah Clearwater ™
that is a really good question

Andre A
my understanding is that dreams for the blind consist of sound and maybe what thier brain thinks the world look like it may be just sound.

yes..it doesn't have anything to do with sight and everything to do with the BRAIN


Beca Duke
Now their dreams can either have pictures in them if they could see before or not have any sort of vision if they were always blind. If a person is always blind then they dream of sounds and smells etc.

Help me with mine!

Yup they do. It's not with the eyes. It's only in the mind, brain works. They're more imaginative, thinking what things look like and the things that they touched., they're thinking alot about it. So definitely this things are on their dreams. But maybe on a different color, way etc.

Yes of course. My brother is blind and he talks about his dreams all the time. In his dreams, he says he can 'see' some things but he can't describe them. Mostly his dreams are made up of people talking and he says like shapes and things.

Yes, why wouldn't they? Even though they can not see they can still hear and imagine..And that is what we do also, we imagine things. And then it is on our mind..and we dream.. My son is blind in his left eye and doesn't see well with the other. He dreams, anyone can if you have a imagination you will dream.:)

dream is in the mind..

nothing to do with eyesight

I would think so because dreaming consists of the mind, not the sight.

yes they do. if they were blinded due to injury, disease, or old age then they dream just like you, but if they have been blind since birth they dream in black but their other senses are much stronger during the dream, like taste and touch, these senses become more vivid.

If they had vision at one time, they can remember what colors look like, and places. If they haven't been somewhere before, they can form a picture in their minds and so that is how they see them in a dream.

If they have been blind since birth, then they would dream just like they live. They would hear sounds, they would hear the voices of the people they are dreaming about. Thay would be able to feel in their dreams and they might feel different kinds of whether, like the temperature, the warm feel of sunshine, or cold and damp if it is suppose to be raining in the dream, or wind. And they may dream they are smelling a particular item. They would just dream with all of their other senses except vision, unless they have seen before.

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