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C.K xD
Do I need glasses? Plz answer?
I have been fine up until the past few days. Suddenly when i watched tv for a while my eyes get tired. My vision in the right eye is blurred but the left is perfectly fine, i recently discovered that i might have hay fever. Is this the cause? and also could u give some eye exercises and tips for eye care to get better vision.

Lauren h
go to the eye-doc. u could always go w/ contacts too

Darrell M
A sudden lose of vision? If you have allergies, get some eye drops. If it don't go away treating it as an allergy problem, get checked ASAP. Had any stroke symptoms?

Faye ♥ YOU!!
oh man i don't know but epending on how old u are ask a parrent or friend what they think u should do.


ya u do

Cheese L
Right eye? This happened to my friend, and if you put ice on it everyday 2 times, then it should heal. Do this for about a week. If it still doesn't work, then make sure you don't touch it, and wash your hands everyday JIC. (Just in Case) If that doesn't work either, then, put either onitment on it or see a doctor.

try not to read in the dark or strain your eyes too much.
i'm still one of the few people in my group of friends who hadn't had contacts or glasses yet. wooh!

Your asking this question because you dont want to pay for a doctor. lol I understand!
Print an eye test off the computer. Put it on the wall Dont Cheat! stand back how far it tells you and test yourself. If you fail see a Doctor. Try left and then right and then both eyes. Your eyes can get tired. At night my vision is different then during the day. Check it out and try it free at home first. Good luck!

close the eye thats not blurry or patch it up, and only see with the blurry eye for a few hours, should clear things up a bit

when my eyes get tired i rub my hands together to create heat (or friction, whatever you wanna call it) and place them over my eyes while keeping you eyes closed. then when you open your eyes then might seem blurry but later you're fine.
best idea is to get it checked. hope this helps!

maybe get checked out

You probably need more sleep

Meredith L
yes you do need glasses

well, if you need glasses, then you need them.
there's nothing you can really do.
well try eating carrots haha.
but go to your optometrists and see if you really do need them.
there are actually some cool looking glasses, try it out.
or contacts :)

get an eye test at the physicians

i would consult an eye doctor.

There are many factors into what can cause poor vision. If you spend a lot of time outside with no protected sunglasses on, over time you eyes will be effected. If it was a one time thing that happened to you when you were watching t.v. it could possibly be to lack of sleep, when your brain doesn't have accurate time to rest (in this matter your occipital lobe) your vision my blur as well as other things. Also it may of been a zooming error in your right eye. For instance if you put you finger in front of your face and focus on it, all that is in front of you gets blurred out. This could of been the case while you were watching t.v. Your right eye could of been distracted by something and tried to zoom into it while your left was still watching t.v. Its kind of a glitch in your brain that happens subconsciously. After all is said and done it never hurts to get an eye exam.

Pamela C
Allergies will have an effect on your eyes. I can actually see better during allergy season because the swelling alters the shape of my eyeball!! Hay fever will make your eyes get tired easily and can make your vision blurry, but this is your eyes we are talking about don't take chances get it checked out and if it turns out to be allergies perhaps the eye doctor could perscribe some good drops to keep you from experiencing these symptoms.

Okay, first: if your eyes are getting tired watching television, it's either because they're straining and you may need glasses, or you're sitting too close or too far from the tv.

Second: The blurred vision could again be caused by a weaker eye, or by allergies depending on how badly you usually get them. A good indication of whether it's allergies is if it's itchy, red, or sore. This could also potentially be an eye infection, and you may want to get that checked anyways.

As for eye exercises, ask your optometrist and they'll give you things you can do to improve the strength of the muscles themselves.

Maybe you should go and see an Optomertrist and quit watching so much tv! Not sure if the they have the same saying over there as here but "Tv gives you square eyes!!!"

McKenna Moose!
Well you have to go to the eye doctor in order to get glasses anyway.
Go check up with your doc-doc.

hey don't listen to us, schedule an eye or physical exam.... doesn't sound emergency care though

get it checked out

What do u think we all are, Optometrists? Go see a professional and get your eyes checked, any dumby can tell u that watching to much tv is bad if ur so worried get real advise.

V a L e R i E <3
I'm not a doctor but, you should see one.

you probably need to see your eye doctor about that one, unless someone on here is one!

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